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The Orc's Awakening c12

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 12: Orc Makes Armor

Orc: “I di~d it~♪ I di~d it~♪”

I hum and sing to myself as I take the serpent apart.

I sit in a large room currently filled with ores, large bales of grass, and the serpent’s remains.

I decided that a separate workshop room would be better, so I created another room connected to my main living room with a higher ceiling and bigger furnace in the center.

The [Fire Sprite] is currently dancing in his new space.

He wouldn’t speak to me when I first came back, but we reconciled after I built him this giant forge.

Gramps (the Treant) called him a rare [living flame]. Apparently, he was created from fragments of my soul when I was making my spearhead. We’re the same in essence, but he's adapted to functioning separately from me.

I didn’t really understand too much beyond that except that I have a helper now who can help me forge the weapons and armor I need to survive.

I beat the serpent, but I’m not stupid enough to think I rule the place now. For one, the gramps is still leagues stronger than me, and he said there’s multiple [Guardians], and he’s just one of them. Second, I beat one serpent, but nature rarely cares if it is a fair fight or not. All this stinkin’ forest has to do is throw me into a lake of serpents or rain a cloud of them from above, and I’m doomed.

If I’m going to die, I’m going to die at least knowing that I did everything I could.


Orc: “(SNORT!) THERE! Gramps, how do I look?!”

I stand proudly wearing serpent scale armor from head to toe. I wore the serpent head as a modified helmet, and wore a gas mask underneath. Knowing this forest, I don’t doubt for a second that there are dangerous fauna, spores, gases, and poison that would take me out as soon as I step into it or breathe it in.

I also made additional gauntlets, arm and leg braces, shoulder, elbow, and knee protectors. The insides are lined with leather and cloth for comfort. I'm wearing armored but extremely comfortable boots and to top it off, a deep purple (almost black) heavy cloak for cold nights.

On my side is a hatchet and a machete.

A small crackle of applause erupts from the living room’s fireplace as a group of [Fire Sprites] cheer and applaud. I finally came up with a name "Mino" (simply mini-orcs shortened). I can't tell them apart so they are all "Mino"(s).

……...while making the weapons and armor, they kept multiplying. I have no idea why. I really hope it doesn’t mean my soul is disappearing.

REGARDLESS, I stand proud and tall with my spear in hand and soak in the praise of all the Mino's.

……..why isn’t he saying anything…. ?

I look, and I see Gramps hunched over on all fours and shaking like crazy.


…………...is he……... okay? Is he sick? Oh! Is this the scene where the elderly mentor passes away knowing his student will be okay?

It’s okay, Gramps. Thanks to you….well, it’s not like you taught me anything and all you did was beat me to a pulp. Now that I think about it, you're not even my mentor......

I asked him why he didn’t help me out during the serpent fight and his response was, “It was more interesting that way.”

Gramps: “I CAN’T….. I CAN’T…..”

It’s okay, gramps. You can let go. I’ll take it on from here.



Gramps just started crying tears as he pointed and laughed…..at me?


Red colors brushed my cheeks and face.

I should be mad, but more than anything…


I ran out of the hideout with tears welling up in my eyes.


The [Fire Sprites], Minos, jumped onto the Treant and were harmlessly pulling at his leafy hairs and chastising him, but it took a few minutes before the laughs inside the hideout subsided.

Gramps: “Fweeeeeeeeeeeew MY GOD, that was completely unexpected.”

The image of the plump, short, stout Elder Serpent came to mind, and it took everything he had to keep from exploding with laughter again.

Gramps: “Now then…”

The aged old Treant reflects upon the [guest] in his realm. The blood contract was minimal in that it helped him confirm one thing - that Orc was【human】. It’s rare but not unheard of for human souls to travel into monsters. However, those that are [born] as monsters in this case would not typically be [sent out]. And he was not [sent] here either. The Treant was certain of this.

Is it a coincidence?

The Treant quickly dismisses the idea immediately.

If there is one thing he learned that is universal are two things:

  1. Change is inevitable

  2. Nothing is a coincidence

The only reason why it looks to be a series of cosmic accidents is due simply to ignorance. The concept is simply beyond comprehension, and especially in these [outer realms], by its very nature, no one who can comprehend such things would be here in the first place.

So did the boy come of his own accord?

Most likely not.

If there is one thing a blood contract would reveal is a lie.

A soul cannot lie. It would cease to be if it did.

He really didn’t <KNOW>.

Originally an empty vessel. But it was full now. <AUTHORITY> brimmed and fed into his Orc body. But it was not his <AUTHORITY>.

Gramps: “..........curious…quite curious indeed.”

A shattered, battered, and broken soul held together by what? Whatever it was, it was beyond the Treant. And THAT said A LOT.

Pulling out a well-used pipe, a [Fire Sprite] lights the dried leaves and he takes a heavy breath and puffs a cloud swirling and dancing as it rises.

Gramps: “Ho ho ho ho…we’ll just have to see boy...we’ll see why you were brought here among all other places...”

The Treant was millenniums old. There was much he learned on the way, but there was always so much more he couldn’t understand.

It was one of the few things you come to appreciate on an endlessly journey.

He made a rocking chair in front of the furnace, and let his mind drift as he smoked his pipe thoughtfully.



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