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Chapter 93: Training and Practice

Ashley: “Fuh, fuh, fuh!” (sfx exhale)

Ricardo: “Ashley! Your step-in is getting lazy! And you need to watch your sword as you swing back up and not just down!”

Ashley: “Yes!”

Ashley responds heartily to Mr. Ricardo’s criticisms.

As I watched this as I glanced to the side, I was practicing my basic forms with a spear. And Jend was training next to me.

We were at Mr. Ricardo’s house. Since he is the head of the City Military, his house is equally very impressive. Inside the yard of the large house, the three of us continued to swing our weapons.

……….so…...yesterday, we were drinking tea and talking, but it seamlessly transitioned into drinking, and we spent the night at Jend’s as a result.

The next morning, Jend suddenly came to realize..

Though Mr. Ricardo is very busy year-round, if he is giving private lessons to Ashley……..then couldn’t he also join Ashley in the training too?

And I also joined Jend on his line of thinking. I’m not one of Mr. Ricardo’s pupils, but I thought it would increase the competition and morale if there was someone they were competing against. Since I haven’t seriously done any intense training lately, this would be a great opportunity.

So that’s why I returned to the Bear’s Keg Inn just to get dressed, and I joined the other two at Mr. Ricardo’s yard.

Since I’m half-retired, I do feel like I’ve been more than I should lately……..and it’s definitely not because while we were with Yuu, I lost to Ageha in our training matches…...definitely not…...really, that has nothing to do with this.

Ricardo: “Ashley, keep that grip on your sword firm! Jend, keep your form more compact!”

“ “ YES! ” ”

With Mr. Ricardo’s directions and teachings, the two are barely but still noticeably improving each sword swing.

I’m envious of them having an instructor.

Up until I was 12, I was training and learning in the Fezard Knights Organization, but after the Demon King’s Armies destroyed my homeland, I’ve been doing mostly self-study. Occa~sionally, I would put in Requests for training from other Adventurers who are spear-users or train with Sir Ezeal who can pretty much use any kind of weapon and would share our experiences with other spear-users……….but without a doubt, having a proper Master is much more convenient.

Ricardo: “................” Henry: “.........Mr. Ricardo?” Ricardo: “Mr. Henry, spears are outside my expertise, but I believe a thrust should be more like….” And Mr. Ricardo shows a quick example. I said quick, but his step-in and arm movements were refined and elegant.

I burn the image into my mind, and slowly prepare my breathing.

Henry: “Hah!!” (sfx exhale/shout)

I copy Mr. Ricardo’s movements and thrust my spear forward. I could definitely use more practice but……..I see.

Henry: “ are definitely being too humble to say spears are outside of your expertise.”

Ricardo: “I have not used it much, but when I was journeying around the country to become stronger, I have fought many spear-users and have much experience there.”

Wait, journeyed around the country? Well, I heard of people who do that, but…’s different when you actually meet someone who did…….

Henry: “Did you go around different Martial Arts Dojos?” The Alvenia Kingdom prides themselves in their well established Martial Arts expertise, and in almost every town, there is some sort of Martial Arts Dojo. The Eastflair area has a much more denser concentration and quality, but there are many Dojos in other towns that are renown or well known.

Ricardo: “Haha, well, I wouldn’t go around smashing them to the ground, but I politely asked for a match, and they would usually accept. ……...well, I was very young those days, so I may have provoked one or two matches with a few choice words.”

Mr. Ricardo laughs and shrugs……..but only people who have done this more than one or two times responds like this.

Especially after watching Ashley get intimidated, I can easily imagine now that Mr. Ricardo may have been quite rough on the edges when he was younger.

Ricardo: “Well, this is a wonderful opportunity to have you train with us. If there is anything I notice, I will gladly give you my perspective.” Henry: “........thank you very much.” I bow politely to him.

……..okay, let’s get to work.


Henry: “(exhale).........(exhale)..........”

From seven o’clock this morning, I’ve been swinging my spear for 5 hours now. This time, I didn’t use any {Physical Enhancements} so that I can identify mistakes in my form more easily, and now I could barely move my arms. It’s been a while since I trained this hard.

