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The Orc's Awakening c30

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Chapter 30: The Orc and Noir

<Orukus’ Perspective>

When I awoke, there was something soft in my arms. The sun was just about to rise, and the forest restlessly began to stir as it awoke for a new day.

I’ve held….large “pillows” in my arms before but….this felt different.

I saw the top of someone’s head. Dark, jet black hair in multiple tight braids. A nice, gentle scent hit my porky senses when...

Orukus: “......................”

Small trickles of sweat beaded from my face as I slowly looked at what I was holding.

Ayse was there holding onto me comfortably and fast asleep.

I had nothing but my shirt and shorts…..

No armor…..

No mask…..

We're outdoors and in the middle of an open field within the forest.

A waterfall of larger beads of sweat now covered my face. Wano, the [Water Sprite], made an effort to ensure that none of it hit Ayse and woke her up.


I’ve seen those stair descending wire toys in less of a tangle than the twisted knots of my blacked out memory last night.

We drank….

And then…...we wrestled?


The word made a lot of inconceivable thoughts and images swirl dizzyingly before my eyes, but there no way.

Blood completely drained from my face. Wait, I'm pretty sure it wasn’t “THAT” kind of wrestling.

It hurt. A LOT. Yeah. But wouldn't that be backwards?

Having zero points of reference from my past life's personal experience, I can’t even be sure if that’s an indicator of something else or not. But my breadcrumbs of the memory trail went dry there.

Ayse: “Mmmm…..”

My heart instantly stops as Ayse stirs….but after a few endless seconds, she goes back to sleep.

My heart thudded as I contemplated my next move.

I need to get out of here...fast…

A hero can't be caught sleeping around.

Or can he?

Wait, isn't this allowed? Does Ayse count as the heroine then? Is she my sidekick now? Stupid thoughts tripped over themselves and landed on incoherent conclusions.

Orukus: (I need to escape first and then I'll think about this more calmly.)

Yes. That's a good plan.

I tried to budge, but Ayse’ grip on me is firm. I see her slightly shiver and removing myself might wake her up.

I look around the field and notice something odd. There were small clumps of dirt laying against me. I wouldn’t have given it much thought except that it breathed and were…..shaped like Orcs….


When…..? How….?

I’m confused but Ayse stirs again, and I’m reminded of my immediate task.

I quickly wake up and send my Sprites to work. The new [Earth Sprite] - screw it “Mano” for Mud (M) Mini-Orc is quickly taking long blades of grass and turning it into long strands. Fino, the [Fire Sprite], is burning off the stray wiry strands and Wano, the [Water Sprite] is making sure that none of the main strands are burned. I weave the strands quickly and make a large blanket that Fino heats lightly.

As the blanket lays over Ayse, she grunts and wraps herself comfortably inside of it, and I gently slid out of the blanket to freedom.


I roll up a second smaller blanket into a pillow and slip it underneath her head.

I cautiously and slowly crawl and quickly collect my armor.


This is unbecoming of a new hero.

I'll just be known as the salacious womanizer. That's not a hero. That's a 3rd wheel sidekick that usually gets killed by the jealous author.

Many questions swirl around my head as I don on my armor.

As soon as the last piece was on, Noir pops her head out of my base.

I jump up in mortified terror and guilt but keep my internal scream silent. My heart just simply stopped beating.

Noir takes one look at me, and then to the sleeping Ayse.

Orukus: “(snort) WーWーWーWait!!”

I yell in a hushed whisper.

Orukus: “(snort) IーIーI can explーー”

In my blind panic, I didn’t see her approach.

I only felt a swift one-two punch delicately clip my chin as it made my brain vibrate in my skull, and my legs turned to jelly.

A swift kick between the crotch, and as I groaned and bent over, a knee to the chin finished me off.

I was conscious, but I laid on my back, sprawled on the ground and didn't dare to move.

Better to play dead for the moment.

