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The Orc's Awakening c21

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 21: The Orc and Cooking

There is a term “wino” where I come from, and it wasn’t a compliment. My rules of Orky simplicity had to be bent as I named the [Water Sprites] “Wano’s.”

To be honest, I don't even know if it's worth naming them.

There's so many.......

But, for now, it's “W” for water, and I combined “water” with “Mino.”

It’s still simple but enough. Now I have [Fire Sprites], [Blood Sprites], and [Water Sprites]. Each group is composed of several separate entities, but naming all off them would be impossible. The [Blood Sprites] must number in the millions at least if not much, MUCH more.

Several [Water Sprites] maintained a freezing temperature inside the food room.

Having a [Water Sprite] who can maintain the temperature and moisture in the air and inside the food itself was more useful than those fancy, expensive computerized refrigerators I saw in the stores.

They would appear if I called them, but they preferred to be more in a misty, evaporated form by default and roamed about the room like a fog machine.

Gramps took an interest in them as he called them over to study them.

As a tree, water circulated easily through his limbs (something the [Fire Sprites] couldn’t do), and the [Water Sprites] and Gramps seemed to get along really well.

But this is great! I now have a solid method of preserving food.

Gramps got me some ores, and I made some pots and pans with the [Fire Sprites] and stood in a fully equipped kitchen.

Orc: “..................”

There is still one problem remaining.

I hold the vegetables in one hand and the kitchen knife in the other and pause.

I can’t cook.

I’m so inept at it that I almost died when my mom left me for a week, and I ate all the food in the fridge she left for me in 3 days during high school. I was already hiding in my room and not going to school at the time, so I drank water and slept until she came home. I honestly thought I wouldn't make it.

I couldn’t hide in my room forever like that, so I did go to the nearby convenience store religiously for food, but it took a lot of coaxing and practice before I could leave the apartment and go outside.

Anyways, the point is, all of my meals were pre-made or processed. I knew recipes just because I played a lot of cooking games, but most of those games just combined ingredients together in a list. I'm sure I could learn if I practiced a lot, but the girls will need the food now.

Orc: “(snort) Crap… what should I do….”


The door opened and the medic girl walked in.

Her eyes widened as she looked around the kitchen and the food stacked on the table in the middle.

“I’m so sorry to bother. I asked the Sir Tree where I could find you, and he directed me here.”

I was still in my full armor and gas mask on, but I also had a chef’s hat and apron just to see if dressing like a cook would help inspire me to cook something.

It didn't.

The plan failed miserably and Gramps was laughing hysterically somewhere outside in the dining room.

The medic girl took a slight step back when she first saw me, but she wasn’t terrified like she was before.

“My name is Shana. I wanted to thank you for saving my sisters and I, and giving us refuge inside your home.”

Orc: “(snort) Don’t worry about it. I just did it because I wanted to.”

Shana: “Could I ask for your name?”



“I’m an Orc!” → Panic

“My name is _______” → ???

Orc: “(snort) I’m…Or...ukus.”

I hate myself so much right now. What’s “Orukus”? Am I a hybrid of an Orca and an Octopus? Isn’t that way too close to “Orc”?

The first thing that came to my mind was “Anork”...but I immediately took that back and twisted and knotted the word “Orc” as it tried to crawl out through my lips.

Shana: “Sir Orukus?”

Orukus: “(snort) Just Orukus is fine.”

I’m Orukus now. Should be fine. Easy to remember, and I’m an Orc anyways. What kind of names do Orcs have anyways? At least I didn’t name myself Porky Baconham.

Shana: “It is a pleasure making your acquaintance, Orukus? It’s an unusual name. Are you perhaps from one of the migratory nations?”

Orukus: “(snort) Sort of…?”

I kind of "migrated" to this world in a sense.

Shana: “Excuse me for the questions. Are you not uncomfortable wearing your armor inside your household?”

Orukus: “(snort) Oh, umm...not really.”

It’s true. I can wear this year around without any issues.

Plus, this hero in particular can't reveal his secret identity.

