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The Orc's Awakening c17

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 17: Orc Meets Black Widow Queen Part 2

Have you ever had a dream where you were walking inside of a cloud only to find out that it was a giant ******* spider's web?

Yeah, me neither.

It feels like I was thrown a giant tub of dough.

The entire room was filled with thick, white spider webs in an instant.

I’ve noticed a trend in this world.

You really shouldn’t fight monsters in their dens. They make it look like it’s a normal thing in video games, but in real life, you’re out of your flippin’ mind. In a 2.5-D, you would be ALLOWED to dodge, and you’re directly handed ways to defeat it.

Not here.

Whether it's Gramps or this fugly Spider Queen, the reason why they’re still here is because NO ONE defeated them yet.

It’s one thing to have a few dozen annoying strands wrap around your body.

It’s a completely different story when the entire room turns into one large glob of dough made of Spider webs.

Orc: (I can’t move….)

Slight panic fills me.

Webs wrap around my arms and legs to stretch me into a spread eagle position.

The web opens up right before my eyes, and I’m face to face with the Black Widow Queen. Her jaws were large enough to eat me in two quick bites.

Her larger fangs dripped with a dark purple, almost black toxin that drips, hissing and evaporating as it fell onto the web.

[..........hOw dO yOu FeEL nOw PiG…….?]

Wow, bad guys really do gloat it over you before they finish you off.

A malicious smile spreads across its face. I didn’t think spiders could make expressions, but glee is pouring out of her face.

She peers at my face from different angles trying to see me struggle and sense my fear.

I let my shoulder sag and bow my head down.

Ugh.......hero my ass.......this is pretty humiliating.......

[...........nOtHinG tO sAy…..? ….nO LaSt wOrDs…..?]

Orc: "(snort) I hope you choke on my bone, you stinkin' bug."

[.....hmph….I wOnT eVeN bOtHEr wiTH EaTinG yOu. i’LL ChEw YoU tO piEcEs aNd sPiT OuT yOuR FiLThY cOrPSeS aNd FeEd yOu tO mY ChiLDrEn…]

A large gaping mouth opens and surrounds me.

I hate to do this………..

I withdraw my arms and legs from the gauntlets and boots respectively.

This is a suit ー and a stretchy suit at that.

Since the webs are holding the limb areas, I can slide and move out of my armor.

Jaws close in fast, but I’m able to put my porky arms above and my porky feet below me.

The <CHOMP> turns into a <CLING> as jaws lock in place, and I’m squeezed into a tight ball. My cheeks puff out, sweat beads out as my porky muscles bulge to keep the jaws from completely closing in on me.

Orc: “Mino……...the rest………. is up………. to you………”

I strain to hold the mouth of the Spider Queen open and feel my body crunch slowly into an uncomfortable ball...

From my belt, the Zippo opens revealing a small ember.

Mino, my [Fire Sprite], jumps out with the Zippo strapped to his back and flies into the mouth of the Queen.

True. I could have burned her web and tried to fight her that way.

But if I was her, I could easily get away. I'll just crawl up into that hole.

I may not get another chance.

I’m sure she has more tricks up her sleeve, but that’s another thing about real life.

That won’t matter if you die before you get to use them.

Bones and muscles crunch together as blood floods my mouth and into the mask.

She’s strong…..

Stronger than me…….

If it was a competition of brute strength, she would have easily overpowered me.

Fire gleams from within the darkness.

Did you know that scientists still haven’t figured out how spiders make so much silk? A single spider can dish out more webs out of its body than is physically conceivable.

So what would happen if a [Fire Sprite] finds that source in a Spider this size?

An devilish smile creeps upon my porky face.

The next moment...

Fire explodes outwards and engulfs the Spider Queen with me inside.

Mino’s enlarged flaming arms reaches out of her mouth, and the force of the flames pushes me away.


A blood curdling cry comes out of the Spider Queen as Mino grabs and pulls more spider webs towards him only to ignite it and wrap it the flames around her limbs.

Trillions of tiny screeches fills the air as the Black Widow Queen is burned from the inside and outside by the giant, Orc-shaped flame.

It’s shapes quiver and bend erratically out-of-shape as shadows of dozens of human beings begin to take shape and rush away and disappear into the air.

.............what was that just now?

Mino consumes the Spider Queen to cinders and ashes and promptly returns to his original ember form, holding the Zippo on his back.

Orc: “(snort) Thanks buddy…”

My [Fire Sprite] gives me a thumbs up.

I hear footsteps coming from the entrance hallway.

I hurriedly gathered my armor. The cloth inside burned away some, but the outerwear is intact.

Technically, I said I was a human. Having my naked porky body revealed in all its glory would only cause more issues right now.

A hero must protect his secret identity, right?

I snap on my gear as the medic girl walks into the entrance.

“Sir…………….?” Orc: “(snort) It’s over. The Spider Queen’s dead. Let’s get your friends out of here.”

I see tears well up on her face as she quickly looks around and finds her sisters along the side of a wall.

She hurries over, but I see her turn pale.

Oh no…

I hesitate to run over next to her to see…...I can only expect the worst.

I failed.

They must have died.

I was an idiot.

In a single moment, a storm of curses and criticism swirl around me, and I begin to hyperventilate and feel dizziness come over me.

But if I listen carefully, I hear 3 heart beats.

I look across the room and see 3 women lying there. The two other’s cocoons must have burned away.

But there’s one that looks too pale… her pulse too weak…


I rush to her side.

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