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Ch. 86: Newborn Dragon’s Breakfast

Lotte looked really discouraged when the newborn Dragon turned its back on her.

Werner: “Lotte’s not scaryー It’s okayー”


As I tried to intervene, the newborn Dragon glanced at Lotte once more, and then buried its head into my chest again.

Hati: “It is afraid of people it does not recognize. It’s a baby so that is normal.”

Hati tried to encourage Lotte and patted the newborn Dragon on the head.

Werner: “I’m sorry, Lotte.” Lotte: “No, it is a baby after all…..I think it will get used to me soon enough!”

Werner: “Yes, you’re right.”

Afterwards, we headed back to the dining hall.

My sister was still waiting for us there. I guess her schedule was not as busy today.

She did get severely injured the other day.

On days when she could rest, she needed to rest.

Bridget: “Lady Hati, Sir Dragon, good morning. Are either of you hungry?” My sister was very formal to Hati.

It was because Hati was the daughter of the Great King of the Ancient Dragons.

Hati: “Good morning! Hati would like some bread!”

Bridget: “And what should we prepare for the Sir Dragon?:” “Rya?” The newborn Dragon tilted its head and looked questioningly at my sister.

It looked very cute doing so.

The newborn Dragon seemed to be more used to my sister than Lotte.

Was it because my sister gave it cookies last night?” Werner: “Hati, what do Dragons eat mainly when they’re babies?”

Hati told me last night that an infant Ancient Dragon can eat a pig whole with bones and everything.

And it was okay for it to eat cookies.

Hati: “They mainly eat meat. It does not matter what kind of meat…..even fish. They also like sweet things.” Werner: “So it can eat whatever.”

Hati: “Indeed, whatever food is fine. If a human can eat it, then it should be fine. It cannot eat anything poisonous.”

Werner: “Yeah, I can see why poisonous foods would be bad. But do infant Dragons need to consume a lot of meat to grow bigger?” For humans, I’ve heard that only eating sweets is very bad for their health.

Hati: “No, basically, any food should be fine.”

Looks like a newborn Dragon really isn’t picky about its meals.

Bridget: “Then I shall have them bring several dishes just in case.”

My sister gives the order to the butler.

After a short while, they brought bread for Hati, and served grilled meat, cookies, bread, and boiled eggs for the newborn Dragon.

Hati: “It is delicious! The dried bread is good too, but My Lord’s home serves excellent bread!”

Bridget: “Thank you very much for the compliment.”

Hati grabbed the bread with both hands and chomped happily into it.

Werner: “What would you like to eat?” “Ryaー?”

It looked at me questioningly.

Werner: “Would you like meat?” I took a piece of meat and placed it close to its mouth. It took the meat and gobbled it up hungrily.

Werner: “You must have been hungry. Or do you just like meat that much?” Hati: “Many Ancient Dragons love meat.” Then maybe we should just serve meat dishes from now on.

“Rya.” Werner: “Hm? You’d like to try the boiled egg?” It looked at the egg and cried, so I took it and placed it near the Dragon’s mouth.

It bit into the egg and consumed it quickly.

Werner: “It ate it faster than the meat.” Hati: “Ancient Dragons also like eggs.” “Rya-Rya.”

Werner: “You want to try the bread?” The newborn Dragon consumed the bread with a few bites.

Once it was done with the bread, it ate the cookies.

Bridget: “Sir Dragon is so young and small but has a wonderful appetite.”

Werner: “It is eating more than Lotte. Is it because it needs a lot of food as a baby?” Hati: “Hmmmm, Ancient Dragon babies develop very slowly, so it does not require much food though….”

But Hati hungrily took large mouthfuls out of the bread, so her insight was not as convincing.

Whether it needed the food or not, it may have just enjoyed eating.

Bridget: “Werner….I would like to try feeding it…..”

Lotte; “MーMe too….”

The newborn Dragon was so cute as it ate, so I didn’t blame my sister or Lotte for wanting to do so.

Werner: “That’s fine. Sister, you should go first.”

The newborn Dragon is more used to my sister than Lotte.

That’s why I let her go first.

Bridget: “Your highness, please excuse me.”

Lotte: “Of course.” My sister took a cookie and brought it near the newborn Dragon’s mouth.

Lotte watched closely with great anticipation.

Bridget: “Sir Dragon, this cookie is for you.”


But the newborn Dragon turned away from the cookie.

Bridget: “BーBut why?”

My sister was extremely discouraged.

Lotte was equally discouraged.

Werner: “I wonder if it got full.”


Werner: “What’s wrong? It’s crying strange. Hati, do you know what it’s saying?” Hati: “Hmmmm, Hati does not want to say but…..”

Hati hesitated for several seconds.

Hati: “This one…….is asking for more food.”

Bridget: “BーBut….” The newborn Dragon refused to eat the food offered by my sister.

Hati: “Ancient Dragon hatchlings only accept food from their parents.”

Werner: “But I am not a parent…..”

Hati: “My Lord, you are being recognized by the young Dragon as its parent.” I took a cookie and brought it near the newborn Dragon’s mouth, and it began eating it.

Bridget: “I see. So that’s why. It’s a shame.” Lotte: “It really is.” Both my sister and Lotte were incredibly disheartened.

Werner: “Even if you cannot feed it, maybe it will let you pet it. Hati, what do you think?” Hati: “Hati thinks that is a good idea. It would be best to pet the young one while it is being held by My Lord.” The newborn Dragon was calm while I held it.

Hati thought this way, the newborn Dragon would get used to my sister and Lotte faster.


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