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The Orc's Awakening c5

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 5: All the Base are belong to Pig


I panic as I look around to find cover.

I hurry over to a nearby tree and start digging furiously.

Maybe I’m just following my newly acquired porky instincts, but panic has a way of ignoring reason and going with your gut feelings. Right now, I’m burrowing a hole as fast as a mole!!

Pigs are incredible diggers! I didn’t know that! Actually, I think I read that somewhere!!

Regardless! I manage to dig a sizable hole several meters beneath the ground in seconds and continue burrowing deeper.


I sense something behind me.



In terror, something distasteful and ear-shattering escapes my lips, and I reach to the side and grab a huge piece of rock that was jutting out.

I feel my veins pop out and muscles strain as I try to move this massive rock. I switch positions and grab it with both arms and place my legs against the wall.

In a frantic state of desperation, I feel my entire consciousness wrap around the boulder. My hooves crack deep into the rock, and…

<Zu…zuzu!!> (*sfx dragging sound)

Orc: (It moved!!)

A shadow eclipses over me, as I threw everything I got into my body. Muscles rip and joints pop with one last effort as a <huge snake> closes in fast.

The boulder slides sideways and….

<ZUUUUUUUUUN!!> (*sfx heavy impact)

The rock smashes into the other side of the hole to completely block out whatever was coming towards me.

I hear a <KISHAAAAAAAAAA!!> on the other side, but it left after a few minutes.

During that time, I realized that I successfully trapped myself INSIDE this hole as well.

Smurt. Very smurt. I'm a freakin' genius.

It's like when you get stuck in a game, and the only way out is to die.

Which......in this case means literal death.

Fortunately, this would be my grave if it wasn’t for two things.

One, in this pitch darkness, I’m still able to see. I think I would have been more scared if I couldn’t.

Pigs can see in the dark. Pigs are incredible.

Orc: (…............really?)

At this point, I have to admit that Orcs in this world are nothing like what I’ve read in stories. In the games, they're just bipedal creatures that carry around spears, and they're not that different from Goblins.

But here, they're much more formidable.

I can run, I can climb, I won't die from falling from high places, I can dig, I can move giant boulders, and I can see in the dark.

Are pigs pretty much invincible in this world?

Secondly, I'm not panicking because.....

When I moved that boulder…

I don't think it was super-human......super-porky (?) strength either.....

I touch the ground as I mold the walls of my hole to make it roomier.

The earth folds and bends and mends into the position I want.


Orc: (Yes, yes, YES, YES, YEEEEEEEEES!!!)

I can use [Earth] Magic!

The earth around me - especially the dirt - easily moves and shifts at my touch.

It’s a little too bad that I don’t need incantations like, “Mother Earth, heed my call, as magma flows through your veins, I summon thy…” Yeah, never mind. That was terrible. I would die of shame and embarrassment if I had to chant that in public.

There’s no spell circles or bright flashes or anything either. The dirt just moves how I want it to.

Orc: (How boring.....)

Isn't Magic supposed to be......I dunno.......flashy? Amazing? Aren't I supposed to train with an adept Wizard for months or years before I acquire these kinds of skills?

I mess around with the dirt more.

I can squish it. Compress it. Stretch it. And form it into any shape. Rocks are harder to shape shift and takes a heck of a lot more time to manipulate so I just sink it or move it out of the way for now. It's convenient to use to harden my walls.

There's no MP either.......so........infinite Magic? Really? That would be nothing less than a super-cheat Skill.

Not only do I have super-porky physical abilities, but infinite [Earth] Magic? I'm practically a god.

But before I get carried away, I need air. If a god suffocates from lack of air......I'll be the stupidest god ever to exist.

I’m surprised that I haven’t suffocated yet, but I begin to slowly make my way up.

I’m a mole pig now~~~ a new type of monster! .…..never mind, it just sounds like a whack-a-mole character. Last thing I need is a hammer to my head from an Adventurer as soon as I pop out. Maybe a Porky Earth God? .............I table my Pig name for now.

I don’t hear any slithering as I near the surface, and I’m seeing a lot of tree roots. I must be directly underneath or near a tree.

I weave through the roots, and small beams of bright sunlight start to creep into my hole.

Looks like I reached the surface. I peek out only to see that crater I made with lots of acorns everywhere…..and the hawk is gone. I think that snake must have taken it.

Oh well… not like I was going to try to eat that mangled piece of bird feathers anyways.

I think twice about coming out of my hiding spot.

It’s been nothing but trouble out in the open.

Orc: (.....!!!)

An idea hits me as I crawl back into my underground tunnel.

<Dig dig> <shape shape> <move move>…rinse and repeat.

I don’t know how long this took.

I was having too much fun, and I’ve lost track of time completely. But I survey my underground kingdom….err...I mean one-room hideout.

Before me is a large open square cavern. It’s got to be at least 5 meters (~16.5 ft) to the roof and 15 by 15 meters (~50 ft) long and wide. For one person, it’s PLENTY of space. Plus I have zero furniture.

_| ̄|○ It's so roomy it's depressing~ yay~

I compacted the dirt and mended all the stone together which took FOREVER, but it shouldn’t cave in on me now.

There’s just one entrance with a really long set of stairs that leads to the surface.

Does this count as a dungeon since I'm an Orc?

It’s pitch black inside, but my porky eyes are still able to see just fine.

I know it’s not perfect but SHELTER SECURED!!

What? Make a real dungeon? Are you crazy? Do you see any treasures here? All you’re going to get invading this hideout is a whole roast pork. I wouldn't mind ordering one from a Chinese restaurant if there's one nearby. Should I not? Since I'm a pig.......?

I guess I could make a maze and death traps but with my amazing lack of sense of direction and forgetfulness, I’ll be the first one to get lost inside of it and die. No thanks for that Darwin Award.

But anyways, ONWARDS to the next phase of my survival plan!

.......cough, not like I had one before BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT!



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