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The Orc's Awakening c28

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 28: The Orc and the Spiderlings

I always wanted one of those ant farms.

I mean, all I had to do was step outside, and I could see swarms of our local, vicious, poisonous red ants in my region, so my mom always said no.

I placed the Spider Eggs carefully on a stone table.

I wasn’t sure what conditions the eggs required to hatch.

Plus, they’re Monsters and not actual insects from this world.

Would the same conditions apply as regular spiders?

I sent out Fino, the [Fire Sprite], Wano, the [Water Sprite], and Bino, the [Blood Sprite] to examine the eggs.

Bino seeped through the unblemished, white egg sac and the sac turned into a pink hue.

Soon, the pink turned a bright crimson, and then a dark, bloody red.

……..ummmmm…….what is Bino doing?

A small Bino popped it’s head out as it started barking orders to Fino and Wano.

Fino created a small flame to warm the egg sacs while Wano scurried outside and started breaking down the earth and gathering things for Bino.

Bino would then take those Materials and dive back into the sac.

Orukus: “.....(snort) um…..hey guys….don’t just leave me out of the loop…”

I stretch out my hand gently and place a finger on the egg sac.

My vision goes pitch black.


This feels weird.

I’m standing(?) in a dark and open place.

Is this the void? Describing something as a "place" when there's 【nothing】 feels incorrect.

It’s pitch black everywhere and just feels…..empty.

[Where am I?]

I can hear myself think, but I can’t hear my own voice.

It’s a strange sensation.

[Oye! Hey Boss!]

.....….a Spiderling(?) comes down from a string of web and waves its arm at me.


I don’t know what to make of this situation.

[Didn’t know you would be dropping by! I was just about to pack up and head back! Um...not to be rude but….you gained some weight, eh?]

I look at my body, and it’s my….obese human self. Oh God….was I really this out of shape?

[Anyways, Boss. You here to make adjustments?]


[Yeah, like….you know….we got beat up pretty good….wasn’t sure if you were here about that or something else]

[What kind of adjustments?]

[Oye, you know! The usual.]

The Spiderling takes out a small egg. It’s a small dot, but I can see the spider developing inside.

My senses go out and my brain explodes as it dives into a maze made up of a tidal wave of information.

Everything was connected. Every. Little. Piece. Inside. Was. Connected.

It was more than just genes.

It was the spider’s existence itself.

I gasp at the sudden slap of information against my skull.

After while I recover and turn towards the Spider.

[Um…..so how do I make adjustments?]

[Uh…..what? How? I dunno….that’s like….your lot really…I just sit back and watch.]

I could tell from the start. Anything I change would….wreck the whole structure. It’s a house of cards the size of a small universe. I snatch one card out, and the whole thing will collapse in on itself.

[You really have no idea?]

[Eh…..you used to tell me about evolution and such…..something about direct genetic modifications were a waste of time, and you went with a simpler method…..what did you call it? AH! “Guided genetic evolution”! That’s it!]

[Guided what?]

[What do you mean, what? You’re asking some strange questions today. Anyways, you told me that you thought about what you wanted, and then let the egg do the rest! You used to laugh about how easy it was once you got the knack of it! You sure you’re feeling alright, Boss?]

Is it something like my magic? The [will] I pour into the earth?

I took my hand and placed a finger on the egg sac. I enveloped it with my will and…….I felt a huge push as it began to shift and change beneath my finger.

It wriggled and pulsed, jiggled and shifted. So much was happening underneath that I could only focus on the broadest goals - of what I “sort of” wanted from the spiders…it was like wrangling a full grown bull with my bare hands…!!

Strength was sapped from me, as I felt drowsy and tired all of a sudden….

It felt like days, weeks, years, centuries, and millenniums all converged as one moment.....the egg sacs went through billions, trillions…..screw it,【INFINITE】cycles as it sought to gain the forms I desired…..birth, death, and rebirth endlessly continued.....

How much time has passed already? It felt like a second, and it felt like a lifetime all at the same time.

It was a strange sensation.

By the time I was done, my face was pale and gaunt. My robust flabs were just extra skin dangling over the sides of my body….

Strangely….the next moment, the flabs of dangling skin disappeared, and I felt like I did when I was a small kid…still plump but….functional.


[Oye! You did it, eh? Look at that! And several kinds too! I guess I’ll see you on the other side then, Boss!]


My vision swirls as the world flips upside down and snaps out of existence.


I snap awake back inside the cave.

Three eggs lay on the stone podium in front of me - a black, white, and brown egg.

They each hatch as a Spiderling crawls out. The black one waves its arm like it did in that….dream? Another white one curtsies and another brown one salutes. They are tiny. Not even a millimeter big yet...

Orukus: “(snort) Hey guys.”

My Sprites perk up at my voice.

Orukus: “Let’s get these Spiders something to eat.”

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