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The Orc's Awakening c1

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Chapter 1: Orc Meets Orc

When I open my eyes again, all I see are the fallen leaves surrounding me.


Where's my bed? Where am I?

I remember crawling under a tree and into a hole for some absurd reason.

I don’t know how much time has passed since then.

What am I even doing? I should get back to my apartment.

The pain that was ravaging my body went away.

Was it from that fall I took when I slipped?

Regardless, looks like my body has fully recovered. I can feel strength coming back into my limbs.

Thank goodness. I won't have to go the hospital. My mom would have gone into one of her crazy fits. Her brain might hemorrhage this time and she might have a stroke finally.

I rustle the leaves aside and poke my head out. Looks like I’m still inside that cavern underneath the tree.

Was there a park nearby with a tree this big? And how did I end up here anyways?

My memory is fuzzy.

I saw some bloodied arrows scattered in the mix of leaves, but I leave it for now. If I'm deep in the woods or something, it could be evidence of a crime scene. I'll just act like I didn't see it.

Strange...my body feels heavier than usual. I'm a heavy set guy, but I feel more weight than usual. Maybe I'm not fully recovered?

Do I still have a fever? My head feels...heavier...or larger......did I bust a vein in my brain? Is it swelling up like a pumpkin or something?

I suck in a large, deep breath and fill my lungs completely with fresh air.

For now, my body moves. I'll figure it out once I get back to my apartment.

Orc: “(SNORT) - Up we go!”

I jump out of the hole and immediately petrify.

My hands have only 3 ugly, fat fingers.

It’s more like claws or 3 prongs. The three prongs on my hands feels like my thumb, forefinger and pinky, and I won’t have any trouble grasping anything, but that’s not the issue.

I’m human. Or...at least I was…

Fear grips me as I uncontrollably shiver and feel my face.

I confirm the texture of my face.

My hands shake and my heart races. My breathing becomes uneven as I suddenly feel lightheaded.

My mind goes blank with panic.

I snort as I sniff the air and look around.

Orc: (There...there must be something that will show me my face!!)

My nose continues to snort and sniff the air. I smell water.

I follow my instincts, and move in a certain direction. I find a large water puddle ahead of me.

I get on all fours and carefully look in.

There, I see the face of a pig staring back at me.


No matter how many times I look, the same porky face reflects back at me. I pull at my cheeks, my nose, my ears in the reflection.

It hurts. It’s too real to be just a mask or makeup.

I was in the body of what some gamers would call an Orc. The pig-headed bipedal monsters you see in video games. Different countries might call them different names, like pig-men, but they were Orcs where I came from...

Orc: (WAIT?! WHY?!?! WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!)

Despair overtakes me as I lay there looking into the reflection.

Look, I wasn’t anything close to a good-looking guy, but no matter what, I think I was better looking than a pig.

At least, that’s what I hope people would say…

Orc: “(snort)...what in the world is going on....”

I begin to feel tears roll down my face, as I try to recall everything that happened before I woke up.

Wasn’t it raining? Or was it snowing? And I was leaving my apartment...and...did I slip on the stairs? Wait, I can’t remember anything after that…

Orc: “(snort) ha ha ha…this is a dream. A terrible, terrible dream.”

I should wake up any second now.

The brush rustled, separated, and out pops a large...no...a HUGE bear…


CHONKY NOTES LiT (Lost in Translation)

Orc (オーク) - I know I'm fighting a losing battle here between the U.S. cultural perception of what the word "Orc" means after Warhammer and World of Warcraft washed over the U.S. and the Japanese term "Orc." In Minecraft, the pigheaded men in Japan would be considered "Orc" - basically a bipedal pig. I think it was Tensei Slime that inspired me to re-use this term in the Japanese context, and even in Japan, the authors made sure to Kanji (Chinese characters) "pig-head-tribe" (豚頭族) to clarify to Japanese readers of which type of Orcs they were referring to. The origin of Japan may have come from the original "Son Goku" (Monkey King) tale as the original story mentions a bipedal talking pig that wields a weapon.



This is an original novel written by me, ChonkyTranslator. I intended to write this in Japanese first and then translate it in English, but.........I'm too busy with TL's now, and I barely have any time to write this story out. Anyways, enjoy!

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