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Chapter 23: Message from my Master

It was the day after Oigen’s visit. I continued to put together the Magecraft Artifact I finished developing.

I had a lot of parts from the start for testing purposes, so now all I have to do is put it together.

Before it was evening, I was able to complete 10 units.

I checked each unit with Hati just in case.

And with her help, we were done with the Quality checks.

Werner: “Thank you, Hati. You were a great help.” Hati: “He he heー”

By the time we were done with our work, the sun was about to set.

Hati: “My Lord! There’s a giant bird flying our way!”

Werner: “Hmm…yes, it is flying straight here.”

Both Hati and I didn’t retreat to the research lab and just gazed at the bird intently.

Werner: “I guess we’ll wait for it here.”

If it is an enemy, it would be better to face off with it outside than inside.

I would be able to use more Spells easier in a wide open space.

That’s what I meant when I said we’ll wait, butーー

Hati: “That’s a great idea! Birds are cute too!”

Hati looked onto the bird with kind eyes.

From the way she spoke, it seems like she’s perceiving it as a friend.

Hati also said that people and cats were cute.

And in the same way, birds must be cute to her.

Werner: “......yeah, I think so too.”

Even if the bird looks upon us as enemies, I decided to not do anything until it directly attacked us.

If I don’t, Hati might believe that I was bullying animals for no reason.

As I worried about those things, the giant bird landed in front of us.

Werner: “.........from up close, it looks even bigger.”

The bird was most likely a bird of prey ー probably a type of eagle.

It folded its wings, and it was still bigger than a large dog.

It’s wingspan was probably a full grown adult per wing.

Werner: “’s probably a Monster Bird of some kind.”

Hati: “It probably isー”

Werner: “So, bird. Did you have some business with us?”


It cried out and then started looking for something with its beak against its body.

It pulled out a pochette-looking bag that was hidden under its wings.

And the bird then pulled out something from inside with its beak.


And it then pointed the package towards me.

Werner: “Hm? Are you giving it to me?” “FaaaRU”

I don’t know what it’s saying, but it’s probably handing me something.

Werner: “I see. Thank you.” It was a small, slim cylinder that was slightly longer than the size of my fist.

I took the cylinder, and as I opened it, there was a letter tucked inside.

Hati: “It’s very cute.”


As I was looking inside the tube, Hati flew beside the bird and patted its head.

For Hati, she probably views all animals including humans as cute.

The bird didn’t mind the petting either.

And I took a look at the paper.

Werner: “Hm? A letter?”

[My Dearest Strout,

This is from your great and wise Master.

I forgot to tell you something important.

That’s why I have sent my beloved Falcon No. 1 to deliver the message for me.]

Werner: “It’s a letter from my Master. Wait, did Master even own birds? Who’s this Falcon No. 1?”

Hati: “It’s called Falcon No. 1ーー so cuteーー”


[Strout, I’m sure that you are surprised to hear your great and honorable Master had a pet bird.

In fact, as I was leaving the capital and headed to my hot spring, I was reunited with Falcon No. 1, but I will leave to tell that story for another time.

Strout, I believe I know you well enough.

I’m sure that you were just watching and staring as Falcon No. 1 approached you.

What if it was an enemy? Do not lower your guard. You are getting overconfident.

If you were as strong as me, then that might be okay.

By the way, I would have started being weary as soon as I caught sight of Falcon No. 1 in the far off horizon.

You worry me at times. Would you even recognize an enemy who is secretly spying on you if they were about…..maybe 30 minute walking distance from where you stood?

And what if this letter was a bomb? What would you do then? Were you confident that if it was a bomb you designed, you would be able to block against it?

Do you actually believe that there are no such bombs as powerful as the ones you designed in this world? You are being overly confident again, Strout. Maybe you are forgetting that I am stronger than you?]

I was being chastised by my Master in the letter.

Werner: “I never really thought that I was the strongest or anything like that…..”

But he had a point.

It’s true that my actions were coming from overconfidence.

My Master was pointing out my flaws as a Master should.

Hati: “But My Lord IS the strongest! I guarantee it!”


Werner: “Thanks.” Hati and Falcon No. 1 who was being pet by Hati both encouraged me.

But this is a lesson that I should reflect on and learn from.

I made sure to engrave my Master’s words into my mind and heart.

And I decided to continue reading his letter.

[Now then, this is why I wrote this letter.

At this time, I’m sure that Strout, you would be isolated in the base out in the wilderness.

I don’t mind that at all. I was the one who told you to use it as you please.

But circumstances have changed.

There is a suspicious group that is pulling strings in the background. There are also signs of an upcoming war.

So as for the base in the wilderness, once you are done, please blow it up and leave no signs of it.

If you leave it, there is a chance that evil people will take advantage of it.

Although, if I was there, I would be able to protect it with my Spells with no problem.

But I do not expect you, Strout, to be able to do the same as me.

There is no doubt in my mind that I am stronger and more amazing than you, so it can’t be helped.

That’s why I ask you to completely obliterate it thoroughly. I am leaving that task to you.

Oh, and Falcon No. 1 may be a little worn out from the long distance flying.

Could you allow it to stay with you for a few days? It prefers meat, but it can also eat the dry ration bread.

Your Master who is stronger, and Your Master who is greater, The Great Sage Kay

P.S. Do not ever forget that I am much stronger than you.]

After I was done reading, I put the letter back inside the tube.

Werner: “Master hasn’t changed at all.”

The fact that he did not forget to constantly remind me that he was stronger was just like him.

He’s probably doing it for my sake so that a youngster like me would not forget that there are always people stronger than you.

Though it’s a little twisted, it was a form of his love.

Werner: “Falcon No. 1, please spend the night with us.”


And Hati, Falcon No. 1, and I all returned the research laboratory together.


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A Non-Combat Magecraft Artifact Researcher ー actually was an extraordinary S-Rank Mage~ Though he worked overtime without compensation and contributed greatly, he was labeled as incompetent and was fired

Written by: Ezo Gingitsune

Illustrations by Tomozero

Translated by: ChonkyTL

Japanese Title:


作者: えぞぎんぎつね

イラスト: トモゼロ

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