Noir walked towards the sleeping Ayse, inspected her, and then came back.

Noir: “C’mon, let’s go.”

Orukus: “(snort) Where?”

Noir: “Out. I’m going crazy being cooped up down there, so I’m getting some fresh air and going out hunting. I’m taking you with me as a guard just in case.”

Orukus: “What if we run into Wolves like last time?”

Noir holds up a small yellow flower. I think they called it a snapdragon in my hometown.

Noir: “The Treant told me to hold onto this, and it should keep most things away.”

Really? How does that work? I take a closer look and sense a little bit of Gramps within the flower.


Noir: “C’mon.”

Noir puts the flower in her hair, and I follow her out and walk into the forest with her.

We walk a little ways when I cough to clear my throat.

Orukus: “(snort) Just to be clear, I found Ayse sleeping on the ground and I made a blanket to cover her when you saw us.”

I’m not TECHNICALLY lying. I’ve always been good at twisting words. Hence, why my mom told me that I could have been a politician. I’m not sure if I can’t lie like Gramps was talking about, but I'm not willing to risk my life just to find out.

Noir gives me a cold stare, but then smirks with disdain.

Noir: “Just like you did nothing to me?”

I'm still innocent on that case.

Orukus: “................(snort) Yes.”

But innocent till proven guilty does not bode well when it comes to women.

I forgot that BS talk doesn’t work on women ー especially, the confident, strong ones. I read on one WN where the author explained that women speak on multiple levels at once:

The words you say, the words not said, the context of the words said, the implied meanings of what you say, and all in contrast to everything you said in the past.

I'm not sure if that would apply to all women or even to some men, but I speak mostly in a single dimension because anything else is way too much trouble and effort. And my mother made me choke down and eat my words for it too when I slipped up in the past. In most cases, stick with the facts, keep your answers short, and try not to hesitate.

Those are my rules.

Noir’s piercing eyes were unnerving, but I held my ground, trembling just slightly as she looked directly into my eyes.

Noir breaks off the eye contact, and shrugs slightly.

Noir: “Whatever. I didn’t see any funny traces on Ayse, and I would have killed you if there was.”

Well THAT’S reassuring!

We don’t have much more to talk about as we climbed a tree to wait.

Noir: “There.”

In the distance, a large deer with antlers appears. It’s at least 100 yards away, and barely visible through the trees. Noir strings an arrow to her large hunting bow, and I hear the tension in the strings.

She releases with a hum as the arrow arches swiftly through the trees and strikes the deer in the neck.

Orukus: “(whistles)”

She did that with no Sprites or Magic. Holy crap, that was impressive.

The deer wobbled a few steps before it hit the ground.

We climbed down the tree and walked to where it lay.

Orukus: “(snort) Here, I’ll take care of the messy part.”

I don’t let the Sprites take their Orc-shaped form, but Bino, the [Blood Sprite], helps me drain all the blood, and Wano and Fino help me disassemble the deer into edible steaks and turn the hide into leather. I send the unusable parts with Mano, the [Earth Sprite], to take deep underneath the earth.

Noir watches me with wide-eyes.

Noir: “How…..how did you do that?”

Orukus: “? (snort) What, this? Magic. Don't your people use it all the time?”

I’m a Pig, and I have all sorts of Sprites. I would expect the human race would be more potent with the King having like Legendary Dragon-shaped Sprites, Fairies, or demi-gods or something.

Noir: “No? What are you talking about? The only ones that use sorcery like this are…”

Realization seems to dawn on her as she smiles at me, but her eyes remain cold.

Noir: “Could you take that mask off?”

Orukus: “(snort) No.”

Noir: “Please?”

Orukus: “(snort) Nope.”

Noir: "I'll do whatever you want."


My imagination wrenches free for a moment before I wrangle it back to its cage where it rattles the bars in protest.

That made me pause, but....if I show my face, all deals are off.

