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Alchemy BOX c24

Chapter 24


What spoke had the face of a baboon and a human’s upper body. Its lower body was that of a goat’s, and looked like something resembling a demon.

No, wait. I thought there were no Monsters here?’

Because this Dungeon was dead andーーoh.

Ain: “AHHHHー! Was fixing the core the same thing as resurrecting the Dungeonー?!”

Sia: “UAAaaaaa!”

[You have my gratitude, foolish human. In respect, I will kill you without suffering. KEHEHEHEHE (sfx laughter)]

Ain: “Make a run for itーーー!!”

Demons are top-class among the Monsters. And we are on the bottom level of the Dungeon.

If fixing the Dungeon Core caused the Monsters here to resurrect…...then this is the Boss Monster ー the Guardian of the Core.

There’s no way he’s weak!

[FU-HAHAHAHAHA!! Do not think you can escape from me, human!]

As we ran towards the door leading into the last room of the Dungeonーーit suddenly closed?!

Ain: “Ugh. We’ll just have to beat him now.”

Sia: “GAU-GAU”

And we take the initiative and strike first!

From the Down Jacket I made to combat the winter cold, I draw a [Horn Stone] from its pocket and throw it!

It’s just a rock.

The demon didn’t even bother to knock it aside. Actually, even if he tried to swat it away, the result would have been the same.

As it connected with his chest, an intense amount of power was released.


An explosion rang through the air, but the demon only flinched slightly.

Dang it. I guess they call them an Upper-Class Monster for a reason.

[Don’t get so cocky! {DIMENSION・FALL}!!]

ACK!! It fired off a Spell!

A black sphere that crackled with electrical power.

I managed to dodge it, but it carved a deep hole in the ground where the sphere hit.

Ain: “Oh, shoot……..”

[FU-HAHAHA!! Inside the dimensional hole, all time will stop, and you would have died without feeling pain.]

Ain: “Dang it! Sia! We’re going all out!”

Sia: “Yea!”

I rush towards the Demon and swing my sword.

The demon observes my movements with confident amusement.

I tried to cut off his head, but the sword only cut into his flesh slightly and went no further.

Sia’s claws were the same.

How thick is this guy’s neck?!

[FU-HAHAHA. Is that all you got, human! Don’t make me laugh!]

Dang it. I can’t pull back my sword that’s stuck in its flesh.

I’ll have to leave it and stick to throwing rocks at him!

Ain: “Sia, we need to retreat. Give up the claws for now.”

Sia: “GUUuuuuuuu”

I let go of my sword, but in that instant, I feel the demon’s kick come towards me.

AGH!! I can’t dodge this!!

Ain: “GUHAH!!” (sfx forced exhale)

He kicks me 10 meters (~33 ft) across the air.


That nasty Spell again!

I want it!!

Ain: “[Alchemy BOX]!!”

I open the box, and the black sphere jumps inside.


Ain: “Alright! Time for payback!!”

Sia: “YEAー!”

Sia jumps away from below the demon, and in her hands, she’s carrying lots of rocks.

I’m glad that she understands our plan.

We place the rocks in the box, and then enchantーー

Inside my head, I heard the mechanical voice say that {Dimension・Fall} is a Spell that sends anything that it touches to the next dimension.

What kind of super-dangerous Spell was this guy shooting at us!! Sheesh!!

[YーYOUー!! WhーWhat did you do just now?! My Spell!! Why did it disappear?!]

Ain: “No clue!”

Sia picked up 8 rocks. I throw one and place the rest in my pocket.

[Hmph. Is it that peculiar impact attack from before? It won’t worーGEHYA!! (sfx)”

Ain: “I think it was super effective?”

Of course it was. It wasn’t Boss’ {Horn・Destruction}, but I just threw a rock with this guy’s Dimensional Spell.

But maybe because he had high resistance to the Spell, he only lost one arm.

Ain: “How about one more!”


Enraged and completely losing his cool, another rock hit his face and a third of it blew away.

Ain: “One more!”


UGH, he dodged it. Dang it. Now that he knows my trick, he’s easily dodging it.

What should I do…….what should I do……

I can only keep throwing rocks.

Only 5 left.

Ain: “Sia! Collect more rocks!”

Sia: “YーYea!!”

[Hmph, the same trick won’t work twice on me. That strange technique of yours. It’s only useful if you incorporate my Spell with it, is it not?!]

CRAP! He caught onto everything already!

Sia: “AUUuu”

Sia rattles the bag of rocks she collected. I took the rock and I ーー threw it!!

Ain: “DーDon’t get any closerー! Go away!! GO AWAY!!”

These are just regular rocks, but he dodges it regardless.

I threw a couple all at once and at least one of them hit him.

The demon was shocked when it did, but it was just a rock so nothing happened.

The rock after that and after that one were all normal rocks. Just hitting him with it didn’t do anything.

[FU…..FU-HAHAHAHAHA!! Looks like you’re out of tricksーーー!!”



I grab another rock, but it dodges this one too.

I throw → It dodges.

I throw → It hits.

[Look now. The rocks you throw no longer have the {Dimension・Fall} effect!]


I practically shriek at the top of my lungs as I scream, and I sneak a hand into my pocket.

With my left hand, I grab the rocks on the floor and throw them.

The demon smiles wickedly and slowly comes towards me.

Sia: “UAAAa, UーAAAaaa!!”

Sia begins to scream and yell too.

But not yet!! NOT YET!!

[KU-HAHAHA. No matter how many times you throw those stones, it makes no difference. If you do not have my Spell to depend on, you are an insignificant mouse that can’t even lay a finger on mーー]

Well, what he’s saying is true.

I won’t deny it, and even if I did, he wouldn’t hear my words.

As I desperately throw all the rocks I can at him, I take out the enchanted rocks inside my pocket and throw it too.

Since he thought, “There are no more rocks with Magic abilities,” he didn’t even bother dodging these.

As a result, he was hit with 4 Dimension Spell Stones, and his body erupted and disappeared leaving only his right leg.

He got easily fooled by my poor acting…...maybe he wasn’t so strong after all……


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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He's a masterbaiter.....!


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Kiyoshi Yami
Nov 03, 2021

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