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The Orc's Awakening c10

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 10: The Orc and the Spear

I woke up groggy, dizzy, and tired. My body felt heavy, and I stared up at the ceiling.

At first, I couldn’t remember where I was, but my memories snap back a piece at a time as I hurriedly get up and look around the room. The walls were lined with vines and leaves ー almost decoratively, and the light from the furnace lit up the room.

………………inside the furnace was a tiny, miniature Orc-shaped flame who saw that I got up and waved enthusiastically to me.

……ummm….what? I guess this is a fantasy world, but that kind of creature is not part of my knowledge base. Is it some sort of [Fire] spirit?

In front of the furnace, the Treant sat in front of it. He was not a mass of roots, but a tree with an Afro made of leaves in a brown business suit.

Treant: “Oh, you’ve awakened.”

He turns around to reveal also a mustache and beard also made of leaves. He wore glasses, and I'm pretty certain that there was no glass in the lens. It was purely for looks.

In his hands, he was holding a single spear.

The blade of the spear sharply gleamed, almost blinding me when I first glanced at it, but then it just went back to its dark metallic hue.

Orc: “(snort)………is that…..?”

My heart skips a beat.

Treant: “It’s an impressive blade, I must say. I hope you don’t mind that I added my own touch to it while you were sleeping.”

The old tree creaks as it moves and walks over to hand me the spear.

The blade I forged sat at the end of a plain wooden handle.

A few sigils were scribbled on the side.

Orc: “(snort) What does this say right here?”

Treant: “You can forge but you’re equally illiterate? You really are a strange one, boy.”

The Treant combs his beard with his hands while peering at me with his hollow eyes.

Treant: “I simply gave it a name. Every notable weapon should have one, you know? I called it, the ‘Orc’s Blood Spear.’”

Blood Spear….?

It’s cool but…. Yeah, definitely more a weapon for a villain or a cursed, tragic hero…

Orc: “(snort)….um….thanks. I mean, thanks for the spear too, but thanks for not killing me.”

Treant: “Honestly, my responsibilities dictate that I take care of any 'anomalies,' but I don’t mind playing semantics with my peers on your behalf. You’ve really caught my curiosity.”

...........is that a good thing?

Treant: “It’s been a while since I saw something that made these old bones rise. Here, to avoid some future legalities, would you mind if we form a pact?”

Orc: “(snort) A pact?”

Treant: “Yes, a blood pact. Technically, you and I play for the same side, but you’ve proven yourself to be…..let’s just say ‘singularly unique’. In many cases, other [Guardians] would see you as a threat, but if you form a pact with me…well, we’ll have a little more leeway than if you didn’t.”

This sounds……uncomfortably suspicious.

In my country, pacts are for summoning demons and creatures from hell or the nether worlds…

In a non-fantasy world, contracts are just legal chains to bind you down, a domino chain of "gotcha-schemes" and a forfeiture of your rights.

Orc: “(snort) Like.....what do I have to do?”

Treant: “We’ll keep it simple. I only require a single drop of your blood.”


"It's simple, all you have to do is...." is the first words of a con-artist. There is always a catch - a huge and irreversible catch.

Orc: “(snort)…….and if I refuse?”

Treant: “I would not recommend that course if action. You and I will be in the same situation as before.”

Images of the roots banging me against the floors vividly paint over my imagination.

Orc: “(snort) How do we proceed?”

I give him a strained smile. Honestly, it feels like I’m selling my soul to the devil, but between that and getting drilled full of holes, smashed to a pulp, and torn apart by thick roots, this option doesn't look half as bad.

He tells me to prick my finger with the end of my spear, and I drop one droplet of blood onto the Treant's outstretched hand.

I wait a solid few seconds, but nothing happens. The Treant just stands there unmoving.

Orc: “(snort)……ummmm…..hello? Is that it?”

I was expecting something a little more…flashy(?) but…

Treant: “….oh! Ah, yes. We are done here. The pact is formed.”

………that’s it? No ominous whooshing sounds as demons start crawling out of a five star portal? No maniacal "MUA HA HA HA" laughing from the Treant as he reveals his true nefarious nature?

I should be glad, but I can’t help but be disappointed at the same time.

Treant: “Ah, well, tut tut. Why don’t you go exploring with that new spear of yours? You might as well get acquainted with the area.”

Why does it feel like he’s pushing me out of my hideout?

Being insistently pushed from behind with roots coming out from walls, I had no choice but to leave the safety of my underground home.

It was later that I learned that the [Fire Sprite] was quite dispirited after I left without acknowledging him.

(Fire Sprite): _| ̄|○ (He didn’t even say hi to me)



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