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The Orc's Awakening c11

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 11: The Orc vs the Serpent

I ventured outside slowly, carefully, and looked around every corner.

I gripped my new spear tighter as I crawled out of my hole.

The coast is clear.

Birds chirp and insects buzz through the air, but nothing major around me or in the skies.

I let out a small sigh of relief.

It felt like days since I stepped onto the soil, and the sun is still high in the air.

I think about what I’m going to need going forward.

I look at myself.

No armor. Just a rag around my waist.

That and my spear is my entire inventory at the moment. If I’m going to survive in this monster-filled forest, I’ll need a bit more.

I look over and see some tall weeds poking out.

I trot across to go take a look.

I think I read that linen and ropes cans be made from grass. I take the strands in my hooves, and similar to the dirt, I can feel my senses envelope and seep into the grass.

I feel the fine strands inside and start separating it out one by one. Before long, a soft batch of fine strings lay in my palms.

Orc: (It worked!!)

With this, I can…

I turn around to see something sitting on top of my entrance.

A huge serpent at least 10 meters (~30 ft) long whipped its tongue in and out knowingly standing between me and my base.

Despair creeps over me as I realize that it was waiting for me this entire time. I don’t think it was nearby, but it watched me from a distance and closed off my exit as soon as I was distracted.

Orc: “(snort) What should I do?”

It’s scales gleamed an unnatural color similar to the bear. It made a slight clinking sound as it coiled over my escape route and watched me.

There was something smug and arrogant in its eyes.

My hand gripped my spear harder.

I could run. Yeah. But can I outrun it?

I could dig another hole, yeah, but would I have to keep looking over my shoulder in fear every time I step out outside?

That's the life of a prey - of one who is perpetually hunted.

That is the life of the weak - of the helpless.

That was how I lived my entire previous life…

I don’t think there’s any shame in choosing life over dignity.

I don’t think it’s wrong to retreat and choose another day to fight.

..........but I never fought, did I? I just hid in my room that entire time.....

The blood in my hand holding the spear throbs.

Is it because I’m an Orc now?

I grind my teeth and begin stomping my feet.

Or is it because I used to be human that I can't stand its eyes looking down on me?

An unfamiliar sensation overcomes me.


The condescending eyes of the giant serpent looks bemused and intrigued that I haven’t ran away from it yet.


It didn't speak. But I heard someone's voice inside my head. Was it the serpent's?

[Run and hide little piggy]

Eyes that see me as a toy, just an average pig and as nothing but a big stack of bacon on a buffet table.

Memories flash back, and I hear the hushed whispers of the neighbors as I walked by them.

I see the snicker and smirks as I stare intently at a point on the ground in front of me as I quickly head to the *corner store.

[You are still nothing]

My blood pumps harder.

[You will always be nothing]

I feel my body heat start to rise and steam.

[Wretched, stupid, ugly, fatーー]

Muscles I never knew flex and stretch.

[ーーdisgusting, PIG]

I suck in a deep breath.

[Go back to your hole and squeal and cry]

If there is one thing that’s different now…

[You are NOTHING. You will always be NOTHING.]

I’m a pig for sure. But I'm a monster too.



Something deep inside me roars to life.

A smoldering fire ignites within me.

<DON!!> (*sfx hard impact)

I kick the ground hard and bolt forward.

I ready my spear when I see a shadow flicker in my peripherals.

I raise the spear to my side when something like a dump truck hits me and knocks me to the side.

I fly clear across and hit a tree.

I feel the air get knocked out of me, but holding my breath, I land and quickly jump to the side.

The serpent’s mouth bites deeply into the tree where I stood a second ago. Purple venom seeps out from it’s bite marks and the wood rots and melts.

I weakly strike at its body as I retreat, but my spear edge bounces off without even scratching its scales.

Orc: (......it’s…REALLY hard.)

The sharpness of my spear is no joke. I’m pretty sure I could cut through a tree like butter.

But this serpent’s scales are equally refined.

The way my spearhead ringed and vibrated gave me a feeling that even with full force, I wouldn’t be able to pierce it’s hide.

Orc: (THIS IS BAD!!)

It’s whole body is covered in scales. There’s no opening.

I slowly inhale and fill my lungs as I scurry away to keep my distance. The serpent rears its head high as it flicks its tail like a whip.


I dodge as the ground below me erupts from the impact - a gaping hole appearing where I stood a moment ago.

Trees snap and breaks behind me as something <WHOOSHES> and barely brushes over my head as I duck.


A cold chill runs down my back as the hairs on my back prickle and stand!

I dive hard to the right as a bucket of venom splash by me.

The stupid serpent sprayed venom out if it’s mouth!

My ankle is caught in the midst, and it begins to purple and blacken.

Orc: (THIS IS BAD!!)

Pain sears across my foot as it now hangs limp and lifeless.

I hit the ground as my spear bounces out of my hand.

Orc: “(SNORT) NO!!!”

I reach for it but it’s just out of reach. The injury on my leg preventing me from getting up all the way.


A delighted shriek fills the air as the serpent comes down for the kill.


Orc: (ーーhe fell for it!!)

A smile creeps upon my face as the ground next to the spear bulges out and pushes the spear back into my hands.

[Earth Magic].

I turn around to see the serpent’s gaping mouth about to swallow me whole.

I thrust the spear right towards the opening.

It pokes into the soft flesh at the roof of its mouth as I twist the handle and drill it straight through its head!

Orc: “Fuuuuuuuuuhhhh……fuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh…..” (*sfx exhale)

I frantically take long breaths in the mouth of the lifeless serpent.

Saliva and venom drip and burn my skin, as I push it away and to the side.

<ZUZUUUUUUN> (*sfx slow, heavy impact)

The serpent lays with my spear jutting out of its skull, and I lay there breathing hard.

My leg is burning like it’s on fire, but the poison isn’t spreading further. The Earth's warmth is pushing it back as I slowly feel the numbness and pain recede.

For a solid minute, I just lay on my back and look up at the sky through the branches and leaves.

The blue sky and white clouds look like jewels as they sparkle against the leaves.

They look so different than before.

Orc: “I did it……….”

I lay breathless at the thought…..

Orc: “(snort) I DID ITーーー!!!!!”

I double fist bump the sky and a roar shakes the forest trees around me.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

*Corner Store. A Japanese Convenience Store (con-bini) (コンビニ) - Imagine a gas-station-like corner store that's CHOCK FULL of yummies. Japan's food is not cheap, but the "conbini" makes it a point to offer packaged meals and snacks at an affordable price. If you go to a Korean Grocery Store in the U.S., you may see some freshly made dishes and meals (equally delicious).



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