Now, in this condition, I allow Magic Power to flow through, and under physical exhaustion, I confirm my form and movements once again. Depending on how much you can move when you are exhausted will determine your life and death in critical situations.

I poured my will into my body as it tried to sluggishly resist the movement and swung my spear all the way down. Because I am out of breath, I can see that my movements are rough and clumsy. But even if I’m tired, I can’t forget the basics……

Henry: “Seiー!” (sfx exhale/shout)


Ashley: “HーHenry… still have that much energy? I…..I can’t move anymore….”

Henry: “Well, you’ve been to Ligaleo so you may already know, but over there…….we sometimes had to fight 3 days and 3 nights non-stop.”

Of course, we couldn’t have fought non-stop all that time, but there were times when I found a large rock to hide behind and tried to catch my breath by closing my eyes and meditating during the middle of battle. Those were some crazy, risky times.

……..if the Magecraft Artifact Barriers that are engraved into the City Walls worked better, we would never be in a situation like that, but with the corrupted Magic being so thick on the frontlines, the effect of the barriers are equally weakened. That’s why we would be put in difficult situations like that.

Jend: “That…….sounds like hell.” Henry: “Jend, it’s the place you’re wanting to go, remember?” Jend who was equally tired as Ashley is lying on the ground as he makes a comment.

I know we’ve spoken about this a few times in the past.

Ashley: “Jend, you want to go to Ligaleo?” Jend: “Yeah, what about you, Brother Ashley?”

Ashley: “I would consider it if I was a little stronger, but honestly, I’m starting to feel my limits as far as how much stronger I could get……”

Ashley mumbles those last words.

……….and I can understand his feelings. When I was 16, 17, I began to see my limits with my own Spear Skills.

But I couldn’t give up there because of my goal, and I worked to find a way and poured my everything into it.

When I couldn’t improve my Spear Skills, I began learning Magecraft. When I reached my limit with Magecraft, I learned to use Magecraft tools and items. And when I felt that my physical abilities were too low, I began using Ability Enhancing Potions.

……….and because using those potions is bad for you, Yuu learned the Physical Enhancement Magecraft Spell.

And even with all that, all I could do was support Sir Ezeal with his fight against Gilverte.

…………….how nostalgic.

Ricardo: “If you have the energy to talk, end your break, and restart your training. Go at your fullest might for the last 30 minutes!”

Ashley: “YーYes!”

Jend: “Understood!”

Mr. Ricardo raised his voice, and the two disciples hurriedly got back up.

As he watched the sword swings and forms, Ricardo turned to Ashley and said…

Ricardo: “Ashley. You shouldn’t set such limits at your age. You can cry about your lack of strength once you’ve swung the sword to your limit.”

Ashley: “........yes.” Ricardo: “Besides, just with this half-day, you should have felt yourself improve. I wish you would at least acknowledge that.” Ohー that is true.

Although they should be tired, Ashley’s form and swing has significantly improved compared to the beginning of this training. The parts that were self-taught were now refined, and he is now definitely moving a level or two higher now.

Ashley: “Do you really think so?” Ricardo: “Yes. All that is left to do is engrave those forms into your body. ……….which means you better show up every day after tomorrow.” Ashley: “OーOf course.” Jend: “Brother Ashley, I’ll be here too. Don’t worry.” Ashley seems pretty tired after just today, but after Mr. Ricardo pressed the point, he had to nod his head in agreement. And if his junior is showing up, there’s no way the senior disciple would not show up if he wanted to save face.

………..good luckー I’m not a disciple, so showing up everyday might be too much of a burden. I’ll just cheer you guys on from afar.

Ricardo: “Oh yes, yes. Mr. Henry. If you are here, the other two seem to be much more motivated. If it is okay with you, could you also join us starting tomorrow?” Henry: “........yes, thank you very much.” Honestly, I think he’s being way too considerate but…..

…….still, it’s good to have Mr. Ricardo look over my moves. I will happily join the guys in training then.

And with that, we were just about to end our last full burst of training swings when….

“Excuse meー”

And we heard a voice from Mr. Ricardo’s gate entrance. Apparently, he has guests…..or rather…..

