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The Orc's Awakening c25

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 25: The Orc and Noir

Noir and I walked together in the forest.

No, it's not a date.

A date wouldn’t have such a prickly and tense atmosphere.

I can’t look at her without her glaring back.

She’s beautiful, but her scowl is equally as scary. I wish she would smile more….

Orukus: (You’ll get wrinkles if you scowl that much…)

Noir: “Did you say something?”

Orukus: “(snort!) NーNope! Not at all!”

Her female instincts must have picked up on my thoughts.

We haven't spoken a word since we left the hideout.

We left together this morning to head back to the Giant Spider's den. Noir said last night that there was something she needed to investigate. I wanted to recover my tools and weapons too, so it all worked out.

Ayse wanted to go too, but Noir insisted that she stay behind to keep an eye on Gramps and watch over Shana, and plus, the armor girl who hasn’t woken up yet.

I made sure that the armor girl was hydrated and got some nutrients through the IV, so she should be good. She might wake-up some time today.

I made a leather backpack that’s carrying our lunches Shana made.

I can't wait to eat it, but I’ll have to keep nibbling bites underneath my mask…. I wonder when I can take this thing off…....

This hero business is tiring.....


I look around and a bead of sweat drips down my face.

We’re surrounded.

Noir realized this too and took out her bow, but her expression is bitter and strained as if she just chewed on a stink bug.

Noir: “...great….Night Wolves…”

There’s a pack of 30 Wolves from all directions.

Each one is huge and must weigh at least 150 to 200 lbs (90 kg).

That’s a big dog…

They look cool with their jet black coat of fur with armor plating covering the vitals and you can still see the bulging muscles of their bodies. Are all monsters in this world fully armored and beefy?

I grip and ready my spear, and out of the corner of my eye, I see Noir’s bow slightly tremble.

To be honest, I could probably scare these guys away, but that's if I was alone. I’m sure Noir’s capable, but there’s no way I could fight and protect her from this many enemies. One is bound to get past, and get to her.

………..I mean, yeah, she hates me.

Yeah, it might be easier to abandon her, and let her die.

Wait....no, I'm a hero now. I can't think like a villain.

Shana and Ayse will be sad if anything happens to Noir. They might even think that I killed her…...ACTUALLY, that’s exactly what will happen now that I think about it!

Plus...I glance at her side profile.

I can’t abandon a girl........

She’s way too pretty…..........

I’m a sucker for beautiful girls…........

Wait! No! It's because I'm a hero. And a hero never abandons a damsel in distress.

I suck in a deep breath.

My heart pounds.

The air fills with the Wolves' bloodlust.

And something like.......sludge......stirs inside me.

I will answer【DEATH】with【DEATH】.


Crimson red begins to taint all of the scenery.

I feel the raw anguish, the frustration, the pains of my past…

I feel【FEAR】, 【REGRET】, and my fists tighten...

I let the sensation take over and【RAGE】violently churns with the air inside my lungs.


The ground trembles, rumbles, and shakes beneath my feet. The trees bend away in a circle around me as if blasted by a hurricane.




I pour all the emotions swirling inside me into the roar, and let it crash, envelope, and chew up the poor mutts around me.

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing.

Wolves have even better senses than dogs.

In a flash, they all scattered away in all directions as quickly as they appeared and vanished from sight.

Orukus: “.....................................(snort) wait, really?”

The crimson view turns back to normal.

The wolves are gone…

Orukus: “......(snort) ummm, I guess that works….?”

I turned around to check on Noir…...who was passed out in a pool of…....accidents.



Noir: “.....................hm?”

Noir woke up.

It was warm. Someone was carrying her on their back.

It was a broad back - soft and muscular at the same time.

Strength and warmth emanated and enveloped her.

It was a strange sensation.

She could just snuggle and melt into the [warmth] and sleep forever inside it.

She felt safe as if all the terrors of the world couldn’t reach her here.

There was no night, no shadow, and no darkness that could reach her as long as she stayed in this [warmth’s] embrace.

Memories flashed back as she remembered where she was.

The Night Wolves.

A standard Night Wolf is a Class 2 threat. But those were not as big as the ones that approached them.

