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The Orc's Awakening c40

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Chapter 40: An afternoon with the Fatty

<Noir’s Perspective>

Noir: “Okay, done!”

I put down the Piggy dolls that I made for myself, Ayse, and Layla.

Ayse wanted a large one, so it took more time, and it looked more like a large round pillow than anything else.

Noir: “Fwew….now what should I do….?”

It was the middle of the afternoon, and there was still time before dinner.

Ayse hung out with him at night. Layla hangs out with him in the mornings… Should I try the afternoons? But what about Shana? Should I give her a chance first?

Noir: “Wait, wait, wait….calm down, Noir.”

What am I thinking about? Did I just seriously contemplate finding time with that Fatty?

Noir: “He is warm and squishy though….”

It’s like sinking into a really soft cushion and….

Noir: “ERGH!! Stop! Get a hold of yourself, Noir!”

It’s not a matter of comfort.

It’s a matter of principle.

I look at myself in the tall mirror I set up.

I’ve always been proud of my looks and style. Yes, I may not have as much around the chest or butt like they overly emphasize for girls looking to wed in the Cities, but I can attract most men to me.

I picture Fatty and myself walking down a street……

Yeah….no…..I can’t…..

It’s so…………..awkward.

Everything about it is off. Maybe if he was not so.......heavy?

He’s not weak. I know that. But he’s so round〜

It’s like putting a stick next to a ball. We’ll make a perfect 10 standing next to each other in all the wrong ways……

I’ve been around too many men who are picture perfect. You can stare at them from almost any angle, and they would be sculpture-material-beautiful. And not to brag, but I wouldn’t be out of place next to them.

I knew Layla would never forgive me if I actually dated men like that. Contrary to their looks, most (if not all) their personalities were mirror opposites and always swung in the most superficial, patronizing, egotistical, intolerably-insufferably narcissistic manners.

Noir: “Hey, you got something to say to me?”

The colorful, magical sprites were looking at me and whispering among themselves.

I poke them with my finger, and they scattered laughing like children.

My personality isn’t that rotten…..well, at least, not since that guy swooped out of nowhere and caught me from falling any further….

Noir: “Hey, could you guys like...turn into fairies?”

I still don't understand why these sprites are chubbers. I’m sure it’s Fatty-related, but I want something like Layla’s butterflies. Something more elegant, dainty, and feminine.

They shrugged and pointed back to me.

Noir: “What are you saying? That I WANTED you to be like this?”

A circle of nods follow.

Noir: “I don’t have any disgusting fetish with fatty's! The only fatty thing around here is….!”

A circle of nods.

Noir: “Wait! That’s not possible! You mean to say that I’m what?! SECRETLY in love with him or something?!?!”

I slap the desk with my palms in protest at the notion.

They scatter and run away laughing again.

Noir: “Ugh….whatever…”

I’m past that. Yes, I agree that I CAN be superficial sometimes, but I can now【see】people better than I ever could before. Their words, expressions, and emotions are like a melody that now paints a more solid picture in my mind as I interact with them. I can sense their joys, pains, sorrows, and anger as well as tell when they’re being disingenuous or flat out lie to me.

I take a look at my Piggy doll.

Noir: “You’re strong, you’re magical, your personality is halfway decent, and…..I MIGHT like you just a little bit but….”


I poke his stomach with every word for emphasis.

Noir: “Ugh…….what am I gonna do…..?”

I gently laid my head on my desk when I heard someone approach.

<knock knock>

Noir: “Ughhhhhh….who is it?”

Orukus: “(snort) …..um….it’s me….”

I snap up. I turned to the mirror to check my hair and make sure there was nothing on my face.

Clothes. Check.

Hair. Check.

Smile. Check.

Noir: “What do you want?”

I tried to keep my voice as uninterested as possible.

Orukus: “.....(snort).... umm… well? Ayse and I were wondering if you could help us…?”

Noir: “.......................why?”

I felt cold steel sharpen the edges to my question. Ayse was hanging out with him in the afternoons too now?! Were they going out?! He wanted me to play 3rd wheel or something?!?!

The irritation kept mounting, and I could hear the fear well up in his voice.

Orukus: “(snort)....yeah, I know I shouldn't bother you about this, I didn’t know who else would help me with this….”

Noir: “You couldn’t ask Shana?”

I felt the icy edges of my anger cool just a little bit. So he’s here because he needs my help?

Orukus: “(snort) It was Shana who said that you’re the only one who could help us…”

Noir: “....sigh….fine. What is it you need help with?”

I quickly check myself in the mirror before I open the door.

He was standing at the door and he saw my face.

Even under the mask, I could tell that he blushed being so close up to my face.

I found that to be kind of cute. Normally, I should have been repulsed by the reaction.

........his eyes aren’t half bad either…......

I didn’t even realize my hands were reaching out to him….I almost pulled him close and dragged him into my room, when he turned away and coughed awkwardly. I flinched and caught my hand and hid them behind me.


Sheesh. I need to go find a man if I’m this desperate.