Ricardo: “Oh, is this Miss Cyril’s voice?” Henry: “Yes, I believe so……..fwewー”

I try to catch my breath while I speak to Mr. Ricardo.

Cyril: “Oh, I hear voices over here……” And with light steps, Cyril comes around from the gate to the backyard area.

Cyril: “Oh, Henry. There you are.” Henry: “Hey.” I raise my hand to answer.

Ricardo: “Is anything the matter, Miss Cyril? Did you have a message for me from the Governor?”

Cyril: “Ohhh, no, it’s nothing like that. I went to the Bear’s Keg Inn for lunch, and I didn’t see Henry there for once, so when I asked Lana, she told me that he was training at your house. So I’m here now.”

And because she was pretty much treated as the Governor’s younger sister, she was acquainted with Mr. Ricardo.


Henry: “Wait, Cyril. But still, why are you here?” Cyril: “Oh, that’s because today, Miss Cyril is feeling the need to be attended by Henry.” Henry: “.........I didn’t promise nothing did I?”

Cyril: “Nope, but I knew you wouldn’t have anything else to do…...well, today, I was wrong about that.”

Argh, she’s being herself as usual!

Ricardo: “Hahaha, it’s good to see you two get along.” And Mr. Ricardo barks out a laugh at the sight.

Cyril: “So…...Henry, Mr. Ricardo, what happened to those two?” Ricardo: “Oh, please don’t concern yourself. They are just some incompetent pupils that couldn’t even swing their swords for 5 hours without tiring out.”

Cyril points at the two who are sitting with their backs against one another and trying their best to catch their breath, and Mr. Ricardo responds a little critically.

Well, they were both already tired out when they were forced to do a last effort to swing their sword to the fullest. It looks like the last part completely squeezed out every drop of energy they had left.

Ashley: “Hm…….? Oh, it’s Cyril.” Cyril: “Mr. Ashley, good to see you.” Although she said she didn’t remember him much, they both knew each other’s faces, and greeted one another.

Ashley was completely out of breath, but he did some deep breaths two or three times and managed to stand up.

Ashley: “Fwew……..well, it’s been a while. The last time I saw you, you were still just a kid, but you’ve gotten so pretty.”

Cyril: “Thank you so much! See, Henry?! This is what I’m talking about!”

And with delighted enthusiasm, Cyril turned to me as if to make a point. ……...I mean, I do give her compliments occasionally, but apparently, those didn’t count.

Henry: “Sure, sure. Yes, you’re pretty…… you satisfied?” Cyril: “Errrgghhhhー”

Cyril is not as she puffs out a breath through her nose.

And seeing Cyril, Ashley realized something.

Ashley: “.......oh, Cyril. Are you an Adventurer too now? That tag…..” Henry: “Hm? Did that never come up when we talked yesterday?” I guess we didn’t really talk about my current Party members now that I think about it.

Ashley: “Yeah……, are you okay? The kid I knew back then was…...pretty laid back.”

Ashley is careful in selecting his words……..but he probably meant that she was pretty clumsy as a kid.

Cyril: “Yes, I am completely fine. My Magic is something else, you know.” Ashley: “A Magician? That’s rare.”

Though it does take some time, she can use some Magic that is effective against the Highest-Tier.

But we can’t talk about the incident with the Fenrir, so I keep my mouth shut.

Ricardo: “Okay, you three. I know you want to talk, but first get that sweat washed off. You shouldn’t present yourselves like that before a lady.” ……….oh yeah, we are completely drenched in sweat.

Although Cyril has been around us like this since she’s in our Party, I do understand what Mr. Ricardo is trying to say.

Henry: “Okay then. Cyril, I don’t mind hanging out, but just wait a bit while I clean up.”

Cyril: “Ye~s”

I drag Jend on the ground who still hasn’t caught his breath and head to the well that’s in the back of Mr. Ricardo’s house.

Ashley: “Hey Henry. Are you and Cyril going out?”

Henry: “No, not yet.” Ashley: “Not yet? I see, tell me more.”

And on the way, Ashley suddenly displayed a sudden interest, and I did everything I could to dodge the question…..

……...and with all that considered, it was a great day of training.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 8: The Flame Swordsman


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