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The Orc's Awakening c19

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 19: Guests at the Orc Lair

Orc: “(snort) (huff) (snort) (huff)”

Thousands of insect feet scratched and scuffed the tunnel walls directly behind me.

It has got to be one of the most horrifying sounds I’ve ever heard in my life.

I held two women by my waist and one on each shoulder. It’s awkward and hard to run, but it can’t be helped.

If any passerby saw me, they would have immediately reported me to the authorities as a suspicious Pig who just abducted 4 princesses or something.

Granted, they would have been trampled, swallowed and eaten by the tsunami of spiders that is following right behind me.

The medic girl is still holding onto my spear but has her eyes closed as I carry her under my arm.

After I treated the dying girl in armor, the spiders must have sensed my strength weakening.

I felt like I could faint at any moment and let my porky instincts kick in high gear.

I grabbed all the girls and instantly ran.

Pigs are amazing runners in this world.

Everything was a blur.

I wasn’t even sure if I was running the right way, but I ran down the tunnels swiftly and followed the faint scent of sunshine.

I know. Sunshine shouldn’t technically have a scent, but I remember my mother hanging my sheets outside on a sunny day, and that night, there was a distinct smell that I slept with….....I can’t explain it beyond that.

My porky nose picked up the same scent, and I soon saw the light at the entrance to the tunnel.


With a roar, my legs kicked the ground beneath me as it bulged and scattered rocks behind me at the cloud of spiders.

Though the rocks did kill the ones in front, it did nothing to slow them down.

Would they chase me through the forest?

I jumped out of the tunnel, and immediately turned towards my base and kept running.

Though spiders exploded and flooded out of the cave entrance, that’s where they stopped.

They seemed reluctant to step outside into the sunlight, and they made their way back inside the cave.

Orc: (We’re saved…)

It was a lucky break, but I continued to hurry quietly down my forest trail.

I have 4 women in my arms.

This forest is merciless to the weak.

Fortunately, I didn’t run into any large, murderous creatures on my way back.

As I make it back to Gramp’s tree (which seemed bigger than the last time I saw it), I hurry down my stairs and close the entrance behind me.

Several [Fire Sprites] lit up the walls as I stumbled into the main room.

The medic girl was the only one awake as I lowered the other three to the ground. Gramps was kind enough to make some ad-hoc hammocks with his vines, and they laid in it for now.

Fatigue made my eyes heavy, but I quickly worked with the [Fire Sprites] to make a hallway with 4 bedrooms connected adjacently.

Compared to that blood transfusion Spell, this was nothing. I could practically do this in my sleep now.

The bedrooms are roomy enough, but I only have time to let Gramps make a hammock in each room, and he gently carried the sleeping girls to their respective quarters.

The medic girl followed me to her room, but…

“Sir, I’m so sorry. Where is the restroom?”

At this point, my mind was so fuzzy, but even so, I couldn't tell a girl that Monsters don’t bother with restrooms and go take care of it outside.

A hero's job is never done......

I held up my hand.

Orc: “(snort) One sec.”

I labor to move my legs that feel like they’re shackled in heavy irons, but I quickly make a restroom connected to the end of the hallway.

I have no clue how water systems work, but I lazily build a large water holding container above inside the walls and connect the pipe to the ad-hoc eastern style toilet on the ground with a really basic faucet to flush whatever down the deep hole. I’ll have to manually refill the container, but whatever. Should be deep enough to keep the smell down, and Gramps said he’ll take care of the waste once it reaches the container deep inside the ground. I owe him a lot now. I'm kind of scared to think of what that would mean, but I'm too tired to care.

There’s a hand-wash basin connected to the same water storage.

For the heck of it, I make a bathing room connected to the bathroom with a shower and bath.

The bath is just a square stone basin heated by the [Fire Sprites]. Gramps is also helping regulate the oxygen level down here. I’m too tired to ask how.

With the bathroom finally ready, I walk out and point at it to the medic girl.

Gramps made wooden doors and hinges, and I trudge slowly to my workshop room.

I can't even walk straight anymore.

I heard once that being drunk and being fatigued are the same thing. Now I understand why.

I make a simple bedroom connected to it in the back and pass out on the floor.

I feel the [warmth] spread over me from the ground. Gramps lays leaves over me as sleep overtakes me.


I wake up with leaves covering my head.

I feel a little groggy, but my body feels lighter and my head starts to clear.

How long was I out?

What happened to the girls?

My head swirls a bit as I try to find my bearings.

Orc: “(snort) Gramps, you there?”

The door to my bedroom opens and a human shaped wooden figure walks in.

He has an afro, mustache and long bushy beard made of leaves, and wore glasses and carried a large wooden pipe.

