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The Orc's Awakening c14

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 14: Orc Meets Girl Part 2

UGH........Honestly, that hurt my feelings.

I followed the sound of a girl’s voice, and I felt myself galloping over the forest floor.

I’m reminded of how fast pigs are in this world.

My porky ears pick up the sounds that were coming from a cave on the side of a hill.

I immediately dove in only to see a HUGE spider about to pounce on a girl.

My blood boiled at the sight, and everything suddenly turned red.

Before I knew it, I was on top of the thing with my spear thrust through its side. I drew out my hatchet and machete and hacked at its limbs and face.

Within a few seconds, I was breathing heavily over the mangled, splattered corpse of the spider.


As I breathed, my body shook a little.

What was that just now? It just felt like something just took over my body.

I've felt rage before, but not like that.

It was more raw.......more primal..........and much more dangerous.........


I shiver as I look at the Spider's corpse.

My breathing eased, and I headed back to the girl to make sure she was okay.

That’s when she shrieked, collapsed on the floor, and shook so much that I thought she would have a heart attack.

Look, girls never LOOKED my way in my previous life except to point, whisper, and chuckle, but I learned at that moment that being ignored or made fun of is a HECK OF A LOT easier than having people being utterly terrified of you.

And I don’t mean scared like a little apprehensive or cautious around you. No, this was sheer terror. A fear so strong that it could kill you. I once heard that rabbits would die on the spot if you scared it enough, and this was as close as you can get.

Orc: “(SNORT!) Hey! C’mon! What’s with that reaction! I came to help you!!”

I think I spoke more out of my hurt that she didn’t see me as a knight in shining armor, and hindsight, not the most heroic words either.

Orc: “(snort) ahem. Sorry miss. I saw that you were in trouble, and I came here to assist you.”

PERFECT!! That was better.

“Wait...are you...human?”

_| ̄|○ Seriously? My cool disguise failed me.....

Is it the gas mask?

Oh wait… how should I answer?

  1. “I’m an Orc” → Heart attack.

  2. “I’m human.” → ??

I simply nod my head at her in reply.

She’s a cute girl. Brown (slightly red) hair. Brown eyes. Really cute face with freckles. I’m a sucker for cute faces. She’s wearing a leather hat that covers her ears, leather coat, a blouse, pants with leather patches, leather gloves, and boots. She’s carrying a leather satchel and a walking staff.

…….wait, what day and age is this?

She’s more of an explorer-looking type from the late 19th century than what I hoped. Where’s the robes and pointy wizard’s hat? She’s giving me the Healer role vibes all over, but she’s more of a military combat medic than a Healing mage….

“Pーplease sir!! Please save my sisters!!”

Sisters? There's others?

Orc: “(snort) Where are they?”

Despair creeps into her eyes at my question.

.........ummmmm….did I say something weird?

Very slowly, she points towards the deeper parts of the cave.

Hesitantly, with a shaky voice, she says, “In there.”

Ah, yeah. I think most wouldn't be stupid enough to go deeper. That Spider just now was huge. There might be more of them inside.

She faces downward no longer looking me in the face. She’s trembling, but… not because she’s scared of me.

Is she scared that I would say no? Probably. That's the smart thing to do.

The reason why there were no heroes in my previous life was because everyone knew how quickly heroes died. Standing up to evil sounds good until your enemies take everything from you and shred your life apart. Good never survives the wrath of evil.

But I'm a Pig.

I'm already a Monster.

I have absolutely nothing to lose.

..........and I can help.

I bend down closer to her.

Orc: “How many of you are there?”

I better confirm the numbers. I'd hate to leave anyone behind.


In shock, she looks up quickly and catches my eyes through my mask.

She briefly pauses, a little taken back, but then more resolutely takes a breath before answering me.

“There are 3 of my sisters in there. Please, I beg of you, will you help them?”

3, huh? And judging from these giant spiders.........it could be too late. The Monsters in this world are ruthless. There might only be tragedy waiting ahead of me.

Orc: "(snort) I’ll do what I can. Here.”

I hand her my spear.

Orc: “(snort) Hold onto this and use it to protect yourself until I’m back…...”

I hesitate. I almost said, “with your sisters” but I don’t want to give her false hopes. I might be a Pig God, but [Earth] Magic is a far cry from divine miracles.

I stand up, draw my hatchet and machete. Similar to my spear, they throb in the grip of my hands as if anticipating the excitement ahead.

I need to hurry.

I dash further into the cave as quickly as my pig legs would take me.


“He’s gone,” she thought as he vanished into the darkness.

“He actually went to save them…”

It wasn’t that she wasn’t happy for his help.

It was the fact that he went to help them at all.

Yes, he took out a King Arachnid by himself, but...there will be more inside.

Going alone into a King Arachnid’s nest knowingly is nothing less than suicide. She just sent that man to his death.

She knew it was unfair of her to ask one man to risk his life like that. But all men.....not most....but ALL men would have said no to her request just now, and forcefully dragged her back to camp.

That was how things should have gone. That’s just how things are…

Is he just dumb? No, but how would he have survived this long then? No one can survive alone in this forest unless.......

.........putting hope in men is the last thing she ever thought of doing. The stronger the man, the more dedicated they are in preserving their own life.

ーーand the more committed they are in fulfilling their desires.

What would that man gain from charging into his death? Judging from his armor, he would have had to come from a wealthy upbringing. Why would a man like that throw away his life?

Regardless, she had to ask for his help. Even if she knew his answer would be no, she had to at least try.

His answer was more troubling than if he just slapped her across the face.

When she looked up, she saw his eyes.

….........it was a mask. He was wearing a terrifying mask for some reason, but… his eyes weren’t scary at all.

If anything, she could tell that he was scared of her…..?

And there was warmth in them...

Eyes that saw her as a person.

Not as a tool, animal, nuisance, or a toy, but as a genuine person.

Only her sisters had those eyes. Certainly, none of the men at camp did.

She held his spear. It was sharp, well-crafted, and hummed with a certain energy.

It was a spear meant to protect, not to attack. She didn’t know why or how she could tell that, but the spear didn’t reverberate with blood lust or violence like most weapons did. There was a calm, almost serene feel as she held it.

She recognized what it was. It was the feelingーー


ーーof 【TRUST】

ーーof 【HOPE】

ーーthings that her people have long forgotten and lost.

Tears rolled down her face at the thought, at the warmth she felt from the spear. She gripped it tightly as she looked into the dark depths of the cave.

Should she go? Should she follow after him?

She gripped the spear tighter as she slowly started making her way down the cave.

“How foolish,” she thought. “I can run away. The exit is right there.”

She could call for more help. It was the smart thing to do.

But something about the spear made her feel differently.

She no longer felt afraid.

She no longer sensed danger.

【HELP】had come.

It had found her.

And it just went to go save her sisters.

“Please...please be safe.”

She prayed in her heart earnestly as she inched forward into the darkness.

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