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The Orc's Awakening c18

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

ComfortChapter 18: The Orc and Blood Sprites

I’ve never been good with blood.

I’m the type that panics when I cut my finger and blood just starts spilling everywhere, and my first instinct is to freak out and panic.

I guess that's normal.

I studied human biology and physiology in class, but it’s something else to see someone dying right in front of your eyes.

Her face is pale. Her pulse is weak.

She has straight black hair underneath her helm, and blood is seeping out through her dented armor.

She’s a beautiful girl, but her fair skin and face is a sickly white.

There’s not much time.

In the Arachnid’s den, we’re not being bothered by any other Giant Spiders. Since defeating the Black Widow Queen, they have hid themselves deep inside the caverns and haven’t come out since.

At the very least, we have space and more importantly, time.

Orc: “(snort) Do you have any antidotes?”

“Nーno...I don’t....”

I’m not sure if it’s the poison killing her or the blood loss or both…

If it’s the poison, there’s not much I can do at this point…

Orc: “(snort) Give me a sec…” I retrieve one of my throwing knives and reach into my pouch. I bring out a long, sturdy wire and tie the wire to the knife.

I look up into the hole where the Black Widow Queen emerged. I hope there’s not a lot of Spiders hiding in there.

Orc: “Mino…”

I wrap the Zippo light at the end of the lighter as well and whisper to Mino, my [Fire Sprite].

Orc: “(snort) Clear out anything up there, got it?” The [Fire Sprite] nods and gives me a thumbs up.

I swing the knife in an arc and release it straight up. Thankfully, my pig senses are much more coordinated than me in my previous life.

The knife sails straight upwards with wire and the zippo attached, and goes straight through the hole.

I have more than enough wire before it strikes the ceiling past the hole and lodges deep into the ceiling.

My [Earth Magic] senses travel up the wire to my knife quickly and I secure the wire. Mino’s flame lights up the space, but nothing else happens. Thankfully, I guess it was uninhabited.

The earth above where my knife is lodged rotates quickly and pulls me and the wire upwards.

I reach the ceiling and take a look around, but there are only thick webs covering the walls.

As I hang on the ceiling I reach up.

Orc: “Mino.”

The Zippo’s light burns into a large ball as Mino reaches out and collects the webs on the walls. There’s not a lot of material here, so I make this quick.

I draw on the energy emitted by the fire as I drive it into rocky ground above me. The rocks superheat and liquify. I recycle the heat and push it upwards to heat the next section. This is only possible with a [Fire Sprite's] help.

I quickly push the molten rocks to the sides as I propel up the hole. Molten rocks splatter down and singes my skin, but ignoring the pain, I drive the hole higher and higher.

Proximity matters in [Earth Magic]. The farther the distance, the energy requirement exponentially increases. That's why I wouldn't be able to stay in one place and do the same thing.

I follow the hole and climb upwards with it as I continue to dig up.

The ground above the caverns explodes as I reach the surface.

Air floods in through as the rocks cool.

Orc: (Good. Now we won’t suffocate.)

I learned this while smelting the ores but magic in this world requires [energy]. I wish I could call it mana or Magic Power, but it was the physical kinetic and potential energy I learned in Physics class. It was the [energy] inside bonds between atoms that were released as they broke. The harder the material, the more [energy] it takes to break it apart. With sufficient amount of [energy], theoretically, anything can be broken. Thankfully, rocks are not too bad compared to metals.

I could take my time to slowly tear apart these bonds, or I can supplement it with some type of [energy] source.

Right now, fire is the simplest and easiest form. The only problem is that if I’m not outside, I better have access to the air outdoors, or I’m going to easily consume all the oxygen around me. Mino, my [Fire Sprite] was drawing oxygen from inside the cavern until now.

I hurry down and lower myself to the base cavern where the girls are.

Now that we have a direct passage outside upwards, I don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning either. Even if I'm okay, the girls would die.

I reshape the ground directly below the ad-hoc chimney and let Mino burn inside. He’s drawing elements from the earth to burn so he won’t run out of fuel. It would be easier if Gramps, that ancient Treant, was here, but I'll have to make do with what I have here.

A concentrated heat begins to warm up the cool cavern air.

The medic girl seems confused from the rapid change of events, but unfortunately, there's no time to explain. I carry the armored woman nearby Mino’s fire, and begin to draw from Mino’s energy to envelope her.

I don’t know if it’s this Pig's body and physiology that allows me to regenerate from the earth’s [energy], but it's this [warmth] that I feel from the earth that has kept me alive until now.

The [warmth] of the earth passes through me, and with Mino's help, it begins to slowly wrap around the dying girl’s body.

It felt different this time.......



【Relief 】

It's not just pure [energy]. This [warmth]..........it's different. It's something completely different......

Orc: (What is this......?)

But there's no time to think about it now. The [energy] will still help mend the girl's physical body. The [warmth] is guiding my efforts like a helping hand. Is this what Magic is?