What caught me off guard was the business suit and tie.

Gramps: “Yes, what is it, boy?”

Orc: “(snort) Nice suit. Hey, how long was I out?”

Gramps: “Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like it. To answer your question, not long. You brought back some interesting servants with you. The [Fire Sprites] are already something else, and those [Blood Sprites] worked hard to restore your body.”

[Blood Sprites]? Is that what they're actually called? Although they are Mini-Orcs like Mino, I can’t call them the same thing. I may need to change up the names.

Screw it. I’ll call the [Fire Sprites] Fino’s and [Blood Sprites] Bino’s. The “F” for fire, and “B” for blood. They're all part of the umbrella of Mini-Orc Mino’s. Welcome to the world of porky simplicity.

Orc: “(snort) Thanks, Fino. And thank you, Bino.”

The flames on the walls dance and flicker, and I feel the blood in my veins stir. It’s a weird, borderline freaky sensation.

Orc: “(snort) Gramps, you said not long, but have I slept at least a day?”

Gramps: “Hm? What? Oh no. The sun hasn’t even begun to set since you came back.”

……..wait, seriously?

Gramps: “Those 3 girls are still sleeping. There are two that you should probably treat. It’s not life-threatening, but it will be well worth treating their wounds. There was one whom you probably treated before coming here. She is in stable condition. The one that was awake is bathing herself at the moment.”

I walk by my workshop supplies, and quickly weave 4 blankets and stuff 4 pillows. I make towels as well, but let Gramps take it to the medic girl.

It’s not much, but it will help them get through the night.

I throw the pillow and blanket in each room’s hammock, and quickly treat the two that are sleeping.

Thankfully, I only need to clean and close up their wounds, so it’s not as tiresome as the one who was in armor.

One girl was dark skinned, tall, with an athletic, muscular build, and with curly, black hair braided tightly into several long thick strands. She’s beautiful, but has many scars covering her face and body. Out of the 4, she has the most womanly curves. She carried a heavy iron axe with a pointed spear on both ends.

The other one was fair skinned with blonde hair and...drop dead gorgeous. There is definitely a bias in my country for western fair-skinned, blonde hair, blue eyed girls, and she would be the cover-girl representing the whole pack. Her features were jaw dropping. She wasn’t as curvy, but her body was still womanly. She carried a bow and hunting knives.

The armor girl had a more eastern beauty to her and would have been a model as well. She wasn’t as muscular as the dark-skinned girl, but she was very fit and carried a small shield and a thin double-edged sword. Definitely the least curvy out of the 4, but still held a distinct womanly body-shape. She was the only one with full body armor.

The medic girl might have been more plain compared to the other 3, but she had that country-side beauty with her short brown (almost red) hair, freckles, and pretty face. She was curvy but only slightly more than the armor and model girl.

4 beauties inside a monster’s stronghold.

Some dark sinister thoughts began to cross my mind, but I wafted them away.

I'm a hero. Not a villain.

I mean, yeah, sure. As a super unpopular reject hiding in his room in my previous life, I imagined scenarios like this, but unlike the girls I stared at on the computer or fantasized about in my crude imaginations, there really is a difference between fantasy and reality.

Is it the emotions? When the medic girl was terrified of me, I <felt> her fear and terror like it was my own. No matter how pretty she is, I felt her pain, and pain is what wakes you up from your dreams. It sounds cheesy, but I realized that pretty girls are people too.

My mom raised me by herself, and I saw real, sh**** men mistreat her. She was strict but always fair and a good loving mom to me, and I think that’s why even if I wanted women to love and adore me in my dreams, I never wanted to see them hurt even in my imagination. I mean, yeah, I did stuff to them in my darker perverse fantasies, but it pained me too much to read the sick content of mutilating and torturing them that was so prevalent on the web.

In real life, I was that typical guy that froze as soon as I met a girl in real-life, in person.

It sounds pathetic, but now I’m an Pig, and not a human-being. It was easier to laugh about my past.

Anyways, the two girls are patched up and resting now. I lay their heads on pillows and cover them with blankets.

I'm super conscious of the bathroom door down the hall where I hear the shower running. I have to snap close my porky ears that are trying to pick up every sound. Sneaking into the two girls' rooms didn't feel right already, and this isn't helping my guilty conscience.

Orc: (I'm a hero.......I'm a hero........)

It's the only thought keeping my conscience intact.

I quickly sneak out and back to the main room.

They’ll be hungry when they wake up, and I have no food here.

Even though I’m a Pig, I have yet to feel hunger. Maybe it’s because I'm an Orc and a monster now, but my guests are all humans.

I leave them in the hands of Gramps and the [Fire Sprites], and venture out to the forest.

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