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Chapter 43: Versus Kratos Part 2

Yuto: “......what was that just now?”

A single, large bead of sweat runs down his face.

That attack just would have been impossible to do if there wasn’t a second Kratos.

But there is only one.

Yuto wanted to think that maybe he was mistaken.

But he trusted his [Presence Detection] and jumped backwards immediately.

His instant judgement proved correct.

2 meters ahead of Yuto, the ground was lightly grazed by something.

Whatever Yuto dodged just now dug and left a mark in the dirt.

Kratos: “It means the [Thousand Blades] is not just some fancy title.”

Kratos readies his sword before him.

It looks like he wasn’t going to explain the phenomenon any further.

Kratos begins his attack again.

Yuto manages to dodge the blade he can see.

Yuto: (ーーagain?!)

Yuto subsequently dodges the mystery attack coming directly at his side.

Because he was prepared this time, he was able to dodge both attacks more smoothly than before.

But even so, he still barely dodged both attacks.

Yuto was not able to counter and attack Kratos at all.

Kratos’ movements flowed smoothly into his next attacks and his sword continued to follow Yuto.

Yuto continues to avoid his blade and the attacks from weird angles that he cannot see.

Yuto: (Thousand Blades…...Thousand Blades…..wait, is it a Specialty?!)

As Yuto avoids the attacks, a lightbulb goes off in his head.

The [Thousand Blades] is not just a nickname, but maybe referring to one of Kratos’ Specialty Skill?

As he continued to dodge the mysterious attacks, Yuto came to one chilling conclusion.

Yuto: (Mr. Kratos can consciously produce multiple bladesーー?!)

A Specialty that allows him to create numerous blades to attack from all different angles.

If put into that context, it matches the phenomenon that Yuto is currently experiencing.

Because of this ability, Kratos was able to earn the title of the [Thousand Blades].

Yuto: (This….this is an A-Rank…….!!)

As Yuto dodged Kratos’ attacks, a shiver ran through his body.

In Yuto’s eyes, Kratos himself looked like a monster himself - an extremely dangerous one at that.

Yuto struggled but was able to defeat the B-Rank Mithril Golem.

Compared to Kratos, the Mithril Golem’s strength was much more reasonable and easier to understand.

It was a strength he could measure.

But A-Rank was still a completely different world to Yuto.

It’s not as simple as people who are slightly faster and stronger than B-Ranks.

In Yuto’s mind right now, he could not come up with one solution of how he could win. Kratos’ strength felt like it was from a different dimension altogether.

Yuto continues to look desperately for an opening, a chance, anything that would get him out of this situation.

Kratos: “Hey hey, are you getting tired already?”

Yuto: “Nーno….of…..course not…..(gasp………..gasp………)!!”

As Yuto tries to cool and calm his mind, Kratos, with impeccable timing, taunts and throws terse jeers at him.

The course of the blade changes. The timing of the swings changes deceptively faster and slower. Attacks continue to morph and come from unexpected timings and methods.

Yuto is unable to put any thought to offense.

If he even just a little takes his mind off dodging, in that exact moment, he would receive a blow.

Yuto: “(gasp……………..gasp………….)”

Yuto feels his shoulders move up and down as he tries to catch his breath.

Before him, Kratos stands there coolly just as he did before the battle started.

Yuto: (There…...there must be something I can do……..)

Yuto continues to analyze Kratos’ attack methods and patterns.

Yuto is utilizing his [Physical Boost].

But that is not enough to reach Kratos’ level.

If it wasn’t for [Physical Boost], the match would have ended with Kratos’ first [Thousand Blades] attack.

But because he has continually used [Physical Boost] until now, fatigue is slowly starting to make its way into his body.

That is why Yuto is unable to catch his breath.

At this rate, in the very near future, his [Physical Boost]’s effects will disappear.

At that point, he will not be able to dodge the [Thousand Blades].

Yuto felt a sharp chill run down his spine at the realization.

Yuto: (Is there anything….anything else I can use……?!)

As Yuto delved into his thoughts, a flashback suddenly came to mind.

It was a memory of when Yuto was still working as a luggage carrier.

Yuto was picking up the Monster Stones, and he was getting the potions ready for the party.

At that point, Yuto was still the weakest Adventurer.

He always faced the possibility that just from one attack, he would meet his fatal end.

But Yuto survived even in that environment.

And even though he was the weakest Adventurer, different parties would scout him as their luggage carrier.


Yuto remembered the reason.

Yuto: (I need to……..broaden my vision!!)

Yuto’s world began to expand with the realization.

With Yuto at the center, he saw Kratos before him.

In the distance, Eliz is watching him with hands together as if praying.

And there are other Adventurers (probably Kratos’ party members) who are watching.

All these things, Yuto began to be very conscious of.

At this moment, Yuto was able to see the entire grassy plains next to the Temple from a bird’s eye point of view.

The ability to be able to perceive all things around you.

This is not a Skill or Specialty.

This was one of Yuto’s natural born talents - his ability to observe and perceive his surroundings.

It was because of this innate ability that Yuto was able to survive even as the weakest.

Even as the weakest, he was still valued as a luggage carrier.

Yuto: (Alright….!)

As his perception of the world expanded, the clarity helped cool Yuto’s panic-stricken mind to a certain degree.

Now he was able to more accurately perceive the invisible blades that were moving around him.

Yuto began to time his counter strike as he dodged Kratos’ blades.

But as if to notice the change in Yuto's state of mind, Kratos opened his lips.

Kratos: “Let’s end it here.”

The next moment…

Yuto: “ーーWHー?!”

An overwhelming swarm of blades was detected by Yuto’s [Presence Detection].

For an instant, Yuto froze, petrified from the sight.

Yuto: (Oh no!!)

Yuto closed his eyes and braced for the strike.

Gritting his teeth hard, he prepares to be struck, but no matter how long he waited, he didn’t feel a thing.

He cautiously opened his eyes only to see Kratos’ blade in front of his face.

Kratos: “It’s over.”





A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

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