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The Orc's Awakening c27

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 27: The Orc and the Spider's Cave

When I was little, it was no secret. I had a huge problem with anger. I was called the fat red ogre...and I didn’t know when to stop. My mom would have to come to school to apologize to the parents of the bullies and the teachers. I always took it way too far...

That’s partly why I stopped going to school. Violent, revenge fantasies in your bed, in your dreams are not a crime, and they rarely hurt anyone. It would take hours for me to calm down as I ripped people apart in my dream world, and destroyed fantasy worlds over and over again, but thankfully, I never ended up landing on a front cover of a newspaper as that kid who finally snapped. Over time, being isolated in my room for so long, I just didn’t really give myself an opportunity to have altercations with people any more.

Now that’s all changed. I'm out in the world again.

I could go on a rampage and kill all the humans nearby. I’m a Pig but also an Orc. In a typical fantasy world, that's my job.

I’m angry enough to try and take down all those guys I saw, but I didn’t know the kids Shana, Ayse, and Noir were talking about. That really dampens your revenge band wagon when it’s people who you don’t know getting hurt.

Typically, heroes turn into violent vigilantes after it gets personal. I'm probably no different.

If they came after the girls right now, I would make sure that even their ashes were burned away, but at this point, it’s the girls that are figuring out what to do next ー not me.

It’s their fight ー not mine.

To be honest, all they need to do is ask. A kiss on the cheek, and I would gladly wipe civilization clean off this earth while snorting and laughing like a maniacal villain.

Yeah, some hero I would be.

But if I do that, I think I would also hurt people they care about or kill good people - decent, innocent people - in the process.

Orukus: “(snort!) Gah!! Why do things have to be so complicated!!”

I gripe and grumble, but there’s nothing I can do. I stand at the former entrance of the Giant Spider's den. It would probably be really difficult to dig this up…...if I wasn’t an [Earth] Magic casting Pig God.

Seriously, what are Pigs in this world? OP doesn’t even cover it. I’d like to call it cheat skills but there’s no Status or Skill Tree or any RPG mechanisms to confirm this.

I place both hands against the collapsed wall and pour my will into the stones.

Orukus: “(snort), it’s heavy...Fino! Wano! Let’s get to work!!”

Fino, the [Fire Sprite], collects some dried wood around the forest to burn to generate energy and Wano, the [Water Sprite] pours through the cracks to make moving the rocks easier.

With more energy from the fire and less resistance overall, I patch up the entrance quickly and continue moving into the cave.

Several dozen feet of the tunnel caved in from the explosion, but I try to dig straight forward until I bust through.

Got it!

Orukus: “Fino, Wano! That’s enough! Come back!”

The Sprites dance as they return to their positions on my belt.

I feel like a Mage…it feels so awesome…..

My enthusiasm and mood dampened as I walked into the original cavern.

Poisonous green gas filled the air. Is this some sort of pesticide?

With my gas mask, I’m not affected...but…

The walls are scorched and scarred from numerous blade marks.

........no........this isn't from me......

Looks like someone else.......or rather, a group of people went on a destructive rampage.

I sense no life inside the caverns...it looks like all the Spiders were exterminated….....

I walk and my feet crunch against the crispy ground. It was the scorched remains of the smaller Spiders.

…….everything in here felt…....



【abused】, 【used】, and 【discarded】….....

It was...an over-indulgent use of 【violence】.

【Destruction】 just for the sake of 【destruction】.

.....it just felt.......【wrong】...

I need to be careful. That 【Rage】I feel is no different from the men that destroyed this cavern.

I mean, yeah, I killed the Queen, but I left the rest of the Spiders alone.

My goal was to rescue the girls, and I did kill Spiders in the process but.......

Does that make me no different than the men who completely trashed this place?

I spread my porky senses out around me…

My weapons and tools were made from my own 【blood】and 【soul】, so I can actually get a slight pulsing sensation if they’re nearby.

Faint echoes call back out to me as I proceed deeper into the cave.

I make it back to the main cavern where I fought the Black Widow Queen.

It looks like my equipment was stuffed deep into small tunnels. I assume the Spiders must have carried them in there.

The poison air was thickest here, and they blew up the ceiling so the roof caved and massive rocks piled up down the middle of the cavern making a donut shaped room.

Dead Spiders laid everywhere.

It was hard walking anywhere without stepping on their crispy, charred bodies.

There were bodies of all sizes. None were as big as the Queen, but there were some decently large ones up to half my height.

I quietly recover and collect my tools from the holes.

.......almost mindlessly….....


My body just moved through the carnage as my heart didn't know what to think…

Yeah, I’m a hypocrite if I think this is bad.

I did my fair share of killing the Spiders.

My actions were no different than the men. I'm in no place to judge them.

I burned and cut many of the Spiders up.

I’m no different from the humans…

This is just nature…......just the natural order of things….....

…........but wasn’t this taking things a little too far?

Was this sympathy because I'm a Pig? Because I'm a Monster too?

A swirl of disgust and anger creep up, but it also feels self-righteous, and I’m all the more confused in an endless, cyclical argument.

Back in my previous life, we used pesticides and poison all the time.

The air would smell funny and the toxins would seep deep into the ground permanently. People would develop cancer, and babies came out deformed, but we didn’t care. We wanted those bugs dead and…we polluted and destroyed our land for that sake…



Utterly stupid.

That was my people, and yeah, I did nothing about it.

I snacked on a bag of chips, drank my coke, and passed time in front of a computer in my room, and watched the world collapse.

I pick up my last throwing knife from a deep tunnel when I notice something.

The wall behind it contained a cavern.

The deepest part of the cavern was caved in and the poison and fires didn’t reach it. I replace one of my recovered knives as a marker and enclose the mouth of the tunnel more. If I don’t, Fino might accidentally burn up what's inside.

Something definitely pulsed behind the walls - something alive.

I quickly close the tunnel behind me and start burrowing upwards first.

I need to reach the surface to clear out the tunnel air. I could have the [Fire Sprite] burn it up, but I don’t want to be inside when it happens.

I break through to the surface.

Orc: “(snort) Fino, you think you can clear out the air inside?”

He quickly salutes and small tendrils of flame reach down into the several dozen meters.

It’s like your own personal flamethrower. Most things can be cleared up with a good fire.

Fino’s fire engulfs everything inside. Bright flashes of light sparks as he targets the poisonous toxins. Air rages into the small hole as Fino covers every inch of the cavern as a huge ball of flame rolling around inside.

He comes out and gives me a quick thumbs up when the job is done.

I quickly scurry back down the hole to where the deeper wall caved in and start to slowly open a way.

Orukus: “(snort)....I knew it…”

…………….inside was a small spider’s cocoon.

It’s a Spider’s egg sac.

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