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The Orc's Awakening c23

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 23: Girls Meet Treant

Noir: “Surely you must know of what they call this place? ‘Dead Man’s Woods.’ ‘The Death Forest.’ ‘The Man-Eating Forest.’ ‘The Soul Devourer’s Lair.’ Shall I go on? This is one of the [Watchers’] most closely guarded territories on this continent. Even the highest ranking [Seekers] won’t dare to leisurely walk these forests alone, so who are you really?”


[Watchers]? [Seekers]? I’m glad to hear some fantasy world-like terminology, but now’s not the time to go geeking out!

...........ugh.........I’m boned.

What am I supposed to say?

[Hi, I just woke up here as an Orc and just barely managed to survive the last few days. HAR HAR HAR SNORT!]

Yeah, I just imagined saying that, and I’m certain this pretty girl is looking for an excuse to skewer me and roast me over a fire.

Orukus: “(snort) Gramps, you got any ideas?”

Gramps: “I really do not think this is an appropriate time, but…”

Ayse and Noir immediately tense up and jump back as Gramps enters the dining room through the kitchen.

Shana: “Sir Tree?”

Noir: “Shana, that’s a Treant!!”

Cold sweat drops down Noir’s back.

Treants are exceptionally rare in the Man-Eating Forest. Or to be more accurate, REPORTS of Treants in the Man-Eating Forest are exceptionally rare because almost none return to tell about the encounter. It’s said to be the protector of the Man-Eating Forest. The “Eternal Spirit” of the [Dead Man’s Woods]. The [Watcher] of the entire forest that spans hundreds of kilometers north to south of the entire eastern side of the continent.

Noir: (We need to get out of here!)

Noir looks to Ayse, but before they make a move…

Gramps: “I am a guest just like you. This here is Orukus...(cough...chuckle) the boy’s home. I do not intend to quarrel with any of you here unless you mean to harm him or disturb the forest.”

I think he chuckled as he said my name. I know, I know, I made it up on the fly. Maybe I should have said Org-Blorg? …..nah.

Noir and Ayse look puzzled, but continue to stay on alert.

Noir: “How could we trust the words of a Monster like you?”

Gramps: “Child, if there is one thing we [Guardians] cannot do, it is to twist words and lie as you humans so love to do. [True] words carry power. In our words, we carry our very lives and essence within it. [True] words are sacred to us and are our beginning and the source of our strength. To break my [word] is to shatter and destroy my very [being], my [existence] itself. Do you understand?”

……….wait, does that apply to me?! I can’t lie?! I’m pretty sure I’m already lying up a storm in here! Is it because I’m human originally? Is Gramps lying? I can’t sense it if he is.

_| ̄|○ ............I’m doubly boned now.

Noir: “So you give us your word that we have safe harbor here?”

Gramps: “So long as it is the wish of the Orukus boy, yes.”

They all peer at me at once.

I swing my head frantically up and down.


Noir considers this, looks at Ayse again and relaxes her body slightly.

Noir: “I guess it can’t be helped. We wouldn’t be able to do anything against a [Watcher] anyways.”

But her piercing glare captures me one more time.

Noir: “But it doesn't mean that I trust you. If you hurt any of my sisters, God help me. I will drag you down to Hell with me.”

Orukus: “(snort) Yeah, you definitely don't have to worry about that.”

You're talking to a Pig with zero confidence and no initiative to woo such pretty girls. My hero level is way too low at the moment.

Shana: “Noir! That’s enough! You can’t keep being so mean to the people helping us!”

Shana has her arms on her waist still holding a ladle.

Noir: “I'm sorry, Shana. Is there something for me to eat?”

Shana: “Of course! Wait right there.”

Orukus: “(snort) Gramps…”

I whisper under my breath.

Gramps: “Hm?”

Orukus: “(snort) why are the prettiest girls the most difficult?”

Gramps pats my shoulder and lays his hand on it.

Gramps: “You are asking an arboreal being about human relationships?”

…….I guess plants would have a different view and perspective about reproduction….....

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