Orukus: “(snort) My face is.......different. People would feel uncomfortable if they saw my face, so I just keep this on when others are around.”

Shana: “Oh, I’m so sorry to be so rude.”

Orukus: “(snort) No, no! I’m glad you asked. It would have been awkward otherwise.”

Shana chuckles.

I’m talking to a girl. A real girl that’s not my mom.

Being a hero is amazing...

Shana: “Were you about to cook?”

Orukus: “(snort) Actually…I was thinking about it but…”

I look at all the delicious looking ingredients, but feel a flush of red come over my face.

Orukus: “.......(snort) I don’t know what to do. I got the food stuff, but I’ve… never really cooked before…”

Shana: “Oh! You got all of this for us?!”

Shana looks shocked and amazed.

Orukus: “(snort) yeah…..sorry. I don't think I can cook anything though.....”

If it was a video game, I just have to combine ingredients together in a pot, and the food would make itself, but….

Shana: “Oh, please don’t apologize! Here, I can help with that.”

Shana takes the knife and vegetables from my hands and starts cutting it up….like a pro….

Holy crap.

Orukus: “(snort) You’re really good with that knife.”

Shana: “It’s one of the few things I can do for my sisters. We usually don’t have that many ingredients, and we make do with the camp rations, so this is amazing! I’ve never seen so much food in my life!”

Really?…….but this forest is overflowing with it. I barely stepped outside, and it’s growing everywhere.

We get a large pot of stew going, and roast some meats in the oven.

I cheat and have Gramps make me bowls and serving plates out of his wood when Shana isn't looking.

We soon have a dinner table full of dishes.


The darker skinned woman comes through sniffing the air.

Shana: “Oh! Ayse! You’re up! How are you feeling?!”

Ayse: “Shana? That smell? Did you make it?”

Shana wiped a tear from her eye as she ran up to the tall girl and hugged her.

Shana: “Yes! You must be hungry. But before that, this is Sir Orukus! He’s the one that saved us from those King Arachnids!”

Switching her gaze from the food to me, I sense some primal animosity and suspicion from her.

But the tension between us broke with a…


..........from her stomach.

She blushed and held her stomach.

Orukus: “(snort) Here, come eat. Shana made all the food. Have as much as you want.”

I pull out a chair and move to the other side of the table to give her space.

Ayse: “Thanks......I am.......Ayse.”

And with that, she sits down and starts tearing through the food.

Shana: “Ayse! Slow down! You’ll choke eating like that! No one else is here so the food isn’t going anywhere!!”

She’s eating like this was her first meal in days.

Oh, yup. She’s choking with a mouthful and beating her chest. I hand her a wooden cup with water, and she chugs it and takes the pitcher directly to gulp down the water and clear her throat.

She let’s put a gasp as she puts down the pitcher.

Shana: “See! I told you that you would choke!”

Ayse continued to stuff her face undeterred.

Shana: “Good grief. Sir Orukus…”

Orukus: “Just Orukus is fine.”

Shana: “Um, err… Mr.(?) Orukus, I apologize for my sister’s…table manners.”

Orukus: “(snort) Don’t worry about it. I’m glad she’s enjoying your cooking. And don’t worry about being so formal with me. Just Orukus is fine.”

I maybe a hero, but I'm also just a Pig at the end of the day. Honorifics would be wasted on a roast pork like me.

I take a few nibbles, but it’s difficult sneaking it under the gas mask.

Shana and I watch as Ayse inhales the food. She actually finishes everything on the table.

Shana: “Looks like I’ll have to make more.”

Ayse: “Full.......”

Shana: “I’m not talking about you! What should the rest of us eat now?!”

Ayse wilted a little at the words after realizing that she cleaned off all the dishes on the table. She’s still pinching and nibbling the crumbs off the dishes though...

I think she did it without even thinking. There was enough to feed a whole family, but it all went down into her stomach.

Shana’s words were strict, but her eyes were not angry. She actually looked happy to see her sister well and eating and was humming as she went back to the kitchen.

And it just left me and Ayse awkwardly sitting across a large dinner table from each other.



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