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The Orc's Awakening c6

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 6: Orc Prepares to Forge

There is something about having a secret hideout that awakens the inner child inside of me. Whether you call it a base or a fort, there is something deeply fulfilling about building something you can call your own space.

In the concrete metropolis where I lived, only the extremely privileged owned lands, and they’re the ones that built the crappy apartments I lived in.

Anyways, it was the first time for me to do anything like this, but.......this is great.

Being an Orc, I thought I would be at least thirsty or hungry by now. It’s been at least half a day to build this room, and I’m not feeling any fatigue or anything.

I’ve been feeling this [warmth] emit from the ground, and I realized that my body was interacting with it as naturally as I breathe. Moisture in the ground and air are absorbed into my body and excess waste is being dispensed into the ground where I stand. Thankfully, I don’t smell it with my acute porky senses so it might be broken down to the molecular level or something.

Very convenient.

Extremely convenient actually.

But I'm a Porky God who rules underground with infinite mana. I hope....

This kind of explains why video game mobs can just stand there indefinitely, but that’s just the *neet gamer inside of me talking. There’s nothing else in this world that resembles video game mechanics that I can use to my advantage.

Anyways, after I was done with the room, I began excavating and collecting rocks and ores. Yes, it’s time to make my next most needed item.

A weapon.

My blood pumps with excitement. Should I make a sword? An axe? A halberd?! The possibilities are endless.

I'm a pig. Yes. But it doesn't mean that I have to wander these forests bare-handed.

Even Pig Orcs in games have spears and axes.

Since coming to this world, it has given me one hard rule.


And the core of every survival game is resources........and weapons.

The irony is obvious.

I spent my entire previous life wanting to die. I lived because it was easy to do so. I had food and shelter provided to me. My mom supported me.

It was like being on life-support. I didn't even know why I was alive or what the point was.

But coming to this world, one thing was clear.

It didn't care if I lived or died.

No, that's not accurate. It wanted me dead. It sent things after me to kill me.

And when it came down to it, I didn't wanna.

It sounds so selfish and uncool, but bite me. I'm a Porky Monster now. What dignity do you want a pig to uphold?

Hence. Weapon. I wants weapon. Sharp pointy thing and maybe I'll have a chance against those other Monsters.

I think I collected enough ores. I pile them high into a corner and separate them by what I suspect is their elements. Different ones "felt" different. No letters or message boxes popped up to tell me what each of these are, so it's anyone's guess at this point.

Now, it’s time to start smelting.

To smelt, I need fire. I need a Forge.

I build a large furnace in the side of the room, and connect the chimney to the surface so I don’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

I’m almost ready. I just need wood now, so I place a hand on wall and draw out the thick roots out of it. They’re too moist for firewood, but I think I can draw the water out of it like I do with the dirt. But first....

I take a sharpened rock and swing down to cut it when…


The root suddenly whipped out and smashed me across the face. I tumble, roll, and smash into the wall like a rag doll, and feel the world spin with stars.

I shake and hold my head. It took a few seconds to recover when I noticed that my room was now filled with roots

ーーwiggling, moving, thick roots.

It swirled in the center to make a grave face with hollow eyes that I felt stare straight into my soul.

[Now now. What do we have here?]

A deep voice booms as each word etched into my whole body.

Yup, I’m dead.




Neet (ニート) - unemployed adult that just lives usually with parents or family and does not leave their room. The natural evolution of hikikomori (引き篭もり) which are typically children who no longer leave their room. Neets do not have to evolve from hikikomori’s and can randomly spawn.




Written by ChonkyTranslator

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