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The Orc's Awakening c8

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 8: Orc Makes a Gamble

l learned this much, much later, but apparently, Orcs are takers, not makers. What I mean is that they will take whatever they're handed and go fight happily.

Where do those weapons comes from originally? I dunno. But they weren't made by the Orcs.

I wasn't too far off when I said Orcs were mobs.

Even if I can run really fast.

Even if I can climb trees.

Even if I can use [Earth] magic.

These were all exceptions to the rule and not the rule itself.

But that's neither here nor there.

Point is....Orcs are simple beings. They eat, sleep, move, and fight. They are the ultimate, thoughtless minions when it comes to war.

And before me was something completely opposite ー an ancient Treant.

Typically, a Treant would just be a single tree, but I felt this old man's presence <everywhere>. It's like this whole forest belonged to him. Or maybe this whole forest <was> him?

Unfair doesn't even begin to describe it. How would you like it if the entire territory you entered (basically the entire game level) turned out to be the Boss itself? It would be impossible to kill, and it could kill you at its whim.


This world is ****ing ludicrous.

Treant: “An Orc?! Forging a weapon?! BUHA!! HA HA HA!! I can’t breathe!! It’s too much!! BA HA HA HA HA HA!!”

Do Orcs not smith in this world? The [warmth] of the earth envelopes me as my wounds are slowly mending just by sitting here, but I still have plenty of cracked bones and bruises all over. If I can keep it distracted, I may be able to mend everything.

Is this part of my [Earth] Magic as well? Porky God found another cheat Skill.

But this situation is beyond me. I don't know why the Treant didn't finish me off.

I hit some sort of weird Treant funny bone with my last comment, and all I could do was lay there perplexed.

No matter what, I'm still cornered, and on the verge of death, and I’m still surrounded by roots everywhere. I have no place to run or hide. My porky senses are screaming that I would never be able to beat the thing in front of me.

Wiping a tear from his face, the Treant tries to control his breathing for the 3rd time now. Each time, he would imagine something and blow up laughing again.

Treant: “Excuse me for the sudden disruption~ I have not laughed like that in ages~ ohhhhh, it still hurts….”

How bored is this guy that imagining a pig forging makes him go into a laughing fit....?

But it'll be smart to not mention this.

Orc: “(snort) Do Orcs not make weapons in this world?”

Ah crap. I sent him into another fit of laughter. I waited patiently as the body on my wounds completely healed.

……maybe I CAN run away?

Treant: “Oh my, oh my. Truly. Truly, truly I will treasure this moment. And to answer your question, no. It is curious though that you ask it in the first place. What clan are you from?”

Orc: “(snort)…..um… clan?”

Treant: “Yes boy. Do you not know your own clan? How about your chieftain? What is his name?”

Orc: “(snort) Uh….........what?”

Treant: “Really boy? You are indeed peculiar. Quite curious, I must say. You see...Orcs are… 'primitive' in nature to put it mildly. Like all monsters sent here, brilliant on the battlefield, but outside of battle, you see….....let’s just say they like to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.”

Coming from a tree, that says A LOT.

I also do not mention this either.

Orc: “(snort) Um… so… do you mind if I make a weapon?”

Treant: “My goodness boy. You really do commit to your lies, don’t you? Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve never heard of an Orc who even knew the basics of metallurgy or even starting a fire.”

Orc: “(snort)….wait, seriously?”

That is some SERIOUS primitive natures we're talking about. It's almost on the level of a simple, domesticated pig.

Treant: “Quite.”

Orc: “(snort) But…......I'm pretty sure I can…”

Countless sharpened roots gently poke my throat.

Treant: “Now I have already decided once against returning your lifeless carcass to the soil. I’m not so sure if you should be pushing your luck.....…let’s just say that I do provide you the ‘wood’ for your smithing. If the finished product does not outweigh what I offered to you…”

The roots spiraled and combined into a more menacing weapon all around me.

Treant: “Do you still wish to continue?”

I should have peed and pooped my pants right then and there, but I felt my strength leave me, and fell down trembling uncontrollably.

Plus I'm not really wearing pants per se....but that's besides the point.

I need a weapon no matter what if I want to survive in this forest.

But if I fail… I don’t even want to imagine my fate.

I could do nothing…...and probably get eaten and die later.

Or I could at least try...........and die after trying.

Can I really do this?

Is this really, REALLY stupid?

I was afraid to try anything in my previous life.

I never did in the end…

But this time, I have my [EARTH] magic. I’m not helpless or powerless…

I'm a Porky [Earth] Magic-flinging Pig god..........or something.

Without knowing why, I nod my head and gulp hard.

Orc: “(snort) I—I’ll make a worthy weapon….”

Treant: “.....................very well then……..”

I can’t go back now…



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