Orukus: "(snort) No." That was close.

A hand grabs my shoulder. I can feel its iron grip as Noir continues to smile creepily at me, but I shake my head vehemently.

Orukus: “(SNORT!) Whーwhーwhy don’t we do this?! You teach me the basics of archery, and we’ll see who can hit the farthest target! If you win! I’ll take my mask off! If you lose, you leave me alone about it!”

I’ve never shot a bow in my life, but I have an army of Magical Sprites!

Noir: “.......are you kidding? Do you even know how to use a bow?”

Orukus: “(snort) That’s why I need you to show me the basics.”

Noir: “And you think you can beat me with just that?”

Orukus: “(snort) You never know.”

Huge veins popped out of her forehead. I’m pretty sure I just poked a nerve there.

Noir: “Fine. Let me see you shoot.”

I nod and make a rudimentary bow in the same style as Noir’s Hunting Bow.

I try to set an arrow but the tip of the arrow falls away,

Orukus: “(snort) huh?”

The arrow keeps wavering, and I can’t get it to hold still.

Wait.........this is much harder than it looks.........

Archery is like one of those base classes in every game. You just.....point and click.......

Noir let's out an exasperated sigh, making sure to emphasize the disappointment inside of it, and takes her bow up.

Noir: “No, you’re holding it wrong.”

She touches a few places with her bow to correct my grip and posture, but…….

This is quite embarrassing. I don’t know if the embarrassment and panic whirling around my face is playing a part, but I spent the next minute clumsily trying to hold that bow.

My first shot sent the arrow awkwardly flying backwards.

I think it literally defied every law of the universe just now.

Orukus: (…........how is that even physically possible…..?)

I stare at the arrow that flew maybe 3 feet away.

Noir: “(SIGH…………..) Look…”

She took my hand holding the bow with hers. She stands behind my back and lines her body against mine.

I slightly panic at the touch, but she conks me in the head.

Noir: “Pay attention! And focus on setting the arrow. Look, hold out your arm like this, place your feet like this and….hey! Stop that creepy breathing!! Match your breathing with mine.”

We hold the bow together as I listen for her breathing.

I feel the warmth from her body, arms, and legs. Her face was close to mine as she helped line up the shot.

Her beat of the heart began to pulse through me as my body matched hers.

We stood together.

Breathed together.

And molded our focus and goal together as the arrow was about to be released.


<Noir’s Perspective>

The Fat Oaf challenged me to an archery contest. It was laughable, but he did have some surprising tricks up his sleeves.

I’ve never seen a deer so cleanly and properly butchered. There was no blood in sight. Every drop of blood was swallowed by the earth. The meat came apart and the hide seemed to separate on its own. It pretty much instantly turned into leather.


That’s what he called it.

There is no Magic that humans can use. Unlike the Night Wolves who can melt into the earth or the eagles that can create huge pieces of hail, human [Gifts] are more vague and undefined like my archery skills.

I have a [Gift] for hitting my target. This can apply to almost anything I put my mind to.

Some have a [Gift] for running. Ayse has a [Gift] for hand-to-hand combat. Layla has a [Gift] for planning. It’s true that those with [Gifts] are distinctly more capable and in rare instances completely exceed human limits, but there's not enough to tip the scales with our fight against the [Watchers] and their armies. In fact, the majority of the population would fall into Shana’s category of the [Un-Gifted], the “talentless”, or just “unknown” - where maybe their [Gift] is just untapped or unknown.

People like the Captain of the [Seekers] have multiple [Gifts], but even he couldn’t overcome the [Watcher] of the Man-Eating Forest.

............I hope that prick dies a thousand horrible deaths.

Anyways, what the Fat Oaf used was far beyond any [Gifts] I’ve seen.

Still….he did everything wrong holding that bow. He's definitely "talent-less" in this department.

I tried correcting him by pointing out his glaring errors, but it was like he was purposefully making more mistakes after I corrected one.

