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A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)


Original Source Link:

Chapter 27: Because He had a Friend’s Support

Yuto: “---------SH!!”

Yuto swings his katana all the way through as the Mithril Golem’s joint completely detaches.

In that moment, Yuto gives a loud cheer inside his heart.

The Mithril Golem was extremely solid and hard.

Yuto could barely put a scratch on him using a sword made from the same material.

But a scratch is still a scratch.

Yuto deepened the scratch with each additional hit.

With the help from his [Critical Thrust], he concentrated on attacking one single point on a joint, and as a result, succeeded in destroying it.

>>SECRET QUEST [Cut-Through a Non-Living Monster] has been Cleared.

>>Specialty [ARMOR BREAK] has been acquired.

Yuto: “YES!!”

But this is still just the beginning.

Yuto dispatched the right arm, but you can also say that the Mithril Golem only lost his right arm.

Yuto has never fought a non-living monster like a Golem, so he had little clue as to how much he would have to destroy it before it stopped moving.

Absolute worst case scenario, he may need to break every part of its body.

If that is the case, then destroying the right arm is only the first step.

It’s a small change.

But a big step forward.

Yuto: “UWOOOOOOOOOGH!!” (battle cry)

Yuto bellows a shout to kick himself into gear.

If he gets overconfident, he will easily lose.

He focuses and concentrates, and prepares for the Mithril Golem’s attack.

Yuto’s eyes are drawn to the Golem’s right shoulder where the arm is missing now.

Yuto: “”

On the shoulder, there was something black that was different from its surface.

It looked something like the lead part of a pencil, and Yuto almost took a hit being distracted by it.

Yuto: “---------!! That was close!!”

He manages to dodge it at the last minute and takes a step back.

Yuto ponders on what he saw for a split second.

Yuto: “.....Should I go for it?”

He again reviews the plan he just made.

Even if the plan fails, there is nothing he will lose.

With that in mind, Yuto closes in on the Golem.

Yuto: “-----FU!!”

Yuto dodges the Golem’s attack.

He circles around the Golem quickly.

Yuto places a hand on the shoulder of the Golem and screams.

Yuto: “-----[LIGHTNING]!!”

---------BARI-BARI-BARI!! (*sfx lightning/electricty)

Light floods out from Yuto’s hand.

Yuto hasn’t used his spell since the very first spell he cast at the beginning of battle.

That is because the Mithril Golem survived Yuto’s blast without taking any damage.

It only slightly lost its balance for a moment.

And that was it.

That was because of Mithril’s property.

Mithril is the best material for adventurers.

You can make weapons and also armor from it.

If you make it into armor, you will not only block the attack, but you can also block spells.

It is truly a magical, all-purpose metal for that reason.

---------But isn’t that why the spell didn’t work on the Mithril Golem?

That’s what Yuto thought.

Yuto’s spell was blocked by Mithril’s high defense property.

But what about the insides of the Golem?

The results were crystal clear.

White smoke now arose from the Mithril Golem as it took a knee.

---------IT’S MY CHANCE!!

Yuto continues to blast it with his spells.

Yuto: “[LIGHTNING]!!”

-------BARI-BARI-BARI!!! (*sfx electricity)

More thick white smoke arose from the Mithril Golem’s body.

The Mithril Golem is a non-living monster. But it is not just simply made up of one material that is glued together.

Just like the other monsters, there must be some logic to its body structure.

In fact, that black part of its insides might be part of the Mithril Golem’s spell structure that allows it to move...maybe.

Yuto’s wonders if this is the Golem’s one and only weakness.

And he was right.

The smoking Golem is no longer standing.

But it is not dead.

The Dungeon doors remain closed.

Yuto keeps his katana out and continues to increase his focus.

As he watches the Mithril Golem with smoke billowing out from its body, Yuto felt a strange sensation.

He felt as though…he could cut the Mithril Golem easily.

Yuto has tried countless attacks with his katana, so he has personally experienced how his attacks won’t work against it.

But even so, Yuto’s instincts confidently affirmed that he could <CUT> it down.

Yuto: (I don’t understand why, but I feel like I can cut it to pieces.)

As Yuto watches the Golem closely, it started to move.

It may still be suffering from the [LIGHTNING] damage as its moves are sluggish.

The Golem raises its arm up.

Yuto matches the Golem’s movements.

He centers himself and strikes.

Yuto’s katana cut through the Golem’s arm like butter.

Yuto: “WHOA?!?!”

Yuto felt so little resistance that he almost slammed his katana into the floor.

The Golem’s arm drops with a loud <THUD> as it hits the floor.

Yuto doesn’t know if he was able to cut it so easily because of his [LIGHTNING] strikes or because of another reason.

But there was one thing he was definitely sure of.

Yuto: “This is the final strike!!”

Yuto cuts off the Golem’s head.

And with its head, the Golem’s body falls forward and hits the ground.

--------ZOOOOOOOOOOOON!! (*sfx a heavy rattle or shake of the ground) 

Yuto vanquishes the unsinkable fortress - the Mithril Golem.

He flings his blade as if to remove the blood, and places his sword in the sheath.

The next moment…


Yuto screams with everything he has.

Yuto was fighting the monster in hopes of defeating it.

But it is a B-Rank monster.

Sound logic and reasoning kept telling him that “it is impossible.”

But Yuto defeated it.

The same Yuto who was a perpetual E-Rank, the Dumpster Diver, the scavenger of Dungeon remains….that same man, did it.

There is no way he wouldn’t be happy.

He shook with furious excitement and grips his fists.

Eliz: “M---MR. YUTO!! WE DID IT!!!”

Eliz walks very weakly, but she slowly approaches Yuto.

Her face is a pale white along with blue lips.

Seeing Eliz in this condition, Yuto felt a bolt of shame pierce him.

Yuto: (It’s not like I was fighting alone this entire time…….)

This gold star victory would not have been possible without Eliz’ help.

Yuto was able to keep standing on the frontlines because of her continual support.

That’s why Yuto hugged Eliz with all his strength.


Yuto: “We were able to defeat the Mithril Golem because of you, Eliz!! THANK YOU!!”


Hugging her tight, he held her in the air and began to spin.

Yuto spun her so much that she passed out from the dizziness.

>>CHAIN QUEST [Clear an Instant Dungeon with your Party] has been completed.

>>EMERGENCY QUEST [Save the Girl!] has been completed.

>>SECRET QUEST [Defeat a Far Superior Enemy] has been completed.

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