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Alchemy BOX c2

Chapter 2

Even after I learned what Alchemy was in this world, I continued my studies.

I thought the knowledge would help me with my [Alchemy BOX].

But when I turned four, I was expected to work with the servants, and it severely reduced my time to study.

I hated it at first.

I thought about how unfair it was because I was supposed to be born as a noble.


I was abandoned by my parents in my previous life as soon as I was born, and the orphanage facility had a strict allocation of roles for the children, so I was always doing some sort of job.

It’s no different from that.

From that perspective, it felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

It’s been one year since the kind milk maid passed away.

When I turned 7, I read my book as I listened for a certain voice to call my name.

It was a voice that I loathed, but it always called my name.

It’s getting close to that time now.

“Lou Quain. AIーN! I told you to come within 10 seconds after I called your name, didn't I?!”

There it is.

The servants’ quarters is a little far from the mansion, but even from there, I can hear my step mother’s voice.

That’s how loud she is.

I place the book on top of my desk, and I head towards the mansion where my step mother is.

But I didn't enter the mansion itself. I waited outside the window and replied.

Ain: “.....have you called, Madame?”

I was not permitted to enter the mansion. It became my daily routine to wait outside the window whenever this woman called my name.

“Of course I called you over because there’s something I need you to do. For goodness sakes, you are such a slow dunce. I’m sure you got it from your mother.”

Ain: “.......tsch.”

I click my tongue at the comment.

“Did you say something?” Ain: “No, nothing. And what business do you have for me today?”

The step mother is the lawful wife, and my mother is considered the mistress. And my stepmother is the daughter of a Duke, and my mother is a daughter of a Viscount.

My stepmother had the higher nobles’ rank in this case, and hence, they freely looked down on me every chance they got.

“For my dearest Endin, go to the green house in the back and bring us a delicious fruit as a snack.”

Her dearest Endin. He is my half-brother who was born a month after me, but the records show that I was born 2 months after him for some reason, so he is technically my elder brother.

“Mamaー My stomach is empty and growlingー”

“Oh~ my poor Endin. Just wait for a bit longer okay~ Ain, hurry up and go already!”

Honestly, I’m glad to get those two out of my sight.

So much so that one part of the servants call the mother, [White Orc] and Endin, [Little Orc].

Basically, it matches their outer description perfectly.

I turn around without another word and head to the back of the mansion.

Ain: “Rokuー It’s time for their 4th round of dessertー”

It’s only been 2 hours since lunch. It’s too early for the 3 o’clock snack, but for those two, every minute of their time can be considered dessert time.

In the back of the mansion, there is a large glass greenhouse that was built specifically for those two Orcs. Inside the greenhouse is every kind of fruit tree imaginable.

I called to Roku who maintains the trees inside the greenhouse and entered.

Roku came by quickly with a “I thought it might be that time again” and laughs.

Roku: “So what should we prepare this time?” Ain: “It doesn’t matter. We’ll just ripen the fruits with my [Alchemy BOX] anyway.”

When I imagine the [Alchemy BOX] inside my head, a white cardboard box appears on the palm of my hand.

Roku: “Then today, they haven’t had the Manngo yet, so that should do.” Ain: “If it’s just that, they’ll definitely snap into a furious rage.” The vegetables and fruits of this world sounded very similar to the names of my previous world, so thankfully, it was easy to remember.

Roku gets the Manngo and other fruits as well. All of the fruits that were picked were far from being ripe, and you couldn’t call this a harvest picking whatsoever.

I take the fruits and place it inside the [Alchemy BOX] and perform <Alchemy>. I concentrate my will towards the BOX to make the fruits inside completely ripe.

The BOX lights up, and it’s complete.

The BOX does live up to its Alchemy name in that I can take ingredients and materials and place them inside the box, and I can combine, separate, or change its shape. And in addition, I was able to accelerate time inside the box as well. But I cannot reverse time.

Unlike the Alchemy of this world, this kind of Alchemy with the [Alchemy BOX] was what I was used to from my previous life.

Like Magic, I can <BAM> and <KABLAM> and combine items together ー very easily in fact.

But I haven’t tried any experiments with Chimeras or Homunculi yet.

I show Roku the Manngo that I take out of the BOX.

Ain: “How is it?” Roku: “The fruits you perform Alchemy upon come out ripened perfectlyー It’s quite amazing. Why won’t you show this ability to the Master?”

Ain: “Hmmー because showing him would mean that I would be enslaved even more than I am now, and I want to avoid that at all costs.”

Roku: “But beginning with the Master, everyone except myself has completely misunderstood your [Talent] as simple Alchemy. It is difficult watching you be so unfairly treated and being called incapable when that is not the case.”

Roku is kind.

Since the milk maid passed away, Roku has been my one ally in this place.

Ain: “I don’t mind. In 8 more years, I’ll turn 15, and there’s that rite of passage to adulthood. When that time comes, no matter what kind of [Gift] I receive, I plan on leaving the Mansion no matter what.” Roku: “I will most likely be gone by then. I have a daughter who married in the neighboring country of the Tronstad Kingdom. My son-in-law has been offering to let me stay with them.” Ain: “Ohhhー I’m so glad to hear that, Roku.” Roku: “Yes indeed. That’s why, Master Ain, if you don’t have any place to go, please come to where I am. We could use your [Talent] and make a fortune running an orchard if you like,” A fortune running an orchard…..

It’s a real possibility. If we can produce a large amount of high-quality fruits that the Royalty and Nobles prefer, then no doubt, we could make a killing.

But if I’m going to make a fortuneーー

Ain: “When I leave this mansion, I want to become an Adventurer.”

Since I was reborn into an Isekai, I should definitely opt for this kind of life.

Ain: “Roku, thank you. I need to get back though or that starving Orc mother and son are going to be throwing a fit.”

Roku: “Hahaha, here you are then.” And as I returned to the window, the Orc mother and son were stomping the ground making the ground shake.


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With the [Alchemy BOX], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a box that can create anything, begin building a new life on a deserted island

Written by Yume Kazama

Translated by ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:

『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます

作者: 夢・風魔

Original Source:

Book 1: Banishment --> Deserted Island Survival

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