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Chapter 87: A Farewell for a While

5 days have quickly passed since we arrived at Wreathfield.

I was originally only coming here to make a brief visit, but one thing happened after another, and we ended up staying much longer.

But…...we should be getting going soon.

For letting us stay at the orphanage, I gave the Ningel Church a donation to repay back Ms. Fi-Ne. The materials we gained during our expedition and gifts back to our friends and families back home have been placed inside Teo’s [Dimensional Expansion] bag, so we are all packed and set to go back.

Red: “Henryー! When we see you again, we’ll be much stronger than we are now! Look forward to it!”

Kay: “We’ll definitely get one strike on you next time!”

Red and Kay puff out their chests as they make their proclamation. I smile at the proud boys, and I scrub their heads with my hand.

Henry: “Good, keep working hard. Don’t skip out on your trainings.”

Red: “We won’tー! …….besides, if we do skip for no reason, Ms. Fi-Ne can be…….quite scary.”

Kay: “.......hey, stop talking about that, Red. I don't want to remember the last time she got mad at us.”

The two energetic boys visibly shrink in fear. Ms. Fi-Ne seems like a kind person, and she doesn’t look that terrifying to me but……

I guess it’s hard to go against the adults who raise you. Or it’s possible that since Ms. Fi-Ne raised Yuu, I just haven’t seen the other side of her personality yet.

………..she really doesn’t look it at a glance, but from my past experience, I can’t help but feel that it’s the latter.

Fi-Ne: “Mr. Henry.” Henry: “YーYes.”

With impeccable timing, she began talking to me as I wave the rude thoughts out of my mind.

Fi-Ne: “.....I wanted to relay my thanks one last time about Yuu. That girl, I’m happy to see that she’s able to go back now with much more cheerfulness than when she first arrived here.”

Henry: “Oh, but I didn’t do anything.” Fi-Ne: “Hehe. Then we’ll just leave it as that for now.”

Ms. Fi-Ne lets out a small chuckle and looks over to Cyril and Ferris who are saying goodbye to Yuu.

Yuu: “Thank you, you two, for the time we spent together. When you come to Ligaleo, please come see me.”

Cyril: “Yes, we’ll definitely come see you when we get there!”

Ferris: “And thank you so much for your instructions and training. I feel as though I grew a step or two higher than when I first arrived here.”

Cyril was bright and cheerful with her reply, and Ferris bowed her head deeply.

Yuu: “Oh no, Miss Ferris. It’s only because you just got used to what we’re doing that you feel that way. If you continue the training after you get back, you will need to definitely continue improving, you know? You did receive my instructions, so if you haven’t improved when I see you again…….”

With a ominous “fufufufufu” (sfx feminine chuckle), Yuu was smiling towards Ferris with obvious intimidation in her words.

Ferris: “NーNNNNNーNo! There’s no reason for that kind of concern! I will, with heart, soul, mind, and body, endeavor to continue training!”

Yuu: “Yes. …...I know I scared you a little there, but it was only to encourage you. Please keep up the good work”

Yuu flips her expression to a bright smile and encourages Ferris.

Yuu: “Oh yes, yes. …….Miss Cyril, I will be <cheering> for you too.”

Cyril: “YーYes?! I don’t know what you’re talking about! Miss Cyril has no idea!”

Yuu: “Oh you~”

Yuu seemed to imply a lot in her words, and Cyril is suddenly panicking.

Those two really seem close now. It’s been like that every since that night they drank together, and they’ve become really close friends since.

Teo: “Sister Ageha, are you not coming back with us?” Ageha: “Yeah, I’ll be going back with Yuu and go directly back to Ligaleo. Yuu’s slow, so it’ll be tiresome though.”

And I overhear Teo and Ageha talk.

Yuu: “We are specially getting a Magecraft Vehicle sent to us for our return trip. It’s not going to be that slow. Sheesh.” Ageha: “The Magecraft Vehicle…..isn’t that that thing where it can only run on flat surfaces even though it’s friggin’ expensive?”

Yuu: “.........I think you’re the only one that can honestly call that vehicle slow.”

I know Ageha is not impressed, but in general, a Magecraft vehicle is pretty fast. It’s about as fast as a Mid-Tier Adventurer Vanguard, and it doesn’t tire out.

And the exterior is also really cool looking. I actually like them a lot.

Teo: “Miss Eustacia. Please take good care of my Sister Ageha.” Yuu: “Yes, of course. And please take care of Henry as well.”

Teo bows her head politely, and Yuu returns the gesture in kind.

………….well, so far, this is all very typical. We are making our farewells like in any other normal case.

But now……

“Brother Jend, please come and drop by to see us again.” And the person saying her farewell to Jend is the last member of this orphanage, Jill.

I really didn’t have time to get to know her, but when Jend had free time, he spent it hanging out and playing with her.

Jend: “Yeah, I made some connections with this town’s merchants, so I’ll definitely be sent here again for business. I’ll definitely come by if that happens.”

Jill: “Okay! Oh, and here……..this is a protective charm I made. It’s a medal with the emblem of the Ningel God’s symbol.”

Jend: “Oh, thanks. I’ll make sure to treasure it.”

It was a wooden medal that would fit on the palms of a child’s hand. Though the engravings were still a little rough, you could tell that the child spent a lot of time working on it. Jend accepts the gesture and gives his thanks.