Each Night Wolf of that pack was at least a Pack Leader Class. Alone, they may not pose as much of a threat, and there’s some debate whether the leaders themselves should be classified as a Class 3 Threat, but it’s a meaningless argument. Night Wolves always travel in packs and a full pack is an undebated Class 3 - a full army would go into the fight expecting heavy casualties. A pack of leaders, even without the [Watcher], would be bordering a Class Four Disaster, a.k.a. An Act of God Class - something that could easily wipe an entire city off the maps.

And she was completely surrounded.

Night Wolves usually don’t appear in the day, but… she glances at the giant, round blubber of meat standing next to her.

Walking with him must have been like walking with a roasted dinner plate and fanning the scent into the air.

She gritted her teeth.

Every situation has been beyond unfair thus far. The King Arachnid's lair. The [Watcher of the Forest], and now, a full Elite Vanguard of the Monster Army. It’s as if God really wanted her and her sisters to die.

Noir: (I’m sorry......Shana, Ayse, Layla….this is it for me…..)

【DEATH】is the first thing you prepare for as a [Seeker]. There is no hope of longevity or a peaceful life. The teachings of the [Seekers] are just full of irony. You "seek out" for hope, for a new life, but their teachings end in a trial through a fiery sun after death and enter the "true" world. It's all a farce to sedate fears of their inevitable demise. Seeking "hope" inside and outside this malicious world. That is the [Seekers].

But really, all you see is strife, battles, blood, and……….【DEATH】.

Even so, Noir could only sneer at the creator of this wretched world - at her short-lived life - with so little inside it….

Suddenly, the air turned into a crimson hue.

She quickly glanced around and found the source to be the armored fatty next to her.

What was that? Is he one of the [Gifted]?

She was about to say something when….the earth itself screamed…

..........it was the only way she could describe it.

When the sound came out from his mouth, the sound waves shook the ground beneath his feet and pulsed out in a wide circle.

She was the first to feel it's impact.

Everything went black.

The 【HURT】.

The 【FEAR】.

The 【ANGER】…

Terror struck her bones, and her instincts screamed in utter horror.

She wanted to scream, but nothing came out.

All her strength left her as she crumpled to the ground...helpless, terrified...and unable to do anything about it.

…….with the memory, sudden realization dawned on her…

….......her clothes may reek of a certain odor.

She carefully sniffed the air cautiously - more afraid of catching her own…."scent" ー but the air was clear. She tried to sense the status of her pants but everything felt normal….

She was on the fatty’s back.

He was carrying her gently ー hands holding the spear behind him and the spear holding her legs. He was mostly leaning forward so she could lay against his back.

He. Was. Touching. Her.

Confusion swept over her as she wanted to feel repulsed, but still longed to remain in the comfort of his back.

Memories swirled. Like fragments of broken glass, the pieces clumsily fit together as she tried to think...............

Noir: (Was it all a dream?)

But this situation wouldn’t make sense. If the Night Wolves did appear, and if this guy yelled and scared them away…...and……

The thought of the mess she made, how her clothes were dry and clean….

Pure scarlet followed by intense heat swept across her face. A raging typhoon of anger and embarrassment overwhelmed her as she….

Noir: “PERVERT!!”

Orukus: “BUGYAGH?!?!”

Slapped the helm as hard as she could from behind.


Noir held her swollen red hand as it throbbed in pain.

I was rubbing the back of my head. It actually didn't hurt at all, but she scared the crap out of me banging on my helm all of a sudden.

I dropped to my knees, and she scuttled off my back, and….

Yeah, I mean, she slapped my metal helm with her bare hands. Her hand was a huge swollen mess, but her face was an even more red and swollen tomato with tears welling up in her eyes.

Oh God….she looked angry ー REALLY angry. What did I do?!

I tried to help her with her hand, but each time I walked towards her, she would start picking up and throwing rocks my way with a “GO AWAY!! DON’T TOUCH ME, PERVERT!!”

I’m currently sitting hiding behind a bush and a tree a stone’s throw away (literally) as pebbles continue to rain against my shelter.

Coincidentally, this was how far I was when I let the [Water Sprite] and the [Fire Sprite], who were in my porky utility belt (water bottle and lighter) take care of cleaning her up. The Sprites had no reservation and cleaned her up without even undressing her like they were sweeping up a mess on the ground and quickly discarded and burned up the remains. I wanted to make sure that they didn’t do anything inappropriate, which they didn’t. They were as innocent as kids, and I don’t think that thought even crossed their mind once. The [Water Sprite] washed out the mess, and the [Fire Sprite] dried her clothes and that was it.

