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Chapter 90: The Senior Disciple Part 1

I jumped to the side to dodge the sword that came swinging downwards. An axe was being swung right where I was escaping to, and I blocked it with the Nyoiten Spear. The pressure against my arm was no joke, but I managed to change the axe’s direction and get out of trouble.

The axe continued on its course, and slammed and shook the ground.

Henry: “That was close! [Fire] {Ignis} + [Launch] {Velos}!”

After I managed to dodge the continuous rain of huge attacks, I fire off a Fire Arrow as a diversion and turned around to run.

………….there were Giants with an axe, a sword, and a spear, and they continued to attack me as I tried to get away. They completely ignored my Fire Arrow. ……...I was being too conservative with my Magic reserves.

“Муз ок!!”

A shard of ice comes flying at me to return the favor. I increased my speed to get away from their range.

………..oh no, I think I put too much distance between us.

Henry: “Hey, over here, you slowpokes!”

I raise my voice to taunt them.

Giants have a higher level of intelligence, but they also understood when a human who is much smaller than them was making fun of them, and their faces were overcome with rage……..or at least, it looked like that to me. I can’t really read a Giant’s expression, but I’m pretty sure that they’re more than annoyed now.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Restrain] {Katerno} + [Launch] {Velos}......times three!”

This time, I used an enhanced arrow. The Giants tried to display their annoyance and displeasure at such a feeble attempt by sweeping it away with their weapons, but too bad. As soon as they hit the arrow, it transformed into a chain of light, and the chains wrapped around and connected all their weapons together.


Their anger meter went up another notch, and they screamed words of fury in a language I couldn’t understand, and ripped apart the chains of light.

I pause for a moment to yell back “Hey, heーy” and waved my hands at them to taught them more.

It was very effective, and trembling in rage, they rushed at me with astonishing speed.

……...good, we’re about to hit the meeting point.

I took a quick glance at the planned hiding spot, and Teo looked up at me for a brief moment and gave me a thumbs up.

Looks like they’re ready. Great! Let’s do this!

I ran past the [checkpoint], and the Giants also ran through right after meーーin that instant, the rope that was disguised underneath the ground snapped up and caught the Giants’ feet.


<ZUZUNN> (sfx)

The Giants all fell.

Jend: “SO HEーーーAVY!! But we did it! Let’s go, Henry!”

Henry: “Let's do it!”

One end of the rope was tied to a large boulder, and the other end was held by Jend. He was able to catch 3 Giants that were running at a full sprint.

Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac}!”

One of the Giants frantically tried to stand up, but I throw my strength enhanced spear into him.

I pierce his skull, so that’s one down.

Jend: “ORAAHH!!”

Even though one of his hands must be still paralyzed from holding that rope, Jend took this golden opportunity to bring down his sword with his full strength. From his position, he could only take a single leg, but that’s enough.

The last one got up without injury…...but only for a moment. Teo shot and stuck it with an arrow.

Cyril: “I’m beginning the Spell!”

Ferris: “Leave this side to us!”

Cyril began her Singing Spell, and Ferris positioned herself to guard her. We’re in our typical formation.

Teo: “I’ll help Mr. Jend!”

Jend: “Henry, take out the one without the leg!”

Henry: “Sure thing!”

Teo and Jend charge at the Giant with the arrow wound, and my opponent is the Spear Giant.

Though his leg was cut by Jend, it forced the cut sections together and managed to stand up. The sound of hot water steam evaporating and smoke came out from where the wound was, and it was trying to regenerate.

But even if it’s a Giant’s regeneration ability, it’ll still take some time for a completely severed limb to restore itself. Plus, Jend’s Single Blade of the Fire God Style cauterizes the wound, so it will be difficult to regenerate regardless.

………..and without being able to step in any direction, there’s no way it’ll be able to handle its spear well.

Teo: “{Explode}!”

Jend: “Take this!”

The other Giant has lighter wounds, but Teo is using her Magecraft Charms, and Jend is keeping it at bay. It’s a little worrisome to send Teo, who’s more fragile, to the frontlines, but Ferris is protecting her with Yuu’s {Aura Barrier} Magecraft Spell, so I don’t need to be so worried.


Behind me, Cyril continued to concentrate her Magic Power without any limitation, and though the Giant saw it as a great threat, I had no intention of letting it pass.

Henry: “Well……...we’ll just hang around here a bit if that’s alright with you.”

And I parry the Giant’s spear.

……….one minute later.

Cyril’s lethal Spell erupts, and the remaining Giants are burned to a crisp.


Jend: “Here, Henry. Here’s your part.”

Henry: “Thanks.”

After that, we kept hunting Giants and Snow Queens ー the Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures ー and after we returned, we surrounded a table at the Church Tavern and divided up the spoils.

After we take a portion as the Party’s group funds, we divide it equally after that, but recently, I’ve been receiving a little more.

Before we start challenging the Upper Region of the Altohern Mountains, I am [luring out] the Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures to regions with less dangers and risks, and helping the Party gain valuable experience. So as the [bait], I am taking on a role that is more dangerous than the rest.

