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The Orc's Awakening c22

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 22: Orc Meets Ayse and Noir

Ayse is a woman of few words.

I am a man of <no words> when it comes to communicating with women.

But I am a Pig now. And a hero (self-proclaimed).

Shana was a little different. I guess she reminded me a little of my mom, and it was easier communicating with her.

But Ayse is a completely different aura and persona.

Tall, gorgeous, athletic, and almost primal as she takes me in with her eyes.

If this was high school, I would be bullied by her, no doubt.

My fat and lack of confidence is like pouring blood into shark infested waters.

But Ayse looks towards the kitchen where Shana is humming and cooking and looks back at me ー studying me.

Ayse: “Orukus?”

She points at me.

I nod awkwardly and vigorously.

Ayse: “You beat.......King Arachnids?”

Orukus: “(snort)...errr...sorta…? We were running away from them at the end.”

Ayse looks at Shana again ー warmth and remorse in her eyes.

Ayse: “The others?”

Orukus: “(snort) They’re safe. Should be sleeping and resting in the rooms.”

She nods with a barely noticeable exhale of relief.

Ayse: “Thank you.”

She looks at me directly. She doesn’t smile, bow her head or soften her tone, but there was a pinch of gratitude in her words.

“Ayse? What’s going on here?”

Another voice enters the dining room from the main room entrance.

It’s the blonde girl. She really is like a model and her voice is amazing too.

Ayse: “Noir...”

Ayse points at me.

Ayse: “Orukus. Saved us.”

She points at Shana in the kitchen.

Ayse: “Shana, kitchen and cooking.”

Short and succinct.

Noir: “I see… and Layla?”

Ayse: “Alive. Resting.”

The blonde girl, Noir, let’s out a sigh of relief, but her gaze falls on me with a piercing glare.

Okay. She’s the other type of woman I can’t deal with. She gives off the beautiful high-society type of aura where cockroaches like me scatter into the shadows around her presence.

I’m more of the shadowy, hunchback lackey in a dark and stormy tower type that would watch women like her from afar..............like from a computer screen.

Noir: “You said your name is Orukus?”

Her words are sharp - almost threatening. I think she’s picking up on the foul stench of my unworthiness before a beauty like hers. These girls tend to pick up on these things like a sixth sense.

Orukus: “(snort) yeah…”

Noir: “Why do you wear that mask? Isn’t this your home?”

Orukus: “(snort) because I’m not as pretty as you underneath and my face is...more grotesque than most people’s…”

Unless you have some sort of fetish with Pig(?) but I didn’t want to say that and give myself away.

She stared at me for a long uncomfortable minute, or the few seconds that did pass felt like eternity.

Shana: “Noir? You’re up to!! Are you feeling okay?!”

Shana runs up to Noir and hugs her too. She lets go to check her face as if to examine if there’s any signs of injuries.

Noir: “I’m fine, Shana. I’m glad everyone else is too.”

Her voice is so sweet when she speaks to Shana.

Shana turns towards me to look at me.

Shana: “It’s all thanks to Mr. Orukus right there! He saved us from the Arachnids’ den and brought us here to rest!”

Noir: “I see...Thank you, Orukus.”

Unlike Ayse, there was not a hint of warmth in those words. Just cold, icy steel.

Women are so scary.

Noir: “I’m sure he saved 4 maidens out of his goodwill with no ulterior motives.”

Her smile was polite but her words were...so political. She’s the kind that completely hides her emotions underneath.

I’m more of a wear-your-emotions-on-your-sleeves kind of guy unless I'm out in public. In that case, I'm more of a please-don't-notice-me, look-at-me, and just-ignore-me type of guy.

Shana: “Noir! Mr. Orukus isn’t like that! He hasn’t once bothered me or any of you this whole time! He treated your wounds and not once did he cross the line or ask anything in return!”

I don’t know why but her innocent comments defending me stab me like giant spears considering my past of how I looked at women on the screen. I truly was a hideous Pig in the past life raping women in my imaginations from the dark corners of my room.

Orukus: “(snort) I really only did it because I was passing by.”

Noir: “Passing by? In the Man-Eating Forest by yourself?”

………..Gramps, is that what this place is called?

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