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Alchemy BOX c32

Chapter 32

It was 2 days after returning back to town.

The weather was nice again today, so I was shoveling the snow. I shoveled the path from the inn to the farmland, from the inn to the orchard, and then from the inn to the Sheepoo’s shelter.

Ain: “Well, I guess there’s not much for us to do.”

Sia: “Wowーー!”

Shina was pregnant and was resting in our place where there’s a fireplace.

The rest of the four adults and Boss got in two lines and proceeded down the path. As they did so, a path about 3 meters (~10 feet) wide was left behind them.

I was worried that their wool would get drenched, but the female Sheepoo is blowing the snow away with [Wind] Magic.

They really are intelligent creatures.

Even then, they will get a little wet, so after the work is done, I prepare a heated stove for them in the dining hall so they can rest there to dry up.

After a half a day’s work, the shoveling was all done.

I helped wipe them dry in front of the stove and fed them carrots. Of course, Shina got some too.

Ain: “Thanks. That was a big help.”

Sia: “Thanーyouー”

[Unbehー, Beh-Behー]

Ain: “What did he say?”

Sia: “Um, it was for carrots.”

Oh…….yeah. Yeah, that makes sense.

The path from the orchard will help us carry the carrots to them, or they could come down that same path to the town to get some carrots.

Everything is for the carrots.

We finished our lunch, and from the afternoon, I was thinking about spending the rest of the day shoveling a path to the beach side. As I was thinking about these things, we heard explosions coming from the direction of the shores.

Ain: “Huh? WhーWhat was that just now?!”


And what’s worse, the explosions continued and came closer and closerーーー

Ain: “IーIs it a Monster?!”

Sia: “Gau-gau”


Me, Sia, and Boss ran out and turned towards where the sound was coming from.

We hear it come down from the place where there should be a stone pathway.

From here, I could see the trees from far away getting blown away with each explosion.

Ain: “What is that?”

Sia: “GRRRRRR Feel...Magic…”



I want that Spell!

I hold the Alchemy BOX in my left hand and around three [Needle Quake Stones] in my right.

Let’s see what comes to us.

We hid in the guard tower and waited 10 minutes. From the forest, we saw people come out.

LOTS of people.

Ain: “ThーThis is bad.”

There’s several wearing robes and looked like Mages. And there’s also a Knight in full armor and maybe a priest in a ceremonial outfit?

There were about 30 in total.

Hm? Isn’t that Agura with them? Did he get caught by them? “Hm? I thought with that much noise, they would be running out here to see what the commotion was.”

“No, they’re definitely here. There’s no way they could ignore those explosion noises. Isn’t that right?”

……….they’re speaking right at us.

Agura: “Huh? Are they here? Heーy, Sir Lou Quainーー. They are messengers sent from the Tronstad Kingdomーー”

The Tronstad Kingdom? That’s the country next to Andestan.

Then that Knight-looking one is…..a real Knight?!

Ain: “We’re coming now. Please don’t attack us. We also have a Horned Sheepoo with us.”

With that, we slowly emerged and began walking out towards the path.

Ain: “Agura, what’s going on?”

Agura showed his glistening white teeth at my question.

Agura: “Yesterday, pretty late into the night, there was a Navy Ship from Tronstad.”

“I can provide the explanation. But before that, my crew is pretty tired. Is there a place where we can rest?” The young man who was speaking with Agura and seemed to be around my same age turned around and smiled at me.

He was a blonde-haired, blue eyed handsome young man like you would see straight out of the fables.

But if he’s calling a Knight, Mages, and a Priest his <crew>, he’s most definitely a Noble.

Ain: “Ummmm…..we have a dining hall of an inn that hasn’t finished with repairs. Oh, and it’s formerly an abandoned inn. We fixed just the portion that we use to sleep and rest.”

And that is only one room.


Ain: “Oh, shoot. The Sheepoo are using the dining hall to rest right now.”

It can’t be helped. We’ll have to use the inn across the street. That one should have a wood stove.

Ain: “Sia, can you go back with Boss and get a fire going on the wood stove? And also, clean up what you can. Please.”

Sia: “Yea. Bossーー Letー meー rideー”


As soon as Sia got on Boss’ back, they ran off immediately.

From there, I lead the group slowly back to town.

“Well, I’m glad we came after all the snow shoveling was complete.”

Ain: “Oh, no…...this is just, the path that Sheepoo you just saw made.”

It’s a path that’s only about 1 meter wide and is a little tight. Boss was passing through here, and the snow parted where he walked.

The young man laughed at the comment.

“The Horned Sheepoo are not only good for their wool, but they are also extremely useful Monsters that can shovel snow, eh?”

Ain: “WーWell, even so, they’ll catch a cold if their wool gets wet, so you need to help them dry out after they’re done.”

“I see. So they are the same as humans in that sense.”

Ain: “Yes, you’re exactly right.” I had a feeling that I could potentially get along with this person after hearing those words.

As we arrive at time, we see smoke coming from the chimney from the inn across the street.

Ain: “It will be that building over there. Please watch your step as the building has many damaged parts.”

“It can’t be helped. It’s been about 80 years since anyone has lived on this island.”

Ain: “You were aware?” Though everyone was inside the building, the dining hall didn’t seem to be too small or crowded.

One of the Knights who wore lighter armor than the rest came to me and bowed politely.

“Sir Lou Quain. Would you happen to have any boiled water? I would like to serve tea to His Highness.”

Ain: “Oh, I can boil some……….His Highnessーー?!”

As I raised my voice, the Knight realized his mistake, and it showed on his face.

I looked at the young man who held a troubled smile.

“Sheesh…..I haven’t even introduced myself yet. Why would you ruin a good surprise?” “My apologies, your Highness. It was just out of habit…”

His Highness…….so a Prince from the Tronstad Kingdom?!

“My apologies. I wanted to introduce myself when the mood was right.”

What kind of mood would that be?!

“My name is Eriol Tronstad. Please take good care of me.”

Like how?!?!


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 2: To the Mainland

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