I was more disappointed at how fast and uneventful the whole thing was…

I mean, I thought I would at least get to see…. never mind…..

A hero needs to remain innocent as a dove.

I’m really glad that I didn’t as the shower of rocks and pebbles continued to pepper my surroundings. If I was guilty, it would have made things all the more worse. A clean conscience helps keep a clear mind.

Yes, a hero should always preserve a pure heart.

................at least, pure after becoming a hero. It'll be cruel to question my past life.

It was a bit troublesome, but I slid my senses down into the earth, circled around her, and made a makeshift clay jar behind her and sent the [Water Sprite] to hide inside it. He can shift and look just like water, so there shouldn't be any issues.

I told her to at least cool her hands in the water to help with the swelling (she probably broke some bones), and I let the [Water Sprite] mend her hand.

She reluctantly and confusedly held her hand in the water jar that suddenly appeared behind her. The cool water reduced the swelling, and the [Water Sprite] pieced together the fractures. I’m not sure if it’s a permanent fix, but she should be okay for now.

After her hand was healed, I thought it was over, but.....

..........now that her hand recovered, even bigger rocks came flying through the air now as I ducked and took cover.

The rocks were followed by all varieties of allegations, accusations and curses of sexual harassment.

Me reassuring her that I used “magic” to clean her up didn't help. It was followed by a new barrage of insults mainly centered around the word, “LIAR!!”

This wasn’t getting us anywhere, and I tried to remind her of why we were out here in the first place, but “DON’T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!” was her response.

…........why are women so difficult…...well, I guess people are complicated and difficult in general….this is why I prefer being alone….

A hero's work is never simple......

It was only minutes, but each second felt like an eternity until we were able to resume our walk to the Giant Spider's den.

On the way there, I got a bitter history lesson of all the tall, amazingly handsome, Greek gods incarnate with chiseled, perfect abs who have flaunted over Noir (a name and episode included for each man), and how I ruined her most perfect dating record by going no place even those men were unable to get to…......

But I didn't............this is so unfair.........

Noir: “Are you as ugly as you are fat?”

She snarled and spat those words.

Up until now, I think she may have had a political façade when speaking to me before like a veteran actress. She was pointy before, but now, she was downright venomous and vicious as she hissed at me.

I’m used to women ignoring me.....or even laughing, smirking, and whispering about me....

........but I’ve never felt someone hate me this much, and let me know it.

She seemed more sullen, gruff and coarse with her words and overall demeanor… She somehow reminded me of the disgruntled stray cat who used to sulk in my neighborhood.

Orukus: “(snort) I mean...yeah, you probably shouldn’t see what's underneath this mask.”

Considering her dating record, I think she really might throw herself off a cliff if she found out.

She sniffs and blows into a handkerchief I handed to her and hands it back…..ew…..I let the [Water Sprite] clean it........

Noir: “I can’t believe a pig like you got to me…”

I’m a little shocked at the comment.

Does she know?”

Orukus: “(snort) Pig?”

I ask carefully...

Noir: “What do you mean?! Do you not even realize it yourself?! Everything about you is a pig! You’re shaped like one! You speak like one! Heck, you smell like one!! It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if your face looked like one!!”

She kicked me from the side several times as the thought of me enraged her.

Her kicks don't hurt...only her words do......sheesh....my heart aches…do I really smell that bad? I feel so self-conscious now....

I think her head might explode if I take this mask off.

…….an evil side of me is half-tempted to do it just to see if it would happen.

No, no. Regardless of what she thinks, I'm a hero after all. Misunderstandings are common in this line of work.

But then, I heard it...

My porky ears perk up.

I take a finger to my mouth as I look at her and point ahead.

There’s people far up ahead.


At least a small group of them according to my porky senses.

Orukus: “(snort) Shhhh… I think I hear a group of men up ahead.”

Her demeanor instantly changed to a serious, professional face.

Holy crap, that was fast……. women sure are scary…

She looked ahead to where I was pointing.

Noir: “We’re close to the King Arachnid’s lair. C’mon. Let’s go.”

We quietly crawl through the brush towards the cave’s entrance.



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