I finally lost it, and just to show him, I helped him hold the bow stance directly. You usually do this with children, and you really can’t just mold your body to theirs but it was comical how easy it was for me to mold my body into this fat piece of lard.

He was warm, and it was surprisingly comfortable feeling his body against mine, but I quickly spat venomous chides at myself, and focused on the task at hand.

I was going to show this Fat Adulterous Treacherous Sorcerous Oaf (FATSO), how to shoot a goddamn arrow.

He began breathing hard, and disgusted by the pure creepiness, I swatted him in the head and told him to match my breathing.

I made a mental note to kick his ass after we shoot this arrow.

His breathing returned to normal as he matched mine. I heard the beat of his heart thump into my ear, and it was calming, soothing, and comforting…

Our breathing matched, our heart beats matched, and our focus and mind melded into one as…


I opened my eyes to see that there was nothing around me.

Absolutely nothing.

No trees, no grass, no earth or sky…

A vast 【void】 surrounded me as I felt smaller and emptier against the expanse that threatened to swallow me.

What happened? What’s happening?

As astounding as this change was, it also felt...nostalgic somehow. As if I’ve been here before….as if I’ve been here my whole, entire life.

Yes. This is 【me】.

It took me a moment to notice that I was falling.


And falling.

Below me was the 【infinite abyss】.

My final destination that I will continually move towards and ironically never truly reach.

When you sum up my entire life, this is exactly how I would have imagined it.

Is this a dream?

It felt too real and surreal at the same time.

Did I die? Did that fatso kill me?

I look at my hands.

My body was withered and dried up with age.

Honestly, I'm not surprised. They say beauty is skin deep. In a few years, I may have wrinkled up just like this. It was eventually going to be happen.

Where am I? What is this world?

My skin was cracked as it slowly disintegrated into the air I left behind, only to be devoured greedily by the【darkness】following closely above me.

.....................so this is my 【fate】. For a backstabbing schemer like me, this is suitable.

I have many, MANY enemies.

I made countless enemies while climbing to the top with Layla.

We had our reasons, but we also justified any means with the end.

I slept with them.

I betrayed them.

I toyed with their hearts.

I made them kill each other.

I made some crazy addicted to me.

And made them come after me.

Their 【hatred】, their 【wrath】, 【humiliation】,【vengeance】, 【curses】, 【loathing】【jealousy】【envy】【malice】【evil】.......

All of it was now eating away at my body to the bone.

It's what I deserved.

It's the only way I could make amends.

This hideous form is who I truly am ー is what I'll become.

It is my【DEATH】sentence.

I was tired, worn to the bones, and spiraling endlessly to the 【despair】 that welcomed me below.

..........looking back, I gave myself to endless missions.

I threw myself at powerful people, took advantage of them, twisted them to desire me, to listen to me……..but all for what?

In the end, we were trapped in a bloody King Arachnids’ Lair. All that planning, all that work, all that scheming, deception, treachery, and sacrifices were all for nothing.

We accomplished nothing in the end.

I was surprised to see us still alive….but I felt my spirit break and crumble when I learned of our 【fate】 - when I saw the Captain and his cronies come out of that cave.

[Women can't win.]

It was the one thing Layla and I wanted to prove them wrong.

But now, it was over. We won’t be able to return to the [Seeker’s] Camp, and Layla’s plans were dashed to oblivion.

Oblivion. Such an appropriate word to describe.......this.

Is this hell? Is this where bad girls go? Where girls who can't listen and be good dutiful wives go?

I gritted my teeth in sheer frustration and rage at the thought.

Well, even if I am dead, there was nothing left for us to do in that world.

When the Night Wolves surrounded us, a small part of me was relieved. I could finally die. I would finally be released.

I wanted to run away into 【DEATH】.

And now I know what's awaiting me. Thank you, God. I can now hate you without hesitation to the end.

