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The Orc's Awakening c20

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 20: Orc Gathers Food

In truth, I freaked out when I stepped into a grocery store.

The crowd.

The aisles and aisles of food lining the shelves.

It was an unexplored, nerve-wrecking place for me. I just want my pre-maid food in a corner store where there is maybe 1 other shopper, and I am in and out in less than a minute.

It's not that I don't know what fruits and vegetables are. My porky senses can pick that up better than I ever could in my previous life.

But it's ironic that my first real grocery resource collecting post-mortem is done in a forest full of murderous, dangerous monsters. Though they roam about the forest, sweet scents and aromas waft gently in the air as my porky senses pick up more food.

This forest is chock full of food. Like, unbelievably full of it. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, and meats…........it’s pretty incredible. I have to give my porky senses some credit for being able to track down and find all of it, but overall, contrary to the danger, it was brimming with an overwhelming amount of wild life.

I mean, yeah, I feel bad for the rabbits, deer, and boar, but thankfully, it doesn’t take much to get several hundred pounds of meat here.

The [Blood Sprites] help drain the blood and the [Fire Sprites] dry out most of the meat into jerky.

I leave a few choice steaks intact.

I quickly load my cloak and bring it back. I've already made several trips now, and I dump all the food into my new space. I created a dining room connected to the main room. Behind the dining room is a kitchen and behind that is a large food storage room. That made the most sense to me. My base is quickly transforming since my new guests arrived.

But there is one problem.

I really don't have a freezer or fridge here.

I look into a large basin of water with the [Blood Sprites] and [Fire Sprites].

Orc: “(snort) So...any ideas?”

I only get shrugs from both parties.

They’re no help at all…

I was hoping to create [Water Sprites], but so far nothing has worked.

I prayed, I gurgled, I splashed, and sang around the water basin. I stared at my reflection, said some embarrassing incantations I remembered from my comics, and even did a little jig.


Not a thing happened other than Gramps laughing his head off as he watched through the doorway.

He could really be a jerk sometimes...

I gave up and made the water basin much larger as I now floated in a giant tub.

Interestingly enough, fat does float.

My porky buoyancy is off the chart. I barely sank. I could be a Porky life-raft if I'm ever stranded in the middle of the ocean.

I let myself drift and close my eyes.

It's like swimming in a pool.

The water is cold, but I can still feel the [warmth] of the earth flow through the water like a conduit.

The water flows over me, as I gently sink to the bottom without even realizing it.

Water swirls around me, and the currents follow with the [warmth] from the earth as if to dance together.

I’m a decent swimmer. I only swam in the summer as a kid, but other than swimming laps, I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed sinking to the bottom and looking up above and around me.

I open my eyes inside the water.

There is something swimming above me inside the tub.

It’s not a fish. It’s clear and…

My eyes widen as I come out of the large tub of water.

There were [Water Sprites] clinging all around me.

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