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The Orc's Awakening c15

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 15: Orc vs King Archnids

My porky senses were at full alert as I weaved through the maze.

There were periodic cave markings just like I marked the trees, so even in this maze of tunnels, it was fairly easy to follow the group as they went deeper and deeper.

My porky ears pick up rustling in the distance.

I hear ragged breathing…

Good, I'm going in the right direction.

I soon arrive at an entrance to a large cavern.

Orc: (Holy crap........)

There were spiders everywhere poking their heads out from numerous holes in the walls…..dozens........no........HUNDREDS of them........

That’s a LOT of spiders…..they weren’t all as big as the one I saw at the entrance, but some weren’t small either.

I remember the time when I once walked into a cavern to show off my courage to friends during a hike when I was a kid. I stepped into the cavern, and suddenly every inch of the walls buzzed to life. I didn’t even scream as I scrambled out quickly.

This felt worse than that time.

But something else caught my eye.

To my left, a woman with more metal armor than the girl at the entrance stood by two large cocoons with a sword drawn. She was covered in wounds and scratches and the larger spiders were surrounding her. Even from here, I could tell how pale and blue she was from either blood loss........or maybe poison?

It didn’t matter. There was no time. From the cocoons, my porky ears picked up the beats of hearts and breathing of two humans. There were no other cocoons thankfully, so those were the only 3 non-spider life forms.

I reach for my belt and draw out several sharp metal objects and quickly start throwing them at the larger spiders.

There was a shriek as the metal ripped into their bodies with an audible <CRUNCH>. Thankfully, their bodies weren’t as hard as the serpent scales, and my throwing knives tore into them and the impact threw them against the far walls.

I forgot that pigs in this world have unbelievable strength.

It’s unfortunate that I only have like 20 in total. In a video game, I would have had an infinite supply, and I could have laid waste to everything inside this cavern.

It can’t be helped.

I bellow out a thunderous Pig <ROAR> and with a hatchet and machete in hand, storm towards the Spiders near the woman.

My yell shook the walls again, and the smallest spiders scatter and hid, but the larger ones begin spraying webs from all directions.

I push through as my body and weapons feels like I’m tumbling through a cotton candy machine, but it’s not enough to stop my advance.

I reach the nearest spider who tries to pounce on me, and with a single swing, he splits in half.

I take hold of his dark gray body and throw him around me to entangle some of the webs.

I feel resistance inside the web all over my body, and I flash my teeth with a wolfish smile as I swing my giant web covered spider corpse overhead once and smash it down the ground.

The larger spider who were hiding in the holes in the walls were pulled by the sudden momentum, dragged out and smashed into the ground. It was enough to kill some of them, and the rain of webs stopped momentarily.

I must look like a giant Orc-shaped cocoon at this point.

I pull out a square metal object from my belt.

A Zippo, but it’s not just a regular lighter.

Orc: “Mino!!”

The [Fire Sprite] flickers and comes to life.

I’m enveloped in a flash of flames, but the webs instantly disappear around me.

Orc: “Mino!! The girls need the oxygen so don’t burn it all!!”

Mino, my [Fire Sprite], follows with a small salute, and returns back to the wick of the Zippo as soon as the webs are gone.

A dozen or so spiders were mid-air about to pile on me.

The Spiders' bloodlust fills the air.

It would have paralyzed me in my previous life, but now, it only tickles something inside me.

My vision reddens once again in response to their threat as I rotate with my hatchet and machete.



Pure, unadulterated【RAGE】overtakes me.

To the spiders, a small tornado suddenly appeared before their eyes, and their bodies were torn to shreds as they helplessly collided straight into it.

The last one’s remains spray against the far wall, as I stop and look. The world is still spinning slightly, but only for a few seconds.

None of the spiders in the walls are coming out.

Good. I think I can take the girls and……

A shiver crawls down my spine like someone placed an ice cube down the back of my shirt.

Cold sweat breaks out, as I look up to see a giant hole with the Spider’s eyes peering at me.

One of its eyes was as big as my head.

I don’t know how it fit through such a small hole, but legs thrust through followed by its enormous body.

One of its legs was as long as the serpent I fought back at my hideout.........…

Orc: “........(snort) you’ve GOT to be kidding me…..”

The mother of all Spiders emerged from its resting place and stared down at me with all 8 red beady eyes coldly staring down on me.

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