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The Orc's Awakening c0

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

“The Orc's Awakening"

Written by ChonkyTranslator



<Deep inside a forest>

Man: (Isekai my ass.)

The man was hiding deep inside the brush.

Man: (Wasn't this supposed to be a world full of fun adventure?)

His Party was gone. Everyone was killed. Their bodies now gone and nowhere to be found.

As a [Seeker], he was supposed to be the Hero. The one to save Humanity from the Monsters that ruled the forest.

But reality was cruel. This world did not give him the weapons and skills to conquer it. Rather, it was designed to kill him instead.

A growl comes out of the shadows. The man readies his dagger ー his only remaining weapon.

Man: (What am I supposed to do with this puny thing against THAT?!)

He holds his breath as he initiates his [Gift]. His breathing slows as his presence melts into the shadows of the brush.

[Hiding]. It's a laughable Skill, but it's one of his many [Gifts]. It's what convinced him that he was in an Isekai world full of Magic, Swords, and Heroes. Although there were no Statuses or Spells, there were some truly amazing people in this world.

Man: (I was supposed to be one of them.....)

Nothing could have prepared their Party for this.

Below him, bugs crawled and some tried to climb up his boots. He quickly swatted them away when he heard someone from behind him.

[i FOUND, you SIR]

Two inhuman eyes glistened directly behind him.

But before he could scream, an arrow shaft protruded from his throat.

Man: (?!)

The world turned upside down as another pierced his heart.

His "Adventure" was over before it even began.


As the forest stretched for thousands of kilometers, a large army gathered outside its borders.

"Sir! We are ready to begin!" "Good work! Prepare the archers!"

Archers drench the tips of their arrows in oil and ignite the ends.

General: (The day has finally come.)

It took 10 years to build up his army. It was easy enough to gather people, but much more difficult to acquire the equipment needed to begin his campaign.

Now they have enough supplies to survive for years on their own.

It's enough.

The rest, they can continue to acquire from the forest as they burn it down. This is just the first step. The fire will draw the [Watcher's] attention, and they will be met with acres and acres of uncontrolled, blissful, raging fire. No matter how powerful they are, once the fire begins, all they would be able to do is watch as their precious forest is burned to the ground.

General: (This is my revenge. This is for my family.)

10 years ago, an entire city was wiped clean. There were rumors of what the [Founders] called a [Reset]. Those were supposed to be simple rumors spread by ignorant Church clergy and politicians. No one really thought it would really happen. The city remained untouched and prosperous for 150 years. The reign of humanity was dawning.

But it did. The [Founders] were hundreds of kilometers outside of the City, and the General was on a military surveillance to ensure that they were not planning a coup d'état when it happened.

General: (By the time I arrived, nothing remained.)

The city was gone ー replaced by untouched nature as if it never existed.

Only the roads abruptly ending was proof that it once led to a great city.

General: (And with it, my family was no more.....)

His wife, his two daughters......

As the fiery flaming arrows arched across the field towards the forest like shooting stars, they peppered the forest where thousands of barrels of oil was poured out onto the floor.

Unmitigated, beautiful destruction and chaos.

.............was supposed to follow.

General: "? What happened?" The fiery arrows rained into the forest, but not a single one caused even a dried leaf to ignite. They simply vanished out of sight.

The forest remained silent and untouched. Confused murmurs began rumbling throughout the ranks.

General: (This isn't good. It would only take a single soldier to scream and run to send fear and panic throughout the entire army.)

General: "You there, go and find out what happened."

The General sent a scout to approach the forest. The scout cautiously and timidly approached the borders as if to expect it to erupt into flames at any moment.

As he reached the tree line, the scout crawled and edged forward to peer into the darkness.

It happened so fast that no one knew exactly what to make of it. One second the scout was there, the next second, he was gone.

A man in a brown business suit stepped out of the forest in his place.

He seemed to be an elderly gentleman with leathery, weathered, wrinkly, skin, but on a closer glance, you would see that his skin was made of wood, his hair made of small, dark green leaves, and he wore a pair of spectacles.

The [Watcher of the Forest].

[Leave now, and I will come for you when your time has come.]

Words rumbled and shook the bellies of each solider, yet none would comprehend the meaning of the words.

General: "IーIt's him......!!" General: "It came alone......!! This is our chance!! If we take down the Monster, the forest is ours!!"

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Humanity will once again reclaim the throne to rule over nature.

General: "We are the bastions of all human kind! Today, we will cut down that Monster and use him as kindling for our fires tonight! Sons of Men! To arms! To arms! CHAAAAAARGE!!!"

With a frenzied shout, the General was the first to lead the charge.

His loyal officers followed, and hundreds of cavalry galloped towards the Monster in the suit. Arrows flew overhead ahead of them as the archers began releasing fiery arrows at the Monster standing alone. Thousands of foot soldiers began marching double-time and the front ranks broke out in an all-out sprint. The ground shook with the angry shouts of battle.

