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The Orc's Awakening c7

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 7: Orc Meets Treant

There are moments in life where logic and reason like to interject one last time to tell you how stupid your decisions were right before you meet your doom.

The tree I kicked on the surface...

It pelted me with acorns like it was alive...

And it might be the same tree that I just tried to cut its roots this time...

In a single moment, in a millionth of a second, it all comes together.

Orc: (OH ****…)

Before me is a really, REALLY angry Treant - a tree monster basically. That’s what the gamers of my country called it. Wait, is it?

A lot of these Monsters resembles creatures I know, but is it really the same as those I see in the games?

His face looks like that of a really old and cranky grandpa, and his sharply angled downward eyebrows he formed makes it crystal clear of how he’s feeling right now.

I’m easily caught by his roots as he brings me close to his face.

Treant: “So what do we have here~? An Orc~? Strange… why would an Orc pick a fight with me~?”

Its voice sounded contemplative and amused, but by the way it began constricting and crushing my body with its roots, I’m pretty sure that it’s still really, REALLY pissed.

Orc: “(snort) Sorry sir! I didn’t know!”

The roots wring me even tighter. My bones are starting to crackle under the pressure.

Treant: “Didn’t know~? Strange… And what, perchance, were you going to do with my roots~?”

By pure reflex, I glanced at my furnace.


The tree looks at where I stole a glance.

If there is one thing that should be common sense, it’s that Treants won’t appreciate being burned in a large fireplace.

Orc: "BUHI?! BUHI?! BUHI?!?!" (sfx porky noises)

Still wrapped up in roots, I’m whipped in all directions as I hit the ground, ceiling, and walls several times like a tenderizer to a steak.

Treants: “I see… burning me from my roots. Ingenious tactics for an Orc…”

Orc: “….wait…(*cough)”

I let the blood filling my mouth drizzle out the side down my cheeks.

Orc: “….weapon…..needed fire…. to make….weapon…..”

It was all I could say.

At that the grip loosens.

Treants: “Make…a weapon...?”

The roots start trembling.

It’s over. This is it. I wait for the final blow.

Orc: (Mom…I’m sorry. Even being reborn as a pig, I guess trash will always be trash…)

Treants: “BA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!”

I’m suddenly dropped to the floor with an undignified <SPLAT>, but I’m still alive.

The roots are wriggling as it tries to unsuccessfully suppress an explosion of laughter as the roots wriggle and curl as if paralyzed.

Orc: “Ha ha ha?”

I laugh awkwardly with the tree with a battered body.

.........I don’t understand what’s so funny…



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