Orukus: “(snort) SーSorry. I can show you outside.”

Noir: “Oh, um, sーsure!”

I half-panicked and laughed awkwardly with him as we left for outside.

Whatever. Let’s go see what this is all about.


Out under the sunshine filtering through the leaves, Fatty and I go to the field where he and Ayse hang out a lot.

The field seemed to have large boulders that were broken and scattered around the field.

When did this happen? Ayse was hunched over a table made in the field.

Seeing furniture in the middle of nowhere was a odd sight.

Noir: “Ayse?” She jerked and with it, some sort of clay arm snapped off.

Ayse: “Ugh! No!!”

Orukus: “(snort) Any luck?”

Ayse turns to the Fatty with a miserably defeated look in her eyes and shakes her head.

Orukus: “(snort) It’s okay. Maybe Noir can help us.”

I look at the table and see…...errr......what the heck is this supposed to be?

I’ve seen children make better clay figures.

I know Ayse was never the patient type, but looking at this pile of clay, I couldn’t tell what she was trying to do.

Orukus: “(snort) Here.” Fatty shows me two figures.

They’re simple clay figures, but they have…..wood(?) inside? One is in the shape of an Orc (the pig kind), but you can only tell it’s an Orc because of its snout and ears. The other is a bland humanoid figure that probably represents a person. They’re about the same size as the sprites.

Noir: “Oka~y…...what are these for?” Orukus: “(snort) Watch.”

Orukus takes the Orc clay figure and gives Ayse the human figure.

They lay it at their feet and stand a few steps apart.

Orukus/Ayse: “ “(snort) GO!! ” ”

The figures come to life and dash at each other.

The Clay Orc charges in with fists raised.

Ayse’ figure takes a slightly different stance sideways with one arm lowered and the other raised and jumps rhythmically up and down.

The Clay Orc dives to try and tackle Ayse’ Clay Figure, but Ayse puts in a feint to one side and twirls the opposite direction.

Jumping slightly off target, the Clay Orc was already in the air, and Ayse’ Clay figure landed an elbow in its back.

Something <SNAPS!> as the Clay Orc figure goes immobile.

Ayse’ figure shadow boxes a few punches and then raises both arms into the air in victory.

…………….I have to admit. That’s kind of neat. I pick up the defeated Clay Orc figure as it crumbles slightly. So it’s not exactly like a human bone system, but it had a cylindrical twig that resembled a spine, and this piece cracked. It also had a small wooden ball for its head and even smaller ones for joints, hands, and feet. The Clay represented flesh and muscle.

Noir: “How’d you do that?” Orukus: “(snort) um….well, [Earth] Magic?”

With that, Fatty moves and wiggles around a clump of dirt on the ground using an Earth Sprite.

Noir: “………………..”

It’s the same as mine.

There’s a few dozen thoughts that start racing through my head, but I saw Fatty with a guilty face. Wait, that means…..

I look at Ayse, and……I don’t think she’s using sprites. I don’t know why or how I can tell this, but her【essence】and the【warmth】surging from the ground is intermingling beneath her feet and around her, and it’s wrapping around her Clay figurine to move it.

I call out Colonel Brown, my [Earth Sprite], as I replace the Clay Orc’s spine with a new piece of wood, and it comes to life in my hand. Colonel Brown and I were synced. It felt strange, but it was like I was moving my own body with slightly different joints.

We punched and kicked as I felt the same motion go through my physical body. It was hard to stay still while keeping track of the movements in your mind. It was almost like the Clay Figure mimicked your body’s movements.

Noir: “So what made you think of doing this?” Orukus: “(snort) Well, Ayse likes to fight, but when she did, she made a few craters and took down a few trees which made Gramps mad. If we put her mind in this Clay figurine, at the very least, she won’t be as destructive. I can always build an underground gym if she needs to let some steam off or let her go off to a mountain or something to punch and kick some boulders around, but as far as fighting, I thought this might be fun and realistic way to do it since it follows our movements.”

Interesting…...and the reason why they needed me was…. Orukus: “(snort) You think you can make this look cooler?” In a begging gesture, Fatty and Ayse both rounded their eyes into large sparkling plates.

Noir: “.........can I play too?” <<<<>>>>

3 Gladiators stood on the stage.

One was an inverted triangle for its upper body with rust colored armor and carried a large axe attached to a polearm held by thick arms.

Another was almost the opposite. Its rounded stomach protruded out, and thick, muscular, stubby arms and legs held it up as it held a small hand axe and a machete. It’s red armor was thick and ready to take an excessive amount of punishment before it went down.

Finally, a slender elegant figure in yellow armor twirled a spear and had two daggers on its legs.

To make it fair, we fought one on one.

I watched as Fatty with his endurance based soldier [Orc Jr.] faced off with Ayse’ [Head Crusher].

This would be a tough fight for Fatty. Fatty’s figurine is based on defense while Ayse’ figurine is focused on taking enemies down with a single, fatal strike.

The match began.