She's dehydrated.

I draw water from the air and ground, and pool it nearby in a quickly made bucket from the rocky earth.

Orc: “(snort) Do you have any dried fruits or sugar?”

“Oh, yes, I have a little bit.”

The medic girl pulls out from her pouch some dried fruits.


I take the dried fruits and draw out the glucose as it disintegrates in my gauntlet. I break down the sugars as much as possible and mix it into the water with my [Earth] Magic.

As the [warmth] continues to wrap around the armored girl, I pour the water onto her. She has plenty of wounds all over her body, and the sugar water seeps into her veins slowly through the wounds as they close.

Orc: “(snort) Bandages?”

The medic girl hands me a roll. The cloth is rough, but I soak it in pure boiling water this time. I let the heated water cool below boiling and move it over her wounds to clean out the infected cuts and send the water away to splash and soak into the earth.

The cloth now moves like a serpent under the girl’s armor.

Maybe I should have undressed her, but I would probably completely lose my concentration in that case…......

……………..I mean, I’ve seen plenty of girls on the web, but………..real life is very different…..

I find the wounds quickly and as the bandages cover the wounds, I re-weave the cloth quickly and pinch the wounds close before I let it harden.

Some wounds were dangerously large, but I use the cloth to stitch it up for now. I don’t know what kind of cloth they use in surgeries, but I cleaned this cloth, so it should be okay for the time being.

Her body temperature is good. Her wounds are cleaned and closed. She’s hydrated too, but her heart is still weakening.

………...she lost too much blood….

At the very least, she’ll die comfortably…

I look at the medic girl, but she is frail and small. Even if she’s a blood relative, a blood transfusion might kill her.

……..is there nothing I can do…….?

I take a sample of the armored girl’s blood. Mino struggles to keep his fire going as I try to analyze the blood and the platelets inside. I suspect that the more refined the activity, the more [energy] it takes.

Still, thanks to my [Fire Sprite], I have what I need.

Back in my base, I felt the same strain when I started weaving the iron and carbon in my weapons on a molecular level.

It takes an enormous amount of energy, strain, and pressure on the brain.

I can start making a single red blood cell, but……….there are millions just in a single drop of blood.

Is there no other way?

Despair starts to creep in……

I would need millions of me just to produce enough blood before time runs out…

It’s……..it's just not possible………..

I look at Mino, my [Fire Sprite], who is pumping more materials out of the earth to keep himself fueled.

Gramps said he was a piece of my soul - a living fire - a…..soul fire?

Blood starts to trickle from my eyes and ears from the blood analysis.

My blood….

My cells…..

……………………...could I………?

I collect the trickling blood and pour the [warmth] of the earth into it.

But how do I insert [soul] into it?

Orc: (...............please………….I need help………...I don’t know what else to do………….)

I plead with the [warmth].

I'm not even sure if it's sentient.

I grit my teeth as I bow my head forward.

I’ve never prayed before……..

I don’t even know what I’m praying to……..

Do Pigs even have a deity?

If they do, it would probably be one nasty Demon God - like a god of gluttony.

Time is running out…

I send the [warmth] into my blood stream.

I feel it quickly circulate as it rushes through every vein.

Orc: (........please……..help me……………….)

My blood stirs.

It flickers.

It pulses and swarms and moves…

Orc: (............what……..?)

I take a closer look and see within a small pool of blood…………...there are millions of small red [Sprites]…..microscopic to the human eye. It’s as if each of my blood cells changed into an [Sprite]…..

They're different from Mino, my [Fire Sprite].

……..blood sprites……?

The [Blood Sprites] moves in one liquid motion and begins to cover the armored girl, specifically where her wounds are.

Unlike before, I feel strength now harshly drain out of my body…..

Heat burns the fat from my porky body as millions…..maybe even billions of small [Blood Sprites] begin taking samples of the living blood platelets of the armor girl and......

From the ground, the necessary elements and ingredients are drawn out of it as assembly lines are created. They grouped around wounds to fish out the toxins and poisons and fight off the bacteria and viruses, and each newly made blood cell is returned to the body carrying oxygen. This is rinsed and repeated millions at a time.

My head burns as it feels as though it’s on fire. Blood trickles out from my eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.........the strain is almost unbearable.......

It throbs and my heart jumps and jolts irregularly as life literally drains out of me……….

I can’t sustain this for too much longer….

I fall to my hands and knees as dizziness and fatigue overtakes me………

Each second……..each heartbeat feels like an eternity………

Orc: (.....I can’t……….)

The swarm of [Blood Sprites] leaves the armored girl and returns back into my body.

Strength returns as blood begins to pump throughout my body once more.

I gasp, cough, and wheeze as air forcefully enters my lungs…..

Orc: (……….did it work……?)

But before I could do anything else….

Thousands of red eyes begin to gleam from the hundreds of small tunnels connected to the chamber.

The Spiders are back.

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