Teo has the technical skills to perform this, but if she ever encounters a situation where she can’t get out of, between her and I, I would have the higher chance to survive, so I’m fishing out the Demonic Creatures for now.

I think I’m definitely getting paid more at this point, but if these guys start officially hunting Upper-Tiers on the Upper Regions of the Altohern Mountain, they’ll easily be able to regain their losses.

Teo: “But they really fell for that trap today. The rope was expensive, but I’m glad we made the purchase.”

Henry: “Yeah, and the way you hid the rope was good too.”

It’s a rope that tripped up Giants. Any ordinary rope would have been torn to shreds easily, so this one is specially made.

It’s an alloy between iron and Mithril. It’s flexible, but still extremely tough, and because of that, the price is also equally high.

Teo: “I would like to try out other kinds of traps, but what should we use?”

Henry: “Hmmmm, well……”

I think about Teo’s question, but if we make the trap too sophisticated, the cost performance ratio instantly breaks down.

Ferris: “I don’t know much about traps, but what about trap holes?”

Henry: “The problem with those is the amount of energy it takes to dig one. It’ll just be more efficient to use that energy directly against our enemies.”

Ferris: “I see. That makes sense.”

Cyril: “I got it! Miss Cyril would like to try out bombs!”

Henry: “Too expensive. Your request is denied.”

And like this, we all talk about our next strategy. It’s a good atmosphere. It’s actually rare for Party members to be able to freely discuss their ideas like this. It’s very easy for hierarchy of strength to be established in this line of work.

For now, we couldn’t think of any new strategies, but as we continue with more and more expeditions, we’ll think of points to improve soon enough.

Cyril: “So when do we want to go again? We’re on a roll lately, so maybe just rest one day and go the day after?”

Henry: “Ohー, yeah, let me think.”

I try to think about our schedule.

Ummー with 3 women. I think about their…….physical schedules. I think it’s okay……...I mean, it was really embarrassing having to ask about that. But as far as making expedition plans, I had to ask just in case.

As I think about that time, Jend raises his hand.

Jend: “Ohー sorry. I have plans the day after tomorrow.”

Henry: “Oh yeah? Then it’ll have to be another day.”

There’s no reason to hurry. After getting everyone’s schedule together, we decided on going on our next expedition four days from now.

I sipped the coffee I ordered as we just talk about whatever.

Henry: “Jend, the day after tomorrow, you helping out with your family business or something?”

Jend: “Ohー no, no. An acquaintance is coming back to Flowtier to visit. He’s a senior of mine."

Oh, Jend’s senior, huh.

Ferris: “Your senior, Jend?”

Jend: “Yeah, I call him Brother Ashley. When he lived in Flowtier, he should have lived close to where Teo lives in that neighborhood.”

Teo: “Ashley……...Ashley…… that you mention it, I think I met him. He always carried around a large sword, and I remember him always laughing.”

Jend: “Yeah, yeah. That’s the guy. When he turned 14, he said he wanted to be an Adventurer and left Flowtier, and we haven’t heard from him up until now. I just got a letter from him saying he’s coming to visit.”

………..sounds like a pretty free spirited guy.

Cyril: “Mr. Ashley? I remember talking to him. I don’t remember him that well though.”

Jend: “I don’t think you had much in common with him, Cyril. Besides, it’s been 6 years since Brother Ashley left Flowtier.”

6 years…..sheesh.

Henry: “If he really hasn’t contacted you guys for that long, didn’t his family think he probably died somewhere?”

Jend: “No doubt. I completely gave up on him until that letter came. I bet his dad’s going to really give him a good lecture or two. Brother Ashley’s never been good about keeping in touch with people.”

Yeah, I don’t think you can blame the family for getting mad.

Henry: “So he’s your senior of the Single Blade of the Fire God?”

Jend: “Yeah, Master Ricardo was first teaching Brother Ashley. He was strong. I think I would definitely be stronger than Brother Ashley when he was 14, but………..he seems to be pretty successful as an Adventurer, so I’m sure he’s quite strong by now.”

Huh…….well, if it’s Mr. Ricardo’s disciple, I’m sure he’s quite the swordsman.

Jend: “Oh yeah, so his Party is taking a short break and coming down with him. They’ll be here for about a week.”

Henry: “Adventurers from another town? Man, I want to talk to them. Flowtier is too far out in the country, and I can’t seem to get good news here.”

Jend: “The country…..? Well, I guess you’re right but………”

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I think Flowtier’s an amazing place to be. But besides the Adventurers News that the Church publishes, I don’t get information about other Adventurers much.

Usually, other Adventurers from other towns would visit, and I would get information from them in the form of rumors……….but that’s for a normal town. There’s not a whole lot of opportunities like that in Flowtier.

Jend: “Well, if it’s like that, I can talk to him. I have a lot of questions for Brother Ashley too about his Adventurers.”

Henry: “Yeah, thanks.”

After that, we chatted some more about this and that.

And that day, we parted ways.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 8: The Flame Swordsman

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