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Extreme Flame Wizard c15

Updated: May 31, 2021

Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Chapter 15: The No. 1 Wizard

Igni: “So you were here…”

Igni looked around the school campus, and finally located Elina who was behind a school building in a well hidden spot, and crouching low to cry.

Igni: “Were you that hurt about losing?”

Elina: “”

Elina remains crouched, and buries her face in her thighs.

From the outside, she just looks like an egg.

Elina: “I...I rounded up Class C just using strength. I… I only have strength.”

Igni: “I highly doubt anyone would think that you were weak after that fight.”

Elina: “It’s the first time I lost without even drawing my blade…”

Igni wanted to give her some advice, but resists the urges.

Secret to Popularity No. 9 -- “Women hate men who give unsolicited advice.”

Igni: “Is that why you ran?”

Elina: “....uh huh.”

Igni: (“uh huh”? …. She’s… so cute….!)

Igni is easy to impress.

Elina: “I thought I could beat you if I drew my sword…, but I never dreamed that I would lose before I got a chance to draw my sword.”

Igni: “...but that’s…”

Elina: “I know. All that matters is who won and who lost. I… was full of myself… I didn’t believe there was anyone who could match me… They told me at the Entrance Exam that I would be the 1st Year’s Representative.”

Igni: “Yeah, I know about that.”

Elina: “Hey...Igni… do you know what they call our generation?”

Igni: “Nope. Sorry. I don’t know that one. Could you teach me?”

Elina: “They call us the ‘Golden Generation.’ ‘The Dawn of Light’ Fray. ‘Hurricane’ Alicia. ‘Warped’ Erumi. ‘Legion’ Estea. …..I was …. No. 1”

Igni: (….Fray?)

Igni thought he heard a familiar word, but Igni was more drawn to Alicia’s information.

Elina: “...this year, there were more who already had a second name before entering this school than any other year…”

Igni: “I see…”

Elina: “...And I… I was No. 1 but…”

And as she said this, the atmosphere around Elina darkened and twisted around her.

Igni: (This girl really knows how to be down and depressed.)

Igni did not realize that she would be feeling down this much. His grandfather Lucas did not prepare him for this kind of situation.

….wait! That’s not true!

Did he really not say anything?!

Search deeply, Igni! Search deep within yourself!


[Oye, Igni]

[What is it, gramps? Can you not bother me? I can’t see in front of me right now]

This was during his blindfolded training in the Demon King’s realm. He was being cruelly punished... I mean, trained. Yes, this happened during training as he walked blindfolded through the Demon King’s realm.

[What you going to do if a girl is crying in front of you?]

[What~? A girl? Ummm… I’ll hug her and whisper ‘It’s going to be okay’ in her ear!]

[You sick creep!]

SLAP!! (sfx)

[OW!! I can’t see right now so don’t slap me in the face!!]

[You can only do that when you’re already in a good relationship and the mood is right with the girl! If you do that outside of those circumstances, that’s so gross you’ll make her cry for a different reason!]

[Wh--what…. But… then… what should I….?!?!]

[.....Listen to me…]


[Listen to her concerns! And from her concerns, draw out a way to resolve it!”

[B--but...that’s impossible…. That’s too hard….!]

[Don’t say it’s impossible! Don’t you want to be popular!]

[I...I do! I do want to be popular!]


[Alright! I’ll do it!!]



I think we had something that resembled that kind of conversation in the past….!

But… I already heard Elina’s concerns…!

She’s crying because she was No. 1 but lost….!

That’s it…!

I’ll have to figure out something from there….!

Igni: “Eli…. Miss, Elina”

Elina: “.............”

Elina has rolled up into a perfect egg and is now ignoring Igni’s words.

But Igni did not flinch and proceeded forward.

Igni: “Miss Elina, out of all the opponents I have fought in my life, you were the <STRON•GEST>.”

Elina jerked slightly at the words.

Igni: “I’ve fought with Ms. Mila before but…. I think Miss Elina is still the <STRON•GEST>”

It’s a downright lie of a lie but it can’t be helped.

It’s …. A WHITE LIE!!

Igni tries to convince himself of this.

Elina: “.....I’m….No. 1….?”

Igni: “Y--yes. That’s right. Miss Elina, you are <Num•ber One>

Elina: “....really?! Why am I No. 1?!”

Igni: (CRAP! SHE’S ASKING WHY… What should I say…?)

Igni had his back against the wall. The long pause is making Elina’s expression grow darker by the second.


But, even so…..!!

Igni’s brain had an epiphany…..!!

Igni: “Th-that’s because…. Miss Elina, you are the <Num•ber One> prettiest girl…”

Elina: “I’m the <Num•ber One>....”

Elina blushes.

Igni no longer knew WHAT he was saying, but his mouth wouldn’t stop. IT WOULDN’T STOP.

Igni: “Yeah, yes. Yup. You’re the <Num•ber One> Prettiest girl so you’re also the <Num•ber One> Strongest too.”

Igni convinces himself, desperately persuades himself that this is true.

Igni: (I don’t even know what I’m saying any more...)

Elina: “.....I see.”

Elina quietly stands up.

And she takes Igni’s hand with both hands.

Elina: “Am I… Am I really <Num•ber One>?!”

Igni: “Y---YES! Miss Elina, you are <Num•ber One>!”

Elina: “So I am <Num•ber One>?!”

Igni: “Of Course! You are <Num•ber One>!”

Elina: “Thanks, Igni! I feel so much better now!”

Igni: “Don’t worry about me! Because Miss Elina is <Num•ber One>!”

None, yes, absolutely NONE of this makes ANY sense.

Elina: “Igni! You can just call me Elina! And in return, let me call you Igni from now on!”

Igni: “Of course!”

They both shake hands.

As a side note, Igni is completely pushing through this situation with pure enthusiasm and raw energy, and he no longer knows what he is doing or saying anymore.

Igni: “Let’s go back, Elina. The school’s No. 1 shouldn’t be in a place like this.”

Elina: “Y--yes, you’re right. I, the No. 1, should not be in seen a place like this, yes.”

Although he has no understanding of it, Igni has now obtained the ultimate master command key to handling Elina.

Igni: “Let’s go, Elina!”

Elina: “Of course. Thank you. Igni, I’ll beat you there!”

Igni: “Well, you ARE No. 1!”

And Elina’s face ripples with laughter.

Igni: (Wow, she’s so impressionable and easy to manipulate.)

Without ever glancing a moment to see himself in the mirror, Igni chases after Elina.

So the two came back to the Practice Field.

When they enter the field, Class C and Class D were all doing practice duels.

Mila: “Oh, finally~~~. Welcome back~~~. I was starting to get worried because you guys wouldn’t come ba~~~ck”

Elina: “I’m so sorry to worry you, Ms. Mila. I’m okay now.”

Mila: “I see. That’s great, that’s grea~~~t. I had to find a way to break your arrogance~~~. I’m so so~~~rry.”

Elina: “No, please. I do not mind at all. I know that even if I lose, I am still No. 1.”

Mila: “Oh good, good. I see that you are able to distinguish and separate confidence and arrogance~~~. Igni must have taken good care of you~~~.”

Mila nods understandingly and then says,

“Then the penalty game starts from today, right?!”

Elina ran away again.

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