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Chapter 91: The Senior Disciple Part 2

After I heard Jend’s Senior came back to Flowtier, it was the night hours of the next day.

3 visitors who looked like Adventurers came to the Bear’s Keg Inn.

Among the three, one carried a large broadsword similar to Jend, and I recognized who they were.

Among the drunks at the dining hall of the Bear’s Keg Inn, Lana who finished her work at the kitchen immediately went to greet them. I was coincidentally drinking at a nearby table, so I decided to listen in on their conversation.

“Ohー pardon us for coming in so late. We're looking for a room to stay tonight, but are there any available?”

Lana: “Yes! We do have availability. Is it for 3 people? And will you be staying in separate rooms or the same?”

“We can stay in the same room, right?”

The man with the large broadsword seems to be the leader of the group, and the two behind him nod in acknowledgement.

Lana: “If that’s the case, a 3 person room will be 900 zeniths per night. If you are staying for longer than 3 nights, we can give you a discount. How many nights will you be staying?” “Oh uhー”

The man with the large broadsword seems to be looking this way and that as he thinks. He tapped his foot restlessly as he contemplated nervously.

And after thinking about it for a while, he cautiously and carefully spoke up.

“..........could we rent the 3 person room for 1 week?” And with those words the man who looked like a Magecraft Spellcaster let out a sigh of disappointment.

With a knowing look, he approached the man with the large broadsword to speak with him.

“Ashley, you have family here right? I understand that it’s a little too late to visit tonight, but from tomorrow on, you can stay with them, right?” Ashley: “Don’t make it sound so easy, Forte. I didn’t contact them for 6 years. My old man’s going to pulverize me, and my mom’s going to be crying the entire time.”

Forte: “Well, that’s your fault for being so neglectful. You let them know by a letter already, right? Just give it up and face the consequences.”

The man called Forte continued lecturing, and Ashley held his head down in shame. …….oh yeah……….now that I hear it again, he was definitely not being mindful of his parents' feelings.

But he did runaway from home as a kid, and he just worked hard like crazy after that, so by the time he learned some common sense, he hadn’t communicated with his family in years……..and you’ll see Adventurers like that every once in a while.

For those who make Adventuring a living, they all seem to have a similar tendency in their personality. He would fit right in at Ligaleo.

Lana: “Ummmm, sir?” “Sorry about that, Miss. Tonight, we’ll stay in a 3-person room, and from tomorrow on, it’ll be a 2-person room for 6 nights, please.”

Ashley: “HーHey, Paul!”

The last member spoke to Lana, and Ashley lets out a yell of protest. But Forte held him back with a, “This is for your own good.”

Lana overheard most of the conversation, so after thinking about it for a bit…..

Lana: “Ummm, okay. I understand. It’ll be a 3-person room tonight, and from tomorrow, it’ll be a 2-person room for 6 nights, correct?” Paul: “Yeah, and one more thing. The food and drinks look amazing here. After we set our luggage down in our rooms, we’d like to have a meal. Could you reserve a table for us?” Paul talked very smoothly…….but after hearing that, I raised my hand.

Henry: “Hey, if you three want, there’s room at this table.”

Ashley: “? Huh? Oh, yeah.” Ashley is a little confused at the sudden offer.

Oh crap, I think I rushed things a little too fast. I was trying to figure out a good time to approach those 3, and my mouth ran on its own first.

Henry: “Ohー sorry, sorry. You’re Ashley, right? I think you know Jend from around here, right? I’m one of his Party members, and we heard about you.”

Ashley: “Oh, I see. So Jend became an Adventurer too ーー wait, you’re a Heroic Warrior! Why is a Heroic Warrior this far back in the country…….? Were there any hunting grounds for guys like you around here?” There is the Altohern Upper-Regions, but you need explicit permission from the Governor, and it’s a hunting area that’s not well known even among the citizens here. From Ashley’s words, he’s just confirming my suspicions that not many local civilians really know about that place. …….besides, there’s only 3 parties that are currently going there right now.

So with that, if you ask why a Heroic Warrior is here……’s a difficult question for me to answer regardless. And in the end, I ended up having to work pretty hard anyways. But it’s hard to explain my initial motivations for coming here, and no matter how you look at it, compared to the frontlines, it’s definitely lukewarm here……

Henry: “WーWell, don’t worry about that. Here, it’ll be my treat, and I’ll order you guys some stuff, so go take care of your luggage first.”

I try to laugh it off to avoid the subject and sent the three on their way.


The Swordsman Ashley, the Magecraft Caster Forte, and the Scout Paul. They compose the Party [Brilliant Swords] who are currently based in one of Alvenia Kingdom’s 4 cities, the one closest to Ligaleo, Southgaia.

As Adventurers, they are pretty skillful, and they mainly target Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures that sneak past Ligaleo.

……….and they introduce themselves, and I introduce my name, general combat style, and most recent Adventuring history. By that time, the food orders came in.

Henry: “Then let’s toast.”

Ashley: “Yeah, let’s. Cheers to meeting the Heroic Warrior, Henry, tonight.”

Henry: “To a new tie with the [Brilliant Swords], cheers.” And I toast and drink the Flowtier Ale in a large beer mug with the 3.

Before the Brilliant Swords came, I had drank quite a bit already, but I’ll drink down my ale.

………..yeah, doing a toast always makes the following drink more enjoyable.

