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Updated: Jun 5, 2021

A Revived Adventurer’s Quest Completion Guide - With Skill Points Only I Receive, I Become Stronger Than Everyone Else

Written by: By Hagiu Aki

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

生き返った冒険者のクエスト攻略生活 自分だけがもらえるスキルポイントで他の誰より強くなる。

作者: 萩鵜アキ (ハギウ・アキ)

Original Source Link:

Chapter 11: Because I Receive a Lot...

Yuto: “Oh, this bag is light.”

From the feeling of the object inside, Yuto could tell that it wasn’t money this time.

Yuto opened the bag and looked inside.

Yuto: “Huh? Is this a bracelet?”

Inside was a plain, simple silver bracelet.

He looks carefully, but sees no inscriptions.

There was not a single design or decoration on it either.

Yuto: “Ummm… what is this? -----OH, That’s right!”

Yuto got an idea, and put the bracelet inside the inventory.

The bracelet icon appears in his inventory.

Yuto touches it with his finger

[Bracelet of Stamina]

From the name, Yuto could tell that it was a status enhancing item.

Yuto: “Considering what the quest was, it does make sense.”

Withdrawing it from the inventory, Yuto places it on his wrist to test it out.

The bracelet fit perfectly.

It looks like there was some sort of spell within the bracelet that helped resize it to fit his wrist.

Yuto: “It said ‘Bracelet of Stamina’ so I thought my stamina would go up… but… huh….”

Yuto tries moving his body.

He sensed a subtle increase and his body felt lighter.

It didn’t have as much of an effect as the Level 2 Endurance upgrade, but it still had some improving effect regardless.

No matter how small the benefit, any item that raises your potential abilities are traded at very high costs.

It’s because that small difference may determine your life or death in a critical moment inside the dungeon.

If he were to sell this bracelet, Yuto would make a considerable amount of wealth.

Yuto was certain that he would be able to live at least 10 years without working with the money he would earn.

But of course, that’s assuming he continued to live with the same standards as he does today for another 10 years.

Yuto: “But it’s a little disappointing to get this getting the Endurance Skill. I mean, I’m thankful and all but…”

If it was a quest that forces you to fight 24 hours, then this reward would have been better to have before he started.


Mari: “Oh, Yuto, what a rare sight.”

Yuto: “Oh, Mari, you were here too.”

It’s dinner time.

Mari finished her work and was dining at the Gold Rock Cafeteria.

Gold Rock is a famous cafeteria known to be “Cheap, Fast, and Good Enough.”

Mari is one of the regulars here and almost eats here everyday.

Part of the reason why is because the dorm she stays at has no cafeteria.

Mari has never been good at cooking, and her dorm did not have a kitchen either.

For that reason, she almost always ate out.

Mari: “Wait, Yuto, you actually have the money to afford this?”

Yuto: “Of course!”

Looking at Yuto’s expression, Mari realized that something was different.

Yuto has always been struggling with money. He was a perpetual E-Rank and had very little income.

Everything he did earn was spent on his cheap apartment with very little left after rent.

He only eats twice a day, and spends around 50 gards per meal. This is a tenth of what Mari spends.

At times, Mari would invite him to eat with her at Gold Rock.

That’s because Yuto only eats the cheap 50 gard bread, and still looks like a young child because of malnutrition.

Without proper nutrition, Yuto’s height never had a chance to grow.

Mari couldn’t bear the thought of Yuto passing out from hunger inside the dungeon.

No matter what you order, each plate at Gold Rock is 300 gard. For Mari who’s the head manager, this is nothing.

That’s why Mari would invite Yuto and have him get his fill.

This was the most Mari could do to encourage Yuto.

Mari: “Yuto, are you okay? Wait, did you get this money from doing something wrong?!”

Yuto: “No no. I didn’t do anything of the sort.”

Yuto shakes his head in denial like a child.

Mari knows very well that Yuto is not the type that could go around committing crimes.

