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The Orc's Awakening c13

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Chapter 13: Orc Meets Girl Part 1

Orc: “Stupid old man…..I hope he gets termites….”

I grumble as I kick a rock in my path.

Gramp's laughter is still too fresh. I ran quite a ways from my hideout to blow off steam, and it’s still hard to shake off.

………….I hope I can make it back to my hideout. My sense of direction is……..not the best.

I cut another notch into a tree as I mark my path. I saw someone do this in a movie once. By doing so, I’ll be able to head back close enough…..I hope.

I take another long look at my armor. The scales and metals gleam and shine revealing a dangerous amount of defensive reinforcements.

But unlike its impermeable outer shell, it’s quite comfortable on the inside to keep my skin from chaffing. The serpent’s hide proved to be an excellent source for leather as it was soft, stretches, but was very sturdy overall. And finally, I have a thin layer of stretchy fine cloth underneath the leather for added comfort. Yeah, it’s 3 layers, but thankfully, my body temperature regulates itself as an Orc. Hence, why I’m not suffocating even with this gas mask on.

My arsenal of weapons is no joke either. I feel like a fully armed mercenary, a covert ops spy, or a robot ninja. My spear, my hatchet, and machete. I thought about shields and swords, but I needed more survival oriented gear in this forest.

My heart dances as I look at my gear.

Gramps doesn’t know what he’s talking about. My gear is no joke. If I was an adventurer, and I ran into me, I would rip the game out of the console and submit a claim to the game developer’s company to get a refund immediately.

It was then that I heard something.

My porky ears pick up a faint sound.

A scream? A girl’s scream? A flicker of excitement comes over me. My heart pounds as I grip my spear.

I'm not helpless anymore.

Which means..........can I.......help others?

Since coming here, I've just been focused on my own survival.

Now though....

I look at my newly acquired gear.

No matter how you look at it.......I'm ready.

My mask is hiding my face and from a glance, I could look like a human.



My heart pounded.

Adrenaline rushed through my veins.

It's something I never would've dreamed of.

Before I knew it, I headed towards the direction of the noise.

Even in heavy armor, I moved swiftly, silently, and with purpose ー something I lost a long time ago.


“Gーget away from me!”

Before her was an impossible creature. Arachnids by nature's design cannot exceed certain sizes or their bodies cave in on themselves.

Hence, what she faced was not just an insect or creature of any kind from this world.

The 2 meter (~6 1/2 ft) giant spider approached her cautiously.

It was a creature rightfully dubbed a “monster” - humanity’s arch nemesis - the silent ruler’s of this world.

No one knows where they came from or how they appear. They seemingly appear out of nowhere and disappear into the night. For hundreds of years, they have crippled humanity to its knees and for whatever reason, did not deliver the finishing blow.

Only the rarest kind would nest and create territories like this - only the worst kinds in fact.

“Giant Spider,” “King Arachnid,” “Demon Spider” - It went by many names, but that didn’t matter now. What mattered was that a size this big would be considered a Class 2 threat.

All threats begin as Class 1’s. This means that a typical adventuring group would be able to take it down without casualties. But a Class 2 is different. It requires multiple groups of adventurers to take it down safely, and even then, casualties are expected. Though the jump may seem extreme, there was simply too many casualties and not enough data or information to justify a more detailed categorization.

This Monster is the guardian of this cave. The one that allowed her group to pass only to come out at the last moment during her escape.

It was all a trap....

She can’t die here.

Her friends need her.

They sacrificed themselves just so she can escape from here and call for help.

Without help, they will die…

“NーNO! I WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN!!” She swings her staff wildly to try and bash the beast in the head, but it keeps at a safe distance and just watches her.

That’s another thing about monsters. They are <TRAINED> to hunt down humans. They watch. They collect data. They plan. And they execute accordingly. Unlike the beasts of the earth or the birds of the air, their combat intelligence matches that of humans.....or worse, exceeds them.

Even now, although it could have finished her off already, it is taking its time like watching a trapped fly in a jar. It’s studying her. Observing her.

.................it’s toying with her….......

The thought enraged her. Hot tears streaked across her cheeks.

But as she was about to charge in as a last resort, she saw it crouch.

Her blood froze. It was going to pounce.

Gruesome images of the future flashed before her eyes as she saw its needlessly large fangs twitch.

【DEATH】was all she could perceive at that moment.


But no words came out.


Thunder <BOOMED> inside the cave as the walls shook, dust fell from the ceiling, and she quickly covered her ears as a large...no...<HUGE> shadow overtook the King Arachnid!

It screeched in terror as it grappled with whatever just carried it deep into the cave.

Whatever it was wasn’t human. She was sure of it.

The struggle was brief and silence followed.

A moment later, footsteps came from the depths of the cave as it approached her.

An armored monster loomed over her. Now covered in the King Arachnid’s blood, it wore the skin of an Elder Great Serpent - a Class 3 beast - something only the army could take down assuming that it was alone - and again, with heavy casualties. It held a menacing spear, and she could not tell if its face was an insect or something more alien and…....evil.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” A terrified scream escaped her lips. She covered her face with her arms and fell to the ground in a fetal position. She never felt terror like this. Her teeth chattered and her body shook violently, and her lungs could only spare irregular breaths.

Whatever it was, it made the King Arachnid look like a newly born kitten.

(It’s over…)

Light from her eyes almost disappeared completely when…

“(SNORT!) Hey! C’mon now! What’s with that reaction! I came to help you!”

It spoke.



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