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Book 10: Flowtier's Year End and New Year's

Ch. 110: Lunch with Him and Her

Henry: “.........okay. That’s that.”

I was in my rental room at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

At the single table furniture inside the room, I finished up my letter. I read it twice to check for any errors, and with no obvious mistakes found, I closed up the envelope.

There were several similar envelopes laying on my desk ー five in total.

These are all letters to my contacts in Ligaleo. I basically told them, “Hey, I’m coming backー” and “I’m also bringing some friendsー”.

As long as you have enough skills and strength, any Adventurer can make it big there……...which is not a complete lie, but it’s definitely easier with help and support from the people there.

Of course, you can’t expect them to help you without helping them in some way in return. Establishing these kinds of relationships is incredibly, incredibly important.

The reason why I was able to avenge my country and take down the Demon General Gilverte was because my friends took on the other enemies while I fought Gilverte. My friends helped me accomplish my lifelong goal that I swore to accomplish since I was a small brat.

……….of course, as a prerequisite, I had to prove that I had enough skills and strength to be able to help Sir Ezeal against the General


As we are preparing to return to Ligaleo and do something big, we are upping our training regimen, and I am also making my rounds with my contacts on site at the same time.

……….well, I was sending them a few letters letting them know how I was doing.

They might have even expected that something like this would happen.

Now that I reflect over the letters that I have sent to them, since coming here, I ran into Cyril and Jend who wanted to go to the frontlines and have become very close to them. I guess from a big picture, it would have been obvious to guess.

Henry: “.........oh.”

As I was imaging the smug faces of all my friends in Ligaleo, I caught someone’s presence at the corner of my senses.

Looking outside the window, Cyril was just about to enter the Bear’s Keg Inn wearing a very fluffy scarf and overall, very warm looking clothing.

I couldn't help but smile at the sight…..but, no. I can’t be like that, and straightened my expression to something more serious.

No, overall, being happy for her visit is a good thing, but if I was too obvious, she would get all cocky. Too bad for her, just because we’re going out doesn’t mean that I’m going to let her have the upper hand that easily.

……...well, I get that it’s a stupid, man-pride.

I can hear the light footsteps skip up the stairs.

The sound came up to my door, and catching her breath, she knocked lightly.

Cyril: “Heyー Henryー Are you here? Can I come inー?”

Henry: “Yeah, come in. Come in.”

Cyril: “Okayー”

With a bright and cheerful voice, Cyril comes into the room.

With a full smile across her face, it makes me happy just seeing that. That prideful resolve almost melted at that instant.

……….this isn’t good at allー at this rate, I won’t be able to keep this up and fall deeper into this pattern. And the fact that I’m okay with that makes it even worse.

Cyril: “Hello, Henry. Are those letters?”

Henry: “Yeah, the people you would know would be the Black Dragon Knights and Yuu. I know it’s still a little ways ahead, but I wanted to let them know that I’m returning to the frontlines.”

Cyril: “I seeー Oh! If it’s to Miss Yuu, I should write a letter too.”

Oh, she did get to be quite good friends with Yuu when we went to Wreathfield.

Henry: “I remember you guys getting along real well after drinking together, but did you mesh that well?”

Cyril: “Ohー yes. I can tell you now, but we had some girl chat about our romances. After that, we felt very comfortable around each other.”

Henry: “Romance stuff?”

Cyril: “Hahaha, ummー yes, it was about you, Henry.” The way she’s getting embarrassed is quite cute, but that aside, that must be when Yuu told her some unfair rumors about me. Probably something like how I’m a pushover.

Cyril: “Of course, I’ll make sure to let her know how passionately you confessed to me!”

Henry: “Yeah right. Please, don’t write about that.”

I grabbed Cyril’s cheeks and pulled it sideways. It actually stretches really well.

Cyril: “OーOw!! Thーstop dat! I won’t write about it so pwease!”

Henry: “Oh, sorry.”

It was so soft, I could pull on it forever, but she was about to get mad so I let go.

Cyril: “Sheeshー well, regardless of how it all happened, I’ll at least let her know that we’re going out, okay? She did give me a lot of advice then.”

Henry: “Advice from Yuu, huh…….it’ll probably be depressing to hear it, so I’ll pass.”

Cyril: “Haha…...well, it’s a secret between two maidens, so I can’t answer even if you ask me.”

Just by her expression, I kind of knew what it was about.

Anyways, in one of the letters, I wrote a few things to get back at Yuu. I wrote some embarrassing stories to Ageha, and she’ll have enough to talk about it for a whole night. If it’s Ageha, I’m sure she’ll be able to make good use off it…….ke ke ke…..

Cyril: “Henry, you’re making a really evil face.”

Henry: “What do you mean evil? This is the face of justice about to bring the hammer down on the corrupt.”

Cyril: “I don’t understand any of what you just said.”

……….well, ummm….

Cyril: “Well, anyways, c’mon. Please clear up the table.”

Henry: “Alrighty.” I stack all the envelopes on the table together, and place it on top of the drawers. I’ll take it to the post office later.

