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The Orc's Awakening c34

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Chapter 34:【WIND】Awakens

<Noir’s Perspective>

I sat on a chair facing a table in my room with a needle and thread in my hand and some colorful pieces of cloth stacked on one corner of the desk.

A small yellow snapdragon flower stood on two legs and crossed its arms as it watched me work. It wasn’t even as tall as my thumb.

A little while before, I was sitting on my bed after Layla recovered from her fever and with nothing to do, I was going crazy with everything that’s happened today. I needed something to take my mind off things.

…….because otherwise, I would think about “him.”

I curl up into a ball on my bed and shriek into the pillow.

The bed was surprisingly comfortable and the covers and sheets were amazingly soft. You wouldn’t find anything of this quality outside the Cities. I was accustomed to sleeping on the ground most of my life, so this was a nice change. This was also something “he” made.

<sniff sniff>

........It smells…..kinda nice…...



I know it’s nothing less than suicide to approach that Treant, but having a [Watcher] end my life right now didn’t seem so bad.

The flower in my hair stirred briefly and then popped out and floated down onto my bed.

Below the petals, there was a green humanoid shape with a blank face, body, two leaves as arms and the stem split into two legs. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. There’s nothing like this recorded in the [Seeker’s] texts.

I stared curiously at the small thing as it landed, twirled, and saluted at me.

Noir: “………...ummmmmm…….are you here to help me?”

It nodded vigorously and struck a weird pose.

Noir: “...........like……..could you get me a needle and some thread?”

It thought for a moment is it crossed its arms and raised a leafy hand to its chin. Then, snapping its finger as if to realize something, it cupped both its hands to its mouth as if to call out to someone.

No sound came from its mouth, but……….


Four small faceless creatures of different colors, but of the same size popped up onto the bed. They were humanoid, but……..TINY. All the creatures were no taller than my thumb. They were all different colors. There was brown, blue, red, and white.

The brown one had a texture that gave an impression of the earth.

The blue one had a watery, wet texture.

The red one seemed to glow red like an ember.

And the white was almost transparent as small gusts of air whirled around it.

……...they were kind of cute……

I poked the round stomach of the muddy one, and its round stomach felt warm and squishy. It curled into a ball in surprise as if it felt tickled……

Again, NOT in the texts of the [Seeker’s] records.

I heard about fairies, but those are usually identified as iridescent balls of light. There are stories of gnomes in fairy tales, but they don't exist in real life.

If you take a piece of clay and mold into a human shape with a head, body, two arms, and two legs, you pretty much get what these guys look like.

I poke each one and hesitate on the fiery one. It was looking expectantly at me since all his brothers got tickled, but…..

I slowly reach out my finger and realize that it didn’t feel hot. It felt warm, but I didn’t get burned as I would a candle flame. I tickled him too, and they rolled around laughing. None of them spoke or made a sound, but their movements were really expressive, and it was easy to understand them.

I set my needle down for a moment, as I look at the chair, table, and everything these guys made for me. It’s more than impressive. The flower got me different plants to use as dyes, and the other elemental Orcs processed it to get the colors out and dye the fabrics. They gathered up cotton and turned them quickly into fabrics. The quality was impressively soft and sturdy too. The snobby Tailors of the Cities would lose their minds if they had something like this.

I quickly got back to sewing.

I wasn’t really thinking and just mindlessly sewed as I thought about what happened with Mr. Fatty and me when we were together…..

When he was trying to save Layla, we all placed our hands on him.........mostly just to comfort and encourage him......

........and we were all suddenly taken to that gloomy fortress…..I’ve had enough experience in the Cities with some “leisurely medications” that would send someone to a strange and fantastic world, but this felt different.

It felt too【real】….

It felt too【true】…..

Before I knew it, I held out a…..doll(?)....of an Orc in armor….

Why did I make a Pig?

He resembled Mr. Fatty and held a cloth axe and machete in each hand. He was only about the size of my hand and just as round and plump as the real one.

Noir: “.......................................”

I froze in place.


I throw and slam the Orc doll into the wall as my helpers scatter away at my sudden outrage.

Noir: “...................” Feeling a pang of guilt, I quietly pick up the doll and squeeze it tight against me.

Shana: “Sister Noir?” Noir: “........?!?!??!”

Shana knocked and opened my door, and my heart stops as I jump back in startled confusion.

Shana: “........are you okay?”

Noir: “IーIーIーI’m good! Yes! NーNothing wrong here! DーDーDーDid you need something, Shana?”

I hold the Orc doll tightly behind my back as sweat dribbles down my scarlet face.

Shana: “......you don’t look okay at all though…..do you have a fever? If you want me to, I canーー”

Noir: “No! NーNーNーNo! I’m fine! JーJーJーJust need some fresh air! IーI’ll be back in a bit!”

I try to hurriedly walk past Shana when she realizes what I was holding.

Shana: “OH! THAT’S ADORABLE! Did you make that?!”

She grabs my Orc doll and squeezes it against her cheeks.

Shana: “It reminds me of Mr. Orukus!”

Blood drains from my face.

Noir: “OーOh, really?! ThーThーThat’s a weird coincidence! ThーThat’s not what I was going for at all!”

Shana: “..................” Noir: “WhーWhat is it?” Shana: “.......can I have it?”

