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Chapter 86: The Rescuers

I ran at my full speed to the Wreathfield Gates.

But I was careful not to run into anyone because at this speed, I could easily injure them severely by merely bumping into them.

But fortunatelyーーWreathfield is more way out in the country than Flowtier, so there are not many people in the streets. I pass by some, and they quickly turn around bewildered at seeing me run by high speeds, but I don’t have time to deal with that right now.

………..thinking through the situation, I wonder why I’m in such an anxious state in the first place.

Even if there are injured people, they are all people I don’t know. Even if they unfortunately pass away, I would feel sorry for them, but after a night of rest, I may forget about them.

But this is just how I feel.

Yuu has continued to count the number of people she could not save, so I don’t want to add any more to those numbers.

That was 80% of the reason why I ran so hard.

………..the rest is…….well, if people’s lives can be saved, then I do want to save them.

Henry: “.........there it is!”

I begin to see the gate. I see a wrecked horse carriage on the inside of the gate, and some people who are looking with concern from a distance.

I need to drop my speed and get through that crowd to go near the carriage, but……...never mind, it’s too much trouble.

“WhーWho is that?! There’s someone coming……!!”

Henry: “Up we go!”

One of the members of the crowd notice me, and at that second, I kick the ground and jump over the heads of the whole crowd.

Henry: “.........oh, whoops….” I jumped with too much momentum and almost fell forward. I made the crowd stir up and their attention was on me now, but at the moment, I need to get to the carriage as fast as I can.

“WhーWho are you?! What business do you have here?!”

The soldier who was guarding the carriage immediately came up to me ー I guess a man jumping over a crowd like that suddenly would look quite suspicious.

I cough to clear my throat, and greeted him as best as I could. Forcing my way through at this point will only waste more time.

Henry: “I’m currently a guest at the Apple Tree House. I heard there were some who were injured, and I came to help.” “From Sister Fi-Ne’s……? No, but.....I have not heard that a man like you was at that house. Do you have any proof of identification?”

………..ugh, it’s bothersome, but from the soldier’s perspective, this is an important question.

Henry: “No, we’re only staying there temporarily, but this should suffice as proof of identification.” “!! Are you a Heroic Warrior Adventurer?!”

Henry: “Yes.”

I show him the tag we all carry around as proof of our Adventurer status. Heroic Warriors in general have a lot of respect and clout. That’s why it’s so difficult reach the high set of standards and receive the title promotion to become one.

Henry: “I can’t use any powerful Healing Spells, but I do know how to perform basic Healing Magecraft Spells. Can you let me through?”

“..........yes, please.” I am guided towards where the injured are.

There is a blanket that was laid next to the carriage, and I see four men laying upon it.

There are three Adventurers and one who is probably the carriage driver. Next to them is one more Adventurer looking extremely concerned at their state.

The four who are laying on the ground are wrapped up in several bandages. The bandages are tainted with blood soaking through, and just looking at them is painful.

“?! Hey, who are you?!”

The Adventurer who was standing next to the four take notice of me, and screamed at the top of his lungs as he glared, but I remain calm.

His friends are injured. There will be people who will not be calm in these kinds of situations. But injuries like this were so common in Ligaleo, you couldn’t afford losing your cool on the frontlines.

Henry: “I am an assistant of a Healer. I was quicker at running, so I ran ahead to look at the injured.”

In order to calm them down, I speak as formally and politely as possible.

But, I said I was an assistant to a Healer without even thinking about it, but…’s not a complete lie. As Yuu’s partner, I have helped her perform her healings many times. With the amount of knowledge she stuffed into my head, and from my own experiences healing my wounds, I am pretty knowledgeable now about external wounds.

“IーI see…...I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m Valius.”

Henry: “My name is Henry. I will start the examination now, so please wait here.”

I leave Valius with that, and I walk towards the four who are groaning on the ground. I can’t do any official medical procedures, but I need to determine whether they will make it until Yuu gets here.

There are two Adventurers who are severely injured, but they shouldn’t die for a couple of days. Fortunately, they don’t seem to have head injuries, and their breathing is stable.

But on the other hand….



………...the elderly carriage driver and one other Adventurer are in a dangerous state.

Their bodies are covered in bruises, and I can see signs of broken bones all over. One of the bones might have damaged an internal organ, and their faces are pale. The Adventurer has weakened to the point where he can’t even speak.

Even I can tell that their lives are fading away quickly. I don’t know if they will make it until Yuu gets here in a few minutes.

………...although it’s not as effective against people who are injured this badly….. Henry: “[Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Heal] {Teol}! [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Strengthen] {Hazac} + [Heal] {Teol}!”

I cast a twice enhanced [Heal] {Teol} on both.

………..Healing Magecraft is incredible difficult, and with [Heal] {Teol}, I can only combine it up to 3 Spells.