…………...Jend, is everything okay? I can’t help but feel that there’s something beyond adoration in that way the child’s looking at you…….

Henry: “Ferris, I’m just saying this just in case, but stay calm.” Ferris: “Mr. Henry…...really now, who do you think I am? I’m not going to throw a fuss over that. She’s still just a kid.”

Ferris brushes it off like it’s nothing.

……….yes, that’s true. But that’s right now.

Jill is the oldest among the children and is 11 years old. She’s only 5 years separated from Jend. When she turns 16, Jend will be 21, and their age difference will be smaller than me and Cyril’s.

In a few years, small crushes like these might blow away and disappear……….but the Ningel Church believers are known for being very caring and endearing.

……….but by that time, Jend would have gained a lot of strength, skills, and money by then. If he’s able to support them properly, it’s not unusual to have multiple wives. Of course, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be tension in the family, but that’s up to Jend to deal with when the time comes.

Okay, that’s it! I’ve decided to ignore it.

As I make the executive decision to turn a blind eye to what’s happening between Jend and Jill, Yuu walks over this way.

Yuu: “Then Henry. It’ll be a farewell for a while, but please take care of yourself.” Henry: “That’s my line. I came to see you because I heard about whomever that collapsed from exhaustion.”

Yuu: “Of course, I’ll make sure that it will not happen again. I do understand that I was pushing myself a little too hard recently.”

I heard that they’ll be increasing the number of Healers on the front lines, so Yuu’s burden should be lighter going forward but……

Henry: “Yuu, even if you think so today, I’m sure you’ll forget those words as soon as you see someone get hurt………..if you collapse again, I’ll be sure to laugh at your mistakes, so remember that.”

Yuu: “ would be quite humiliating to be laughed at by you. Fine, I understaーnd.”

And with that, she pouts and turns her face away.

………..sheesh, she gets childish like this sometimes.

Henry: “Okay, okay. I’ll believe you for now. Hey, you take care of yourself too, alright?” Yuu: “Yes, then it’s goodbye for now.” I shake hands with Yuu.

Although her hands are small as always, the lives of the soldiers and adventurers weigh heavily on them.

……….if it’s her, she’ll try to carry them all by herself with these skinny arms.

Henry: “You let me know if anything happens. If you come begging to me with a ‘help meー’, I’ll come flying over.”

Yuu: “I told you this before, but that’s none of your concern.”

Although her words are bitter, she still smiles. I guess she does trust me to a certain degree.

Yuu: “Good bye, Henry.” Henry: “Yeah, see you later, Yuu.” We leave the Apple Tree House.

We wave goodbye to everyone at the Apple Tree House plus Ageha, and we start heading towards the town gates.

……….and then…..

That signaled the end of our Wreathfield trip.


So now, on our way back......on the way here, I was worried about Yuu…...I mean, I was in a hurry for whatever reason, but we didn’t have anything urgent to get to on the way back, so we walked leisurely.

Cyril: “Wellー, after all that…..I was watching you both till the very end, but Henry and Miss Yuu get along so wellー”

It happened on our way back.

Cyril who was walking next to me suddenly spoke up.

I feel like similar comments have been made a lot…..

Henry: “I told you. We knew each other for a long time now.”

Cyril: “But even if you know someone that long, it doesn’t usually end up like that, right? I've known Jend since we were kids, but we’re not that close like you.”

Henry: “If you are saving and being saved only on a daily basis by each other, it’ll be like that.”

With all my friends on the frontlines, unless our personalities really clashed, it was easy to get along with everyone there.

Cyril: “Is that so….? ……… you think we’ll be like that some day?” I don’t know how many people are encompassed in this “we” business but……

Henry: “Yeah, we’ll be fine. Without any bias, this is a solid and good Party.” It’s different from when I was in Ligaleo, but I can say for certain that Cyril and the rest are important friends of mine. ………..although we’ll be separated when they leave for the frontlines, we’re close enough where I will miss them dearly.

Cyril: “I see. Then we’ll need to keep working hard with every expedition when we get back!”

Henry: “Yeah, that’s the spirit.”

I send casual encouragement to Cyril who is getting herself pumped up.

Ferris: “Yeah, Cyril. I also want to try what Miss Eustacia taught me in actual battle, so I can’t wait to go on our next expedition.”

Jend: “Yeah, me too.” Teo: “Me as well.”

And everyone who was listening to our conversation spoke up in agreement.

Everyone here seems to be right on the edge of just running off at any moment. And it’s fine to feel that way but…..

Henry: “....I don’t mind you guys getting pumped up, but fatigue from traveling is no joke. We are taking the next day off as soon as we are back.” Cyril: “What~~, Henry, why would you dampen our moods like thatー”

Henry: “Argh, shut up. It’s part of the veteran’s job to calm down you bloodthirsty youngins….and don’t get so close!”

Cyril pouts as she rubs her face against my arms.

Cyril: “Grrrrr, why youー”

Henry: “What do you mean, ‘why youー’. Sheesh.” I shrug my shoulders.

Well then…..

It feels like everyone got something out of this trip going to see Yuu. I’m glad.

Maybe we’ll challenge ourselves to the Altohern’s upper region when we get back.

As I think about these things, I deal with Cyril who seems to be more playful than usual as we continue to walk back.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 7: The Saint of Salvation

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