I almost instinctively reached out to take it out of her hands, but I was able to pull back my hand in time. Noir: “S-SーSure! I can always make another one!”

Shana: “I’m sure Sister Ayse would like one too….Maybe even Sister Layla…” Shana puts a finger on her chin as she thinks.

Noir: “RーReally?! Okay! I’ll do that when I get back!”

I flee from the scene and run outdoors.


I don’t know what I was thinking.

I almost snatched the Orc doll back with a “MINE” response.


I scratch my head until strands of hair flies out everywhere.

I must look like a mess now.

My little friends hurriedly make and pass me a brush and comb. The items are too big for a single one of them so 2 or 3 brought it to me as a group of ants would.

..........I take it from their hands and brush my hair. Even though I haven't really taken care of my hair, it was surprisingly easy to brush my hair without hitting knots, and it felt silky soft...


But then again, everything that's happened is beyond weird. Just a single mention of any of this, and I would be tied up and left for the Forest to take me.

I sat high on top of a tree branch on one of the tallest trees I could find and looked out over the horizon of the Man-Eating Forest.

From here, it was just a beautiful forest.

I picked up the brush and ink to paint on the square canvas my Yellow Flowerling and the elemental minions prepared for me. They followed me all the way up here and watched me paint as they sat on my shoulder or head. I felt no weight from them. I don’t know what these things are, but they are handy. I should think of names for them....

I put my finished painting down, and look up to the skies. I’m surprised that I haven’t been attacked by any [Monsters].

I saw a pair of monkeys - regular monkeys - pick up a twig and bark and mimic what I was doing. There are ape-like [Monsters], but these are just regular animals.

I’m especially surprised that one of “those” hasn’t attacked me yet.

High above in the air, they soar and dominate the skies.

The [Great Eagles].

Any contraption the Engineers of the City make that takes to the skies are immediately smashed to pieces by these [Rulers of the Skies].

It’s unfair, really. They would make giant hail the size of your head and send it raining down upon its targets. We have air trolleys suspended on lines in the older Cities, but that’s as far above as we dare to go.

During the Spring and Fall festivals, we have glider competitions, and I’ve always wanted to try it, but those are typically reserved for Citizens only. Non-citizens like us only watched from the sidelines as they competed to see who could go the farthest.

That much was allowed by the Birds at least. Air transports and weapons were not....

It took me a while to realize that I’m seeing the [Great Eagles] quite clearly. Yes, I have really good vision, but nothing that would capture an object that’s a dot in the sky - not like this.

I've heard of the [Gifts] of [Sight], but using binoculars or a telescope would be just as simple and more effective.

The sensation of the wind caresses my arms.

……….it’s as though I can feel what those Eagles can feel. I can feel the wind underneath its wings. I could brush my hand against its feathers.

……..it knows I’m looking at it.

…….it knows I’m calling to it.


<From a Great Eagle’s Perspective>

There’s a cat watching me.

Well, not a Panther or a Lion of our kind…..

But two large cat-like eyes were watching me from atop a tree.

It’s as if the forest opened its two giant eyes and wouldn’t let me out of its sight.

........I haven't felt this terrified and vulnerable since I was a hatchling......

It followed me no matter how high up I flew.

Then....I hear a <whoosh> as an.......arrow shaft buzzed by me?!

I didn’t even sense it coming?! Impossible!! It’s as if the wind itself cloaked the shaft, and I’m miles up in the air!! There’s no way a human could shoot an arrow up at this distance!!

……...it was a warning too.

[Run away and you’ll die]

An icy cold chill ran down my spine at that moment.

I don’t know what that thing is.

It’s in the shape of a human girl, but that’s no human.

It’s a【Monster】. A true【Monster】 wearing the skin of a human. I’ve heard of the 【Twisted】 or 【Corrupted】and even the【Lost】. They are rare and the [Watchers] of the ground, especially the [Ruler of the Forest] would take care of it before it becomes a problem in this area.

But that girl is not 【Twisted】, 【Corrupted】, or 【Lost】.

She just【is】.

She is not a human from this world then...........and she calls for me.

I carefully fly down to the branch she is sitting upon.

I make my descent smooth and gentle so as not to give her the wrong impression that I’m swooping down to attack her.

I wouldn’t last seconds against her if I provoked her.

I land with a <whoosh!> of my beating wings and carefully cock my eyes towards her.

She’s a beautiful creature by human standards.

There is something different about her.

She is human, but not like the humans elsewhere.

She reaches out softly to caress my head. Looks like she’s not out to kill me.

I feel her softly jump onto my back, and I barely feel her weight. She’s surprisingly light. In fact, I can’t even tell if she’s there or not.

But she is. I’m certain of it.

I spread my wings and take off into the skies with the woman as she screams and laughs in delight.

……...the sound of her voice is comforting. As natural and full as the chirps of the birds at dawn. As gentle and filling as the coo’s of owls at night.

Her joy fills the skies.

The air shimmers and the winds accept her.

I am not flying.

I am being【carried】by the winds.

If what I did before was a graceful【falling】, then now, just now, I know what true【flying】 is.

It is absolutely magnificent to fly.

We are both now free to roam the skies.

The skies【permit】it.

The air【accepts】it.

No, it’s the other way around.

It’s【her】sky. She【owns】these heavens.

It’s her 【wind】.

It’s her【world】….

I was carrying the [Daughter of the Skies] on my back.

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