Before the effects of the [Heal] {Teol} wear off, I continue to recast it. I can feel my Magic Power drain to the point of exhaustion, and I took out the Magic Potion I carry around and chug it down and continue.

…………...if it’s this bad, all my Healing Magecraft can do is relieve the pain and keep them from dying at best.

In any other normal circumstances, this would have been a pointless exercise since death was inevitable, and I would be just extending their suffering.

Yeah, in any other normal circumstance that is…..

Yuu: “Henry! I’m here! Sorry to make you wait!”

……..see? Someone’s who’s absolutely not normal came. She pushed through the crowds, and when it comes to healing injuries, there is no one in the world better at it than her.

“Hey, isn’t that……..” “YーYeah, it’s the Saint of Salvation. I’ve read about her in the papers. Why is she…..?”

And I can hear the crowd begin to whisper about, but I can’t let that distract me.

Henry: “Yuu! These two need attention! Especially the Adventurer on the left is really bad!”

Yuu: “I know!”

Yuu immediately and quickly examines the two and begins her Spell Incantation.

………..because of its simplicity, I am able to cast my Spell without much inspection, but with higher class Healing Magecraft, you must thoroughly understand the patient’s condition.

Her ability to diagnose conditions so quickly is also Yuu’s mark of being one of the rarest and greatest Healers there are in our generation.

Yuu: “[God of Ningel, save and raise up these people from the pits of death]”

A strong but kind light flood out from Yuu’s palms.

Yuu: “{Resurrection}.”

The light embraced the two who were severely injured and began permeating slowly into their bodies.

……….eventually, by the time the light faded…..



The two who were only a few steps from death's doorstep opened their eyes and looked around confused and bewildered.


The five thanked Yuu over and over again and promised to deliver a gift to convey their gratitude at a later date.

And Yuu and I left the scene hurriedly to get away from the gathering crowds.

Some wanted autographs and to shake hands, and mistook Yuu for some sort of celebrity super star……….but I guess if you just went by looks alone, she could easily succeed as one.

It was bothersome to continue refusing, so we ran and left them behind. Yuu is slower than me, but she can easily outrun ordinary people.

Yuu: “Ahhhh~ that was a huge blunder…..”

Henry: “Hm? What’s wrong?” We successfully escaped from that place and were walking slowly back to the Apple Tree House when Yuu let out a huge sigh and mumbled to herself out loud.

……..and that reminds me…...I never thought about it, but why is she wearing a hood over her head? Back then, she was in a huge hurry so it flew back off her head, but she also had it on during our expedition.

Yuu: “Some people might guess that this is my hometown. If that happens…’ll be a little troublesome.”

Henry: “..........? Oh, was that supposed to be a secret?”

Yuu: “Of course it is. The only people that know are the upper echelon of the Church, and only a few people besides you, Henry. We already asked the people who know here to keep quiet, and only the head of the local Church knows about me.”

Henry: “And why go through all that trouble?” Yuu thinks about this before she replies.

Yuu: “I know that you don’t know much about this, but people who try to recruit me don’t always resort to peaceful means.”

Henry: “.........ohhhhhh…..” As soon as she said that, the realization dawned on me.

Yuu: “Even recently, they underestimated me because I was a girl and tried to take me by force. They got what they deserved.”

Henry: “.......are they…..alive?” I don’t care if those kinds of people live or die, but every death will weigh upon Yuu. For her sake, I hope they’re okay.

Yuu: “They’re not dead.” I see. I’m relievedーーwait, wasn’t the nuance of her sentence a little…...strange?

Yuu: “Well, so as you can see, if they know where my hometown is…….I think what if, and you can imagine the rest, right?” If a politician who is injured or sick tries to forcefully gain Yuu’s service……….they might resort to hostages. It’s a very common yet very effective strategy.

Yuu: “But there was only 20 people there, and if I ask Ms. Fi-Ne, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Everyone here respects her.”

Henry: “Is that so? Well, if something does happen, just let me know. Even if they take one or two hostages, I can rescue them. I live pretty close to here anyways.”

Yuu: “I would hate it if it comes down to that, but if it does happen, then I’ll be counting on your help.”

………….but I probably won’t even get a chance.

There are many who owe their lives to Yuu, and I mean a ton of people. And among them, some are extremely high-ranked Nobles, very strong Adventurers, and even many Knights owe her. So if anything like that happens, the conspirer will have to deal with an army that would be out to beat them down both politically and physically.

Yuu: “..........(sigh).....using Healing Magecraft really tired me out. Henry, do you want to get something sweet?” Henry: “Like you would ever be tired just from that. But yeah, I was training before that, so I am a little hungry. I don’t mind finding a place to eat.” Yuu pointed at a very nice looking café.

I saw from there windows, but one of the customers were eating cheesecake and it looked good.

Yuu: “Then it’s decided. Let’s go in.” Henry: “Sure, sure.”

And I was right. That cheesecake at the café was phenomenal.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 7: The Saint of Salvation

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