Ashley: “(FWEW).....ahhhhh, it’s so good. I didn’t drink while I was here, but the ale was this good this entire time.”

Ashley gets a taste of the Flowtier Ale, and slowly savors the taste.

Henry: “But if you’re in Southgaia, I’m sure you could have drank it there.”

The Flowtier Ale is a popular brand almost anywhere, and even if it’s a slightly more expensive drink, most people have a taste at least once.

Paul: “This guys was purposefully avoiding it. He said it would remind him of home too much.” Ashley: “Shut up, Paul.”

Paul: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people knowing.”

Paul chuckled and grinned to himself as he ordered another drink for himself. And Ashley also followed as did I.

Forte was slower to finish and was savoring each and every sip as if he was analyzing every taste.

And that Forte looked up with an exasperated look and spoke.

Forte: “We had to work so hard to finally convince him to come here. Sheesh, our Leader can be such a pain.” Ashely: “Oh, c’mon, Forte…….”

Henry: “Haha…….but Jend was happy to hear the news. If they didn’t, they might have presumed that you died somewhere.”

The number of children that die after trying to become Adventurers is not a low. If you don’t hear from them, you would typically have to brace yourself for the worst case scenario.

Ashley: “Ugh………...yeah, no. I do feel bad about that.”

Ashley didn’t have much to retort on that point, and muffled his words as he mumbled to himself.

Well, I think it’ll be good for him to get a good scolding. Unlike me, he at least still has people that can get mad at him………...but I’m getting too emotional. It’s probably the alcohol talking.

Ashley: “But Mr. Henry, you said that you’ll pay, but…… that really okay?” Henry: “Ashley, and you two as well, you can just call me Henry. We’re only 2 or 3 years apart. ……..and as far as tonight being my treat, I wanted to get some information about Southgaia and Ligaleo, so it’s payment for that.”

Southgaia is where all the import goods to Ligaleo is collected. And because of that, there are many Adventurers active in that area. I can gather good, recent information from them.

A little while ago, when I went to go see Yuu, I could have asked her, but……...she’s a Healer, so because of her role, she doesn’t interact with other Adventurers under ordinary circumstances, and she’s not as informed because of that.

What about Ageha? My head is not so empty that I would take her seriously outside of directly during an expedition.

Ashley: “I see. If that’s the case…….Forte?”

Forte: “Yeah, if that’s the case, Henry, I can share the info with you.”

Forte, who was wearing enhanced, hardened glasses that were very suitable for a Magecraft Caster, took out a memo book from his inside pocket and began sharing a lot of information with me.

……..yeah, I guess he does seem like the intelligent type. All the information he’s sharing is summarized to the most important points, and even with a body full of ale, I’m still able to process it.

Henry: “Oh yeah, about Yu…, I mean, do you know how the Saint of Salvation is doing? I thought she came back to the backlines and recently went back to the frontlines again.”

Forte: “I heard that she’s very active in her role. Apparently, more active and energetic than before the incident.”

Okay, that’s good to hear.

Ashley: “Are you acquaintances with Lady Eustacia, Henry?” Henry: “Yeah, I met her when we were kids. I told you that I was at Ligaleo before I came here, right? If you’re an Adventurer and a vanguard, you’ll get to see her once or twice.”

In my case, it was definitely more than once or twice though.

But I probably shouldn’t share info like that with people I just met. Yuu was worried about people from her hometown getting abducted, and even if that’s a higher possibility, there’s no guarantee that they won’t come after me either. Plus, it’ll be troublesome if they started asking me to introduce her to them or something.

Paul: “Really? Isn’t Lady Eustacia a real beauty? I’m envious that you got to know her.”

Henry: “.....yeahー?”

With Paul’s words, I just nod without agreeing or disagreeing.

Paul: “Well, for myself, rather than dream of getting a girl like that, I prefer to be more realistic with the girls around us. From what I can tell, it looks like there’s a lot of beautiful women here. Henry, could you tell me where the brothels are located?” Henry: “Yeah, that’s fine.” With Paul’s request, I tell him about where he can go to find those kinds of businesses.

Since I came here, I’ve only gone a handful of times, and I haven’t gone at all recently. As you get along with Adventurers, you also get that kind of information pretty readily. I told them about a few particular stores that were recommended to me.

Lana: “Okay, Mr. Henry. Here’s your refill. …….and I did overhear you talking just now, but I'll keep it a secret from Miss Cyril, so don’t worry.” Henry: “Wai ー Lana? I only related information that I heard from others!”

Lana, who brought my ale refill, nodded with a, “Don’t worry, I understand” but she definitely misunderstood!”

But Lana heads over to the next customer asking for her, and she couldn’t hear my excuses.

Henry: “Ughー dangit.”

Ashley: “Haha, you’re really close to the girl that works here. Have you been here long?” Henry: “I’ve been here for more than half a year now. It’s a really good inn.”

As I answer the question, Ashley thinks about it and…..

Ashley: “WーWell, if it’s that great of an inn, what do you think? Don’t you think I should stay here instead?” Forte: “Drop the subject.”

Paul: “If you keep spitting more nonsense, we’ll just tie you up and leave you in front of your parents’ house.”

His two companions glare threateningly at him, and Ashley let’s out a worried (SIGH~~~) and drank down the rest of the ale in his mug.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 8: The Flame Swordsman

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