No matter how rotten things got, he did not blame anyone for not being able to level up.

No matter how much he suffered, he never once crossed the line and broke the law.

All he had to do was just once, just ONCE, ask Mari to borrow some money, but he never asked for any help and carried his burdens alone.

Mari: (I wish he would be more honest about his own situation...)

Mari eats her salad that was brought to her with a little annoyance.

She was fully prepared to help him if he would just say the word.

But not once has he ever said it.

She did like that part about him, but it was also equally frustrating to deal with...

Mari: “Here, since we haven’t eaten together in a while, it’s on me tonight.”

Yuto: “Oh no, that’s okay. I want to pay with my own money today.”

Mari: “But Yuto, you haven’t eaten anything but salad tonight.”

Yuto: “But they put so much on the salad here! That’s why…”

Yuto was only thinking about the amount on a plate more than its nutritional value.

It’s true that at Gold Rock, they put enough salad on one plate to fill you up.

But regardless, a salad is just a salad.

You won’t get strength from a stomach full of just salad.

Mari: “Eat meat, Yuto! Meat!!”

Yuto: “But Mari! I know everything is the same price, but they only put one slice of meat per plate! It’s a luxury item! I can’t order anything that expensive!”

Whenever she asks him to eat meat, it’s always this response.

Mari lets out a deep sigh and raises her hand.

Mari: “Excu--se me! Could I get 5 steak plates!”

Yuto: “Y---You’re going to eat 5 plates of steak?!”

Mari: “No, this is for you, Yuto.” Yuto: “Wh--?! But…!!”

Mari: “I already ordered it, so you better finish it all.”

Yuto shrieks quietly in terror.

This is the only way to force feed Yuto.

It’s not like Yuto hates meat.

But he’s been avoiding it for so long, he has abnormally high reservations when asked to order it.

Once Mari’s order comes, Yuto sags like a dog learning his lesson and eats the meat with a grateful but apologetic smile.

As she watched him eat, Mari definitely noticed that Yuto has changed.

Mari: “.....huh? Hey, Yuto, did your face change a little?”

Yuto: “Fuwah? Moi, faysh?”

With a mouthful of steak, Yuto tilts his head in confusion.

But for sure, there was something different about Yuto’s face. Mari could see it.

She has been watching Yuto for 10 years.

Something inside him changed drastically.

But what that was, Mari couldn’t tell.

But maybe… just maybe Mari thought.

Did Yuto finally break out of his shell?

Mari: “Hey, don’t worry about paying tonight. I got whatever you already ordered too.”

Yuto: “What? No! That’s okay!” Mari: “Don’t worry. You know that I make enough!”

Yuto groans in frustration.

Whenever the difference of pay is mentioned, there is nothing Yuto can do.

This is expected.

Mari doesn’t brag, but her monthly income is more than 10 times what Yuto makes.

That’s why she is able to comfortably pay for his food.

This was the one thing Mari was able to help Yuto.

Mari: (Compared to what he’s given me, this really isn’t much…”

Once they were done eating, Yuto insisted on walking her to her dormitory. He was always concerned about how dangerous the streets were at night, and as they walked, Mari walked behind him and looked at his back and sighed.

She wanted to do something for him.

But right now, all she can do is feed him when he’s hungry.

If there was something she could do to support him more directly, she would do it in a heartbeat.

But there was nothing more Mari could do under these circumstances.

Mari: “....then if that’s the case.”

Mari looked up into the night sky with determination in her eyes.

There WAS one idea Mari could do.

But she could not carry out her plan out right now.

---- She didn’t have the funds saved up quite yet.

But Yuto’s face and expression changed.

He must have finally broken through his shell and started to change.

Then Mari will just have to work hard.

She almost has enough money saved up.

Just a little bit further now. Her goal is in sight.

Mari: “I just have to be brave…”

She places her hand to her chest.

She looks on the back of the person who has given her so much and closes her eyes to picture the worn down, beat up companion who has supported him for so long - his longsword.

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