Unlike the previous fight, Orc Jr. slowly edged himself closer and closer towards the Head Crusher, but as he got closer in range, the Head Crusher’s polearm would thrust nasty strikes towards Orc Jr.

Orc Jr. barely managed to deflect the polearm’s sharp butt-end, but couldn’t find an opening.

Ayse was waiting for an opening to swing her axe blade and cleave Orc Jr. in half.

She sensed that a vertical strike would be too risky and stuck with thrusts while Orc Jr. remained outside the axe head’s reach. One mistake from Orc Jr., and a horizontal swing with the axe would separate its upper body from its lower.

She might have been too careless, as Orc Jr. took the opportunity during one of her thrusts to deflect it with his machete and hook his axe onto the pole.

Now Head Crusher couldn’t swing the axe head.

She tugged and pulled, but Orc Jr. now slid forward and down the polearm, closing in on Head Crusher.

He had one arm holding the polearm and the other prepared the machete for a devastating, lethal swipe when….

Head Crusher pushed the polearm downwards and planted the end of the polearm into the ground and with a jump, it pushed the polearm to a vertical position. Being forced to suddenly halt in its tracks, Orc Jr. was out of position when a giant shadow moved over his head. Head Crusher used the polearm to propel itself over Orc Jr.’s head.

As Head Crusher landed, it let go of its weapon and kicked mercilessly at Orc Jr.’s right knee. Armor and armor met, but there was a nasty crunching sound as the bone (i.e. wood) inside splintered from the impact, and unable to sustain its body anymore, Orc Jr. began falling to the floor.

Before Orc Jr. could reach the floor, Head Crusher grabbed hold of its helmet, and with a brutal twist, the fight was over as Orc Jr.s head came off.



I look at my [Arc Angel] Princess Lumina in her pristine, shining, intricately designed golden armor as she poses elegantly in the sunlight and files the nails of her gauntlet and blows on the ends.

Noir: “..........NOPE. I forfeit.”

I rather use the ugly clay dolls to be sacrificed to Ayse’ berserker. They were not as fancy as Princess Lumina, but served well as noble sacrifices to Head Crusher’s merciless bloodbath.

In the end, I had to make a few plain Orcs as shields as well as some of my own simple spearmen as we double-teamed against Ayse. Ayse howled in accusing protest, but our figures didn’t have armor and only held weapons.

……...plus we hated losing.

Like a sudden manhunt, 5 Orcs and 5 spearmen charged at Head Crusher.

The Orcs charged in recklessly to buy me precious time to get my line of spearmen to surround Head Crusher as the Orcs were cleaved left and right. Some got through and gave a swipe at Head Crusher’s arms and legs, but in the end, Head Crusher took down every single Orc.

Though I managed to completely encircle Head Crusher and apply devastating spear thrusts from all angles, in the end she still managed to take down 4 of my spearmen by grabbing the spear end and throwing them against each other before that monster finally went down with multiple swords and spears sticking out from all over its body..

I didn’t even notice Layla as she snuck up besides me.

Her curious eyes were watching what we were doing as she put a finger to her lips and thought and then looked at me longingly.

Layla: “...........can I play too?”

Ayse: “REMATCH!!!”

Orukus: "(SNORT!) YOU'RE ON!!"

Our group found a new hobby.


Shana: “~♪”

Gramps: “Looks like they’re enjoying themselves over there. Are you sure you don’t want to join them?” Shana finished planting the seeds of some vegetables and watered them.

She could feel the【warmth】of the Earth caress and weave into the seeds shell, and after a【lesson】or two, the plants shot up as it sprouted and developed quickly. The【lessons】took a toll on her, but growing different vegetables and plants were very similar to one another.

Before long, the plants bloomed and bore fruit before she could reply.

Shana: “Oh, I’m okay. It sounds like a lot of war and fighting stuff, so I’m not interested. Thank you for showing me your garden, Sir Tree.”

In most cases, she now just remained in awe as she watched the plants grow. The【lessons】were not as painful as they used to be. Was it because of Sir Tree? There was still too much she didn’t understand, but at the very least, she could help plants grow now.

Gramps: “This is not a garden by definition. I would consider this whole forest as my garden in fact. This patch of ground is just a collection of some of the vegetables you and your companions eat. We’ll have to go to other parts of the forest for the fruits and the nuts are located in a different area as well. I must admit though…..you have grown quite proficient in taking care of plants, young daughter.”

Shana also planted a variety of flowers on the edges of the garden to see what combination would look nicer. She may have to consult with Sister Noir. The flowers were beautiful, but….she couldn’t really call her arrangement a “garden” as much as it was just a patch of different flowers growing in one place. There was a clear difference in her opinion.

Shana: “Thank you, Sir Tree. It’s been wonderful being able to watch all these different plants grow. Do you mind if I help you again tomorrow?” Gramps: “You are always welcome here. All the plants enjoy your presence.”

And Shana continued to watch the plants of the Forest grow until the angle of the sun indicated that dinner time was approaching.

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