[So you choose to extinguish your own flames of destiny...]

With an exasperated breath, the Treant stretches his hand as it grows in size and catches all the arrows about to hit him.

To the men charging in, it would have only looked like the arrows disappeared before it hit their target.

No one could stop.

No one dared to stop.

In a blood-frenzied outrage, every soldier on that field that day charged in with absolute conviction that the Monster before them must be stopped ー that humanity's enemy must be overcome.

The last thing they saw was the tree line of the forest suddenly lurch forward and swallow the soldiers in a tidal wave of branches, leaves, and roots.


<Inside a concrete, metropolis city in the present day>

Trash is trash. In and out.

[You can start over.]

Shut up. No I can't.

[It's never over as long as you're alive.]


My mother's words clung to me as I furiously clicked my mouse.

Nothing was enjoyable.

Nothing made me happy.

I just faced my computer screen day in and day out and hid inside my room.

At least on the screen, I can be......a hero.

Me......a hero.

The irony was so cruel that it burned and made me cringe.

I tried to be a hero once.

It only ended with blood on my fists and me sitting at the police station while my mother cried and apologized to the officer in charge.

There are no such things as heroes in this world.

There are good people ー very few good people, but there is much more evil that swallows them whole, chews them up, and spits them out.

What's the point then?

Outside the screen, people like me would have ended their lives long ago.

[........are you sure about this?]

[.............aren't there better things waiting ahead?]

Those weren't my mother's words.

As I held the knife.

As I held the noose.

As I stood on the edge as the train passed by.

Those words were etched into me like some sort of curse.

They made me weak.

They made it impossible to take that last step...

"I'm out of food..."

My fridge and cabinets were empty. There was nothing to eat inside my small studio apartment.

"(sigh).......guess I'll go to the corner store......"

I put on some shirt and pants laying around. I don't know if they're clean or how long they've been sitting there.

It's okay. It's just a 5 minute walk there and back.

........but just in case I run into that girl that works there......

I took some sample perfume that came in with a package I ordered. It's probably too fruity for a guy like me but.......I just need it to mask whatever smell there might be.

When I open the door, the cold winter air hit me like a brick. It made me grit my chattering teeth. I didn't even know it was snowing or sleeting or whatever this miserable weather was. The sky was cloudy and a dark shadow covered the city.

The ground will be slick.

I step down the stairs when it happened.


The stairway was frozen.

I felt my world slip from underneath me, and as my head hit the steps, everything went dark.


<Inside a forest>

When I awoke, pain ran through the entire length of my body.

My body felt heavy and dull.

I must’ve had a fever because my head felt dizzy and my vision blurred, and I could only catch glimpses of the dirt and grass in front of me.

(O) : (Am I...outside?)

I’m clearly lying on the ground outdoors.

I can’t recall what happened before now. I can’t remember anything as a dull pain throbs inside my head.

The trees surrounding me come into view.

It looks like I’m inside a forest.

(O): (A forest.......?)

There's not a forest anywhere near where I live.

A crow caws eerily from a nearby tree branch.

Inside the forest is dark, and even deeper shadows loom in the distance.

(O) : (It’s dangerous here…)

My survival instincts are ringing every bell it can.

But I'm only left more confused.

(O) : (What happened.....? ...........where am I..........?)

A shiver runs down my spine.

(O) : (It’s so cold… I need to find some place warmer…)

...I can’t get up.

I drag my heavy body awkwardly to a tree nearby.

Underneath it’s roots, there’s a cavern big enough for me to slide into.

(O) : (........…)

I don’t have to spend the night in the open. I don't know why but I can't stay out in the open.

With one last effort, I push my body into the hole. Tumbling forward and landing with an <OOMF!>, I roll up into a ball at the bottom.

Another shiver runs through my body.

I dig and part the leaves and twigs and bury my body deeper into the hole.

(O) : (What am I doing.......? Why am I doing this.........?)

I follow what my instincts tell me to do, but none of this makes any sense.

I can feel [warmth] from the ground beneath.

A [warmth] I've forgotten long ago. The [warmth] of feeling someone close to you....

I follow the [warmth] and allow myself to drift towards it.

The deathly cold that was wrapping around me slowly loosens its grip as I slip away into a dreamy state.

My back is aching and with the [warmth] now inside me....

My back still hurts. It feels like there's dozens of pricks or splinters digging into it.

I use the [warmth] to gently push the aches away from me.....like a child pushing away something he doesn't like.....

It's all I can do....

I hear several objects drop all around me, but I can’t keep my eyes open.

All I felt was relief at that moment.

My body feels much lighter now.

Enveloped in the [warmth], I snuggle into the ground as sleep takes over.

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