...........for making me a woman.........

I felt tears, but what does it matter?

All that’s left is this endless descent into the 【nothingness】.

I didn’t care.

I was too tired to care.

Below me, something moved in the darkness.

My descent slightly slowed.

The darkness below twisted and writhed into the shape of an Orc.

It's huge. It's bigger than a mountain.

Is that the King of the Underworld? He's uglier than what the rumors said.

With fiery rage in its eyes, it tugged and wriggled against the abyss as if it was trying to rip its limbs out of a tar pit. As if to defy fate itself...

That Orc was entangled in 【DEATH】.

How foolish.

Accept your 【fate】.

All things【DIE】.

There is no 【HOPE】.


That Orc reminds me of that Fat Oaf.

ERGH. I hope I get a piece of him in Hell. At the very least, I have some peace in knowing that all men will go to Hell.

The Orc below me continued to struggle and writhe and jerked at the chains beginning to constrict its whole body.



A chase after the wind.

Something shines deep inside the Orc.

A 【spark】.

A flicker of 【light】.


【Warmth】flooded the air.

Not heat. Not the fires of hell. But something completely opposite to everything that composed this world ー 【MY WORLD】ー entered through the cracks.

The Orcs roar suddenly thundered and shook the abyss at its core.

Something audibly <SNAPPED>.

The chain links screeched in agony and began to break.

The【universe】ー 【DEATH'S】Universe 【cracked】.

The【crack】splintered and spread in all directions as I watched everything fall apart in bewilderment and fear...............and awe.


The 【unimaginable】turned up out of nowhere.

I was still falling through the sky when I noticed that I wasn't alone.

Someone was holding me.

He was round like the Oaf, but distinctly human. Definitely not handsome by any standard......but his heart 【pulsed】with that 【warmth】that tore that Orc's chains.

He was【looking】at me.

He【SAW】me for what I was, what I’ve become - a treacherous, double-tongued, mutated rotting corpse…..........or worse................

Although he wasn't pretty to look at, he was 【whole】.

But what about me? What stone could I throw at him?

And he was【LOOKING】at【ME】.

He 【SAW】me so clearly. Without anything obscuring his view of me.

I couldn't【HIDE】from his gaze.

I thought I could endure seeing my enemies who would be in the same shoes as me see me like this, but.........

【Shame】 and 【terror】 took hold of me as I tried to wriggle my arms free, but they were stuck, and I couldn't hide my exposed skeletal face.

I couldn't hide【DEATH】that permeated from me because I was nothing else.

But he continued to just look at me. There was no 【hate】, 【anger】, 【disgust】, or 【mockery】 in his eyes. He just【SAW】me and continued to hold me….

Droplets began hitting my face as our descent seemed to crash through countless raindrops.

Each splash felt cool against my skin as moisture began restoring my body little by little.

By the time my body was restored from 【DEATH】, I looked down only to see a deep, dark 【blue】fill the expanse.

The 【blue】 separated as an ocean began forming below us, bellowing and roaring into life as it tore and separated itself from the sky.

Our descent changed course from a vertical drop to a slow climb.

The droplets formed clouds and in the distance, the first【light】of the sun pierced the night sky.

【Dawn】 had come.

The 【night】 was over.

The 【light】 poured over the dark ocean below us revealing the lustrous green fields, mountains, and forests of the continents.

We soared through the air freely with the winds as large majestic birds joined us as we traveled towards the【light】that enveloped everything.

There was a woman riding on one of the eagles flying alongside us. She looked both young and aged at the same time, both youthful and equally wise.

I only got a small glimpse of her as she sang a song I’ll never forget.

[The wind comes and goes as it pleasesー

No one knows from where it comes or where it goesー

But freely it will live and free it will beー

For all are set freeー

Now all are set freeー]


I awoke.

I was still holding….him….the fatty.

Tears welled up as I choked and gasped for breath.