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Spirit Girlfriend c26

Chapter 26: Souta Shibuya Explores the Factory

We entered the factory through the back door, and we found a storage unit within the factory grounds that was suitable for hiding while we observed the surroundings.

But there was no one else in sight.

…….and now that I think about it, would there by anyone else really here?” The factory has several doors.

I can’t tell from where we’re standing if there is a lock on the door, but it’s better than wandering suspiciously around.

Akane (Yukina): “Sochan, Akane, I’m going to go ahead and see what’s going on.”

And as soon as she spoke like Yukina does, Akane stumbled over slightly.

Souta: “Akane, are you okay?” Akane: “.......yeah. Looks like Yukina went back to her spirit-form and went to explore.”

Souta: “ThーThat’s convenient……”

Akane: “Haha, that’s true.” Being a ghost is a perfect ability for a spy.

That’s when I noticed.

Souta: “Akane, are you not feeling well?” Akane: “, I’m fine. Why?”

But as Akane said so, I could clearly see fatigue in her face. But if she says she’s okay, then I’ll just have to trust her for the time being.

We’re already inside the facility so I can’t just leave her behind.

Akane: “I… feel a tiny bit tired though. Can I lean against you, Souta?” Souta: “Yeah, that’s fine.” And Akane let the weight of her body lean against mine.

Her soft body comes into contact, and I can feel the warmth from her body.

“ “ …………… ” ”

We both fell silent.

I wondered how long it would take before Yukina returned.

And Akane spoke up first.

Akane: “Did Touru respond to your Line messages?” With her suggestion, I took out my phone to check.

Souta: “Ummmm……, he hasn’t even read the messages I sent.”

Akane: “I see...that’s too bad…”

Souta: “I know he checks his messages frequently, so this is the first time he’s ignored me for so long. It’s unusual.” Akane: “Oh really? He doesn’t look the type, but he's quite responsible.”

Souta: “Well, he gets several messages from girls every day and is pretty busy with that.” Akane: “.........yeah, that makes more sense now…..” Akane lets out a breath of deep disappointment.

She’s leaning against me, so Akane’s fine, soft hair is brushing against my cheeks.

She’s using a floral scent shampoo that wafts into my nose.

………..I felt my heart beat quicker all of a sudden.

Akane: “What’s wrong, Souta?” Akane realized that I was looking at her and looked my way.

Our eyes met, and we stayed like that for a while.

I decided to ask her something that’s been bothering me.

Souta: “Is…..Yukina upset or mad that you and I are going out…?”

Akane: “Ummm... well, it was originally Yukina’s suggestion. She asked me, ‘Why not go out with Souta?’ like that.” Souta: “WーWait, really?!”

I couldn’t help but feel shocked by the news.

Akane: “She said, ‘I’m already dead so I can’t go out with Souta anymore and rather than having Souta get hooked up with someone weird, I rather see him with Akane~’.....I was surprised when she first told me.”

Souta: “OーOh yeah?” So Yukina was the one……..

Akane: “Well, I guess in the end, it all worked out?”

And Akane smiled showing her teeth, and the way she was looking up to me was really cute.

Alright, I think it’s okay to bring up that other topic.

Souta: “Hey, Akane...about being curious about me since May…..”

It was then when I tried to speak that….

Akane: “Oh, Yukina’s back.”

Akane looks in a different direction.

I looked where she’s looking but there was no one there.

Akane’s body flinches and jerks slightly and moves away from me.

Akane (Yukina): “Sorry to make you wait, Sochan! Huh~? Aren’t you and Akane sitting kind of close~? What were you guys doing~?”

Souta: “WーWe weren’t doing anything.” Akane (Yukina): “Hehe, I’m just kidding. Here, follow me. I found a way to get around the guards.”

Souta: “Got it.”

My hand was pulled by Akaneーーwho was being possessed by Yukina, and we headed towards the factory.

I look around just in case and still do not see anyone around.

There were several similar looking buildings, and we came to one particular building entrance.

It was a completely rusted iron door.

Souta: “Yukina, through this door?”

Akane (Yukina): “Yeah, there’s no lock on this door.”

Souta: “Okay, I’m opening the door…..” I turned the door knob slowly, and just like she said, it was unlocked.

I enter the building as quietly as possible.

Inside, it was pretty dark.

And I also noted another thing.

Souta: (This factory must have been shut down…..)

I couldn’t tell from the outside, but once inside, it was obvious.

The floor is covered in thick dust.

You could easily tell that people have not been using this facility for a while now.

There were no lights inside, but the light shone through the windows and helped us walk inside.

But because it was an abandoned factory, the atmosphere was not great.

Akane: “SーSouta…’s creepy here.”

Souta: “Yeah, I’ll walk ahead.”

Opposite from the way we came into the building, this time, I walked in front of Akane as I held her hand.

I could feel the nervous sweat in her hand.

Souta: “Yukina, is it this way?”

Akane (Yukina): “Yes, straight ahead. You’ll be there soon.” Souta: “And Touru was there?” Akane: “..........................yes.” I did notice the long pause before Yukina answered.

But I need to confirm if my friend is okay first.

Souta: “Akane, if we find Touru, contact the police immediately.”

Akane: “Yes, and since it’s cult-related, I’ll also ask that the Mage come with them too.”

Souta: “Sounds good.” Although to a commoner like me, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Is she implying that there may be a bad Witch up ahead?

I hold and draw Akane’s hand with me as we slowly move through the factory hallway.

Although we are trying to be quiet, it is impossible to completely erase all of our sounds.

Two sets of footsteps slowly echo around us.

But that didn’t bother us any more.

As we walked down the hallway, another strange sound was coming from up ahead.

Souta: (..........I can hear someone’s voice…)

It’s not just one person.

There is the sound of many people chanting at once.

And it wasn’t a song they were singing.

It sounded like……..a Buddhist monk’s chanting a sutra.

Akane: “Souta……..this…...this is a Spell incantation.”

Souta: “Spell Incantation?”

I turn around to the unfamiliar words and look at Akane. But she’s looking worse than before.

Souta: “Akane, are you sure you’re okay?” Akane: “What is this….? I’ve never heard this Spell before…’s most likely…..a summoning Spell…….? But this pronunciation…….the person who’s doing it is a complete novice…...but if someone without Mana tries to perform a Spell, it won’t trigger the Spell at all so………” It’s no good. Akane is mumbling to herself now as she’s thinking.

I can hear the voices from the end of the hallway.

Through the slightly opened door, there was a different source of light flooding out of the room from there.

I take Akane’s hand and gently move towards the door.

We both peek inside through the cracked door.

Before us wasーー

A Magic Circle Inscription written in blood.

Hundreds of candles surrounded it.

And people in green robes kept chanting that strange Spell(?)....

Souta: (WhーWhat is this?!)

What I saw there was like the Witches’ Sabbat held by a Satanic Cult.


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Spirit Girlfriend ~ Seems Like I Am the Only One Who Doesn’t Realize That I Have Been Possessed by My Dead Girlfriend~

Written by: Isle Osaki (Twitter:

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

ユーレイな彼女 ~どうやら死んだ恋人が取り憑いてることに、俺だけ気付いてないらしい~

作者: 大崎 アイル (オオサキ アイル)

Original Source Link:

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