While I was cleaning up, Cyril took the basket she brought and spread its contents on the table. Delicious aromas were coming from the basket, and inside was Cyril’s handmade lunch. We got together because she promised that she would feed me lunch.

Henry: “Oh, that looks great.”

Cyril: “Hehe. I wanted to make lunch for my boyfriend at least once. I put a lot of work into this one.”

During our expeditions, Cyril would share her lunch with me, or sometimes, she would cook for the Party, but today was more luxurious.

Baked herbed chicken, and a very colorful stirred vegetables, sauteed mushrooms, and a very soft-looking bread. It’s simple yet it must have taken time to make, and she also has a pie for dessert.

Cyril: “I think the chicken turned out really well. Please try it.”

Henry: “Sure.” Today, I asked Lana if I could borrow an extra chair, so we were able to sit across from each other.

Henry: “Thank you for the meal.”

Cyril: “Thank you for this foodー”

I tried out Cyril’s Herbed Chicken first. The chicken was cut up into bite-sized pieces. Using the fork I found inside the basket,, and I took one piece into my mouth.

Henry: “Hm……”

Cyril gazed at me intently without blinking as I tasted her food, and it made me nervous, but I tried to focus on the taste.

The savory fragrance of herbs mixed well with the juiciness of the chicken. Maybe she knew my preference of taste from the expeditions, but the flavor was saltier, and my hands reached out for the bread naturally.

Henry: “.........(gulp). It’s really, really good. Yeah, thanks for letting me try.”

Cyril: “Oh, yes! Thank you!”

I swallowed the food and gave my compliments, and Cyril, who looked a little worried, cheered up immediately and began eating the food herself.

……’s really important to be able to eat good food. Typically, Adventurers will eat out, and most dream about eating their mother’s cooking or girlfriend’s food.

My appetite is triggered, and I began consuming the lunch meant for four.

Cyril: “Hehe.” Henry: “? What’s wrong?” Cyril: “I know it’s going to get busier, but let’s take the time to eat with just the two of us just like this. I’ll be happy to cook again.”

Henry: “.......I’d be happy to hang out to have a meal. I can cook the next meal if you want.”

Cyril: “Henry’s cooking is definitely a man’s recipe……’s good, but overall, it’s a little too rough on the edges.”

We argue and chat back and forth as we continue to eat.

I hate that it sounds so cheesy but……..the food had a faint taste of happiness inside.


Henry: “Fwew……….thank you for the meal.”

Cyril: “Yes, thank you so much.” I ate up the apple pie for dessert, and sipping on the tea Cyril brought in a bottle, I let out a satisfactory sigh.

Henry: “What do you want to do this afternoon? If you want to go out and do something fun, it’ll be my treat.” Cyril: “No, let’s just relax here. I’m stuffed full, and I don’t want to move around much.”

Henry: “Got it.” Maybe Cyril was trying to keep up with me, but she was eating more than usual.

She’s lazily rubbing her stomach and seems pretty sleepy.

Henry: “Then do you want to play a game? There’s cards here, and I can go down the stairs to borrow the chess board.” Cyril: “Ohー No. I’ve been cooking from very early in the morning, so I’m getting a little sleepy. I think I’ll lay down for a bit.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Cyril popped onto the bed in my room.

Henry: “.........wait, huh?”

Cyril: “Oh, Henry, did you want to lay beside me for a nap too?”

And Cyril innocently shifted over and made room for me to lay down.

Henry: “ーーーーー?!?!?!”

Cyril: “? What’s wrong, Henry? You keep opening and closing your mouth.” Thーthis girl. We haven’t been even going out for a week, and is she inviting me to bed?

Wait, from Cyril’s personality, I don’t think that would be case. Then…….what is she up to………?

Henry: “HーHey, Cyril.” Cyril: “Yes, what is it?”

Henry: “.......don’t you feel….a little uncomfortable taking a nap on the same bed?” I decided to suck it up and ask her directly, and she looked at me blankly without any recognition.

Cyril: “Hahaha, what are you saying? I know we haven’t in a while, but while we camp out, we would sleep in the same tent often.”

It’s COMPLETELY different during and outside of expeditionsーー!

Between a dangerous territory where you can get attacked and lose your life…….and within a safe city and safe inn…… can’t compare the two together!

……..ugh, calm down, Henry. I know I’m taking this situation way differently, but Cyril is totally oblivious.

Calm…...and cool……...think calmly……...but is there really no other choice but to just go with how she’s perceiving things?

Of course, I have no intention of crossing that line just yet with her. But even so, isn’t this….kind of a good thing for us? Being able to lay next to one another? I think that’s a good sign.

Henry: “AーAlright, if that’s the case, I’m feeling pretty full too, so I’ll go to sleep.”

Cyril: “? You’re acting stranger than usual, Henry.” Cyril tilts her head, but let’s it go and pulls the blanket over her.

I fearfully and carefully lay next to her.

Cyril: “Then good nightー”

Henry: “GーGood night….”

I close my eyes.

If this was during an expedition, I would have fallen asleep immediately, but as I guessed, my heart raced, and I couldn’t sleep at all.

……...there were days when I slept over in brothels, so why am I feeling so nervous?



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 10: Year End and New Year’s

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