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The Orc's Awakening c3

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 3: Orc Meets Hawk

Orc: (pant.........pant.........pant........)

I sit breathless and exhausted from my 100 meter sprint of death and inexplicable tree climbing as a pig.

Pigs were extraordinary sprinters and tree climbers. Or at least, in this dream they are.

I snort as I try to catch my breath, and try to slow my breathing.

Yeah, I'm in an Isekai world for sure.....

Before me is a MASSIVE forest. I say massive because the trees must be a 100 meters tall or something. I can’t see their tops and their trunks are as big as houses.

I feel dwarfed at the sight.

I haven’t really had time to process all of this, but…I guess I really am in a different world.

It‘s one thing to travel to new places for vacation.

It’s a completely different experience when you know you can’t go back home...

Home....even that crappy apartment would be better than this.

Who wants to play Monster Horror Survival as a pig?

All the excitement of being transported to an Isekai drains out of me instantly.

This isn't a joke anymore.

Orc: “(snort)...no really... where am I?”

I'm in an Orc’s body. I'm here in an unknown forest. And it’s crawling with danger....

Shouldn't I have been summoned by a King or princess or something? Shouldn't I have been given armor and weapons before being thrown into a Monster infested ancient forest?


.........I’m still not waking up. I sincerely hope that this still is a dream, but.....I'm starting to lose hope on that front........

My porky ears flick up as I pick up a strange sound.

It sounds like...a high pitch noise like an airplane? Maybe I am still in the modern world?!

I look up.

High, high up in the sky, gigantic birds are soaring majestically through the air.

They're not airplanes.....I'm a little disappointed, but wow, what a sight.....

Are they hawks?

Orc: (Oh, and that one is....HEADING THIS WAY?!?!)

It dives and covers several hundred meters of distance in mere moments.


A bird with at least a 5 meter wingspan makes a nose dive with claws at the ready.

My eyes are dots~

My nose is running~

ーーーMy nightmare continues.


My second incoherent scream of the day.

The hawk’s giant claws are inching towards me in slow motion.

My brain is the only thing that is registering a moment by moment snapshot as only one word crosses my mind.


Orc: (I’m going to die here.)

My vision blurs as the branch below snaps me upwards, and I’m suddenly thrust into the air moments before the claws catches me.

Orc: (.......huh?)

It all happened so fast.

One moment, I was practically in the clutches of the hawk’s claws.

The next moment, I’m several feet in the air… right in the pathway of the hawk himself.


The hawk lets out a surprised screech as an unexpected two hundred pound sack of meat decides to directly greet its stomach - but in a very direct, fatal, highway-accident-with-a-truck kind of way…

Feathers explode in all directions as I hear bones snap, crackle, and pop the next moment.

Orc: “............huh…?”

Do pigs have super-human reaction times? Pigs are amazing!!

Though logic and reasoning would probably want to take a 10 ton hammer to my supposed revelation, all I can think about is the ground beneath me that is welcoming me back to Earth....in a sky-diving-without-a-parachute kind of way.

In a mad twisted tuft of feathers, I tumble towards the earth with the hawk.

<DON!!> (*earth shaking impact)

I hit the ground with the hawk and bounce and roll wildly away.

The air got knocked out of me on the impact, and I lay in shock for a good couple of seconds as I struggled to get air back into my lungs.

Orc: “(GASP)!!!”

I inhale small wisps of air as I cough and try to get used to breathing once again.

Orc: “(pant........pant........)....I’m….I’m alive? Falling from that height?”

I look up to see where I might have been. I was easily 10 stories up in the air.....

Pigs must be amazingly resilient and sturdy creatures to survive that fall.

I hear logic and reason ready their hammer in the back of my mind, but something else takes away my attention.

I look at the crater the hawk and I made, and the hawk’s lifeless body lays there at the bottom.

.........did it perhaps break my fall?

A sudden sharp pain runs through my thigh. I look down to see blood - A LOT of blood gushing out from a nasty cut.

I feel panic grip me at the sight. I'm not used to blood.

Orc: (CRAP...I must have caught the hawk’s claw when I jumped up...)

The ground below me is moist with several inches of mud.

My blood is pooling and making a new layer of crimson liquid right above its surface.

I lose my balance and splash right into the mud.

Orc: (I guess the mud is fine since I’m a pig…)

I try to apply pressure hoping that the mud would cake and stop the bleeding but the wound is too large and too deep. It must have cut an artery…

Orc: (I’m bleeding out.)

I lay in the mud helpless.

How many times have I almost died now? Twice? Three times?

This is getting old fast.......

【Death】is staring at me yet again.

Not like a Grim Reaper.

It's just an empty, terrifying void that approaches from the shadows.

You can't clearly see it.

But you know it's there.

Well, whatever....

In a few minutes, I’ll bleed out completely and this will be all over......

Orc: "(snort) It hurts.....It REALLY hurts. Even though it’s a dream……….."

I pause.

I guess faced with 【Death】, I might as well face the facts.

Orc: "(snort) I guess…this means that it’s not a dream..."

I really did go to my dreamed Isekai.

This is nothing like the anime.

This sucks. This sucks worse than my previous life.

My leg throbs in pain and my heart pounds.

Laying on my side, I stare blankly at the forest in what will probably be my last moments.

At least the forest was kind of cool. And that bear looked awesome too. Must be a boss or something......

The cool mud feels like a warm blanket. Maybe I'm getting feverish?

[Warmth] once again visits me. I recognize its touch.

I don't know what it is, but I crawl deep inside it.

That same [warmth] I felt inside that cavern......

Though my body grows colder, [warmth] pours into me from the earth as if to fight off the cold bite of 【Death】.

I thought of my mother. I thought of how she let me sit on her lap during the winter while we watched tv together.

My eyes blurred with tears.

I can’t feel my leg any more.

All I feel is the [warmth] of the earth…

I lay there for some time waiting for 【Death】to come pick me up. Like waiting for a cab very early in the morning to take you to the airport while everyone else is still asleep.

It's quiet.

Nothing else stirs and disturbs the quiet.

It's just you....quietly waiting....

But it never came.

I was left there yet again, caked and muddied, but...still alive.

Still awake.

Orc: “(snort)...how…?”

I get up. The bleeding stopped. I remove the thick dried mud on my thigh, and a giant scar appears below it.

Pigs have regenerative abilities. Another new discovery.


My jab at this Isekai’s ridiculous laws falls on deaf ears.

No one is around me to hear me out.

Orc: “(SIGH….)”

I slowly stand up wearily as I consider the immediate prospects of my future.



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