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The Orc's Awakening c2

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 2: Orc Meets Bear

I remember seeing bears at the zoo. They're huge creatures that lumber back and forth and typically just laid there doing nothing.

They didn't look so intimidating then.

But look at this guy.....

Wow, he's huge~

He's well over 2 meters (~6 ft 6 in) tall~

He’s covered in armor~

I’m in an *Isekai world~

He looks so cool with that armor~

He’s so freakin' intimidating~

This dream is just too real~

Orc: (Hindsight....I guess yelling and screaming about in an forest is bound to attract the attention of hungry bears - especially if you’re a walking talking porky BBQ dinner plate...)

What a realistic dream. It's almost too real.

Cold sweat profusely dribbles down my face while I reflect on this fact.

Oh, look at that, you can hear his stomach growling~

Look at all that drool~

He’s super excited to see me~

Orc: (Yup, time to run.)


I make a mad dash in the opposite direction.


I hear something behind me!!

But I’m fast! Really, REALLY fast! Like, Olympic Athlete fast!! Pigs have a gift for running! I didn’t know that! I think I can get away with this kind of speed!!

I’m kicking the ground so hard that it’s causing a slight rumble and tremor, and I steal a glance behind me to see if….

<ZUDODODODODODO!!> (*sfx fast, heavy stomping)

The ground beneath the bear also rumbled even louder as he kept up with my speed!!



A strange scream escapes from my throat, but I don’t have time to care!!

Behind me is a bear with the words, “YOU’RE NOT GETTING AWAY FROM ME!!” etched in his bloodshot eyes.

I see a giant tree ahead of me!

I take a chance and start hauling myself up the vertical slope with amazing speed and precision!

Orc: (I can climb?!?!)

It turns out that pigs can climb trees!! That’s incredible!! Wasn't there a saying about pigs climbing tree?!


The bear also latches on to the side of the tree and begins climbing like a rock climbing pro!


I scream something unintelligible and continue climbing the tree at blazing speed going round and round and up and up the massive trunk.

The bear is also right behind me!!

Like running into someone in the subway, my shoulder <BUMPS> into something.

Orc: “(SNORT) I’m sorry! I’m in a hurry!!”

By pure reflex, I apologize as I would if I was in the subway train station.

Something falls below me.

Orc: “Whーー?”

It was a wasps’ nest. A really, REALLY huge wasps’ nest.

The timing of it was too perfect as it landed right on the bear’s head.

Orc: “Ohーー”


Being suddenly swarmed by an angry swarm of giant hornets, it caught the bear off guard as he went crashing down to the forest floor.

He landed hard making a small crater in the ground, but bounced up onto his feet and started running madly with the nest still on his head.

He was still running on two legs as he disappeared into the distance.

What. Was. That.......?

Orc: “(Snort)...I…..I’m saved…..”

I slouch heavily onto a nearby tree branch with my back against the tree, and let out a heavy sigh of relief.




Isekai (異世界) -- The word literally translates to “another world,” “an outside world,” or “a different world.” Sci-fi/fantasy literature in the U.S.A. has always been (at least to me) much more complicated and entrenched with multiverse theories and laws. Whereas Japanese multiverse worlds can vary, but one particular genre “Isekai” really hit the market as a highly profitable trope. In other words, (1) a medieval world with swords; (2) with magic; (3) with monsters; (4) Elves and dwarves; (5) RPG game elements, and (6) harems for the MC. You can argue that the fantasy stage is very similar to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings lore, and you would be right. Just throw in a Japanese main character in there with a video-game-like world setting and you have entered a typical world of “Isekai.”



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