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Chapter 84: Soup

Cyril: “(groans) ughhhhh…….……….”

Henry: “(sigh), Cyril. Water. Drink it slowly.” And I hold out a cup of water to Cyril who is groaning in her bed.

Cyril: “ThーThank you very much, Henry.” Henry: “Sheesh, how much did you drink? You usually don’t drink that much at all.” In the morning…

I went to bed quite early last night, and because of that I woke up before the sun rose, and as I walked into the dining hall, I saw Yuu and Cyril with their heads down on the table and 4 empty wine bottles tipped over.

I guessed at what probably happened, and Yuu immediately cast {Clear Drunk} and cleared the alcohol from her body, and with a “Gonna sleep some more”, went up to her room.

……….but Cyril didn’t have the same Magecraft Spell luxury (and an incredible luxury I wish I had too), so I had to carry her to her room, and now I’m having to look after her.

Cyril: “MーMiss Yuu invited me and……….I probably drank a whole bottle myself.” Henry: “.........which means Yuu drank 3 on her own, huh.” That wine was a René Stölln ー an incredibly expensive brand, and it seemed a little wasteful for them to wash it down like juice.

……….but they were drinking for pleasure, so they are entitled to drink whatever they want as they please too.

Henry: “Do you want to throw it all up once? It’ll help you feel better.”

Cyril: “Ugh…….no…...I don’t think…….as a lady, I want to go that route……”

Henry: “A lady, huh….” ……...I’ve seen way too many female Adventurers who had too much fun and drank too much, and spit it all back up in the past. It’s surprising, but Ageha tends to know her exact limit, but Yuu would throw up regularly before she got used to drinking.

Once, she threw up right in front of me, and after that, she desperately learned the {Clear Drunk} Spell. How nostalgic.

Henry: “But…..’Miss Yuu’? You all must of gotten very close after the drinking last night then.”

Cyril: “Well…...yes, we did somewhat…….”

Henry: “Huh…….so what did you all talk about?” And Cyril immediately froze after my question.

…………..did I ask something weird? Cyril: “Uh….ummmmmmmm……..we talked…..about you…….a little…….” Maybe it’s because of the hangover, but Cyril mumbles her words a little. Her face is red, and it looks like she’s in a bad state. I hope she’ll feel better after today…….but it’s good to go through these painful experiences while you’re still young.

Henry: “I see….so you all talked about me? I mean, that makes sense. Between you and Yuu, I’m one of the few common factors. ……… what kind of stories about me did Yuu share?” If Yuu is talking about me, 9 out of 10 times, she would rattle off an embarrassing tale or two about me. Her personality isn't that twisted that she would really talk bad about me…...but depending on what she shared, I would have to get her back.

Cyril: “Yeah, so…...uーummmmmmm……..ummmmm……” And as Cyril thinks, her groans seem to be more…….forced.

……...did Yuu tell her one of my really embarrassing stories?

Was it that episode? Or that? Yuu and I have known each other for a long time, and we also have a warehouse of stories about each other because of that. The name of my spear throwing move was just the tip of the iceberg. When I was 16, she knows about how I reacted to my first brothel experience, and when I was 18, I got plastered and really embarrassed myself that night.

………..or when I was 21, when I heard Gilverte came to the frontlines, the way I completely snapped and went out of control…

The last one is something I really don’t want to recall. I remember Yuu slamming her fist into my face to stop me.

Cyril continues to groan, but doesn’t say anything further.

Henry: “No, it’s okay. I’m not going to force you to tell me.” If I keep trying to dig out the information out of her, tomorrow, she’ll be telling the girls that I'm insensitive and that I have no clue on how to read the signs, so I gave up on this for now.

Cyril: “.........excuse me, Henry. Can I get a refill of water?” Henry: “Sure, sure.” I make water with my Magecraft and refill the pouring jar. You do get quite thirsty during a hangover.

Henry: “Alright then, just keep resting. There’s still time before breakfast.” I leave Cyril’s room.

……..hmmmmm, but still, I haven’t seen Cyril like that before. But it’s obvious what she’s going through. I’ve been through some terrible hangovers myself, so I get it.

Henry: “..........okay then.” I remember seeing one particular plant in the Fallwood Forest when we were last there.

I guess I’ll make a quick run and gather some.


Henry: “I’m backー”

I jogged to the Fallwood forest, and it only took about 40 minutes for the round trip.

I heard the light tapping of a kitchen knife hitting a cutting board, and I head to the kitchen.

Fi-Ne: “Oh, welcome back, Mr. Henry. Where have you been?” Henry: ‘I just came back from the Fallwood Forest.” Ms. Fi-Ne was preparing breakfast, and greets me as I returned, and I answer her quickly.

Fi-Ne: “You went to that forest….alone? It’s dangerous…...but I guess to a Heroic Warrior, it’s not that big of a deal.” Henry: “Oh no, I appreciate your concern. But all of the creatures there are not as active during the morning hours.”

I had a guess that I probably wouldn’t be attacked. And in fact, I wasn’t, and I was able to retrieve what I went to get.

Fi-Ne: “Well, if that’s the case…….and what are those?” Henry: “Yes, it’s something I saw during my Adventurers. It’s an herb that works really well on hangovers.”

This was something I was saved by numerous times.

Fi-Ne: “For hangovers?” Henry: “Oh no, not me. I think Yuu and our Cyril were drinking last night. Yuu was able to heal her hangover with that Magecraft Spell, but Cyril was hungover so bad that she was not able to get out of bed.”

Fi-Ne: “Oh dear…” Ms. Fi-Ne lets out an exasperated sigh.

Fi-Ne: “That girl…..that Magecraft wasn’t created so you can drink as much as you like……..”

Henry: “Haha…..” Apparently, that Magecraft Spell was made for Healers who have to work every single day, and if they were drinking during their rare breaks and an emergency patient was brought in…….it was for situations like that.

……….but yeah. In the end, human beings are like that though.

Since I am fond of drinking, I couldn’t fully agree with Ms. Fi-Ne, but I awkwardly laughed neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

Fi-Ne: “Fwew……….well then, Mr. Henry, how do you plan to prepare those herbs?” Henry: “So I’m thinking of making a soup with this. Can I borrow your kitchen? Oh, and I can make enough for everyone too.”

I was wondering if I would make it before breakfast preparations, and it looks like I made it just in time. Ms. Fi-Ne was just getting started with the breakfast preparations.

Fi-Ne: “Oh, of course, I don’t mind at all. Please use the kitchen as you need. You are welcome to help yourself to the other foods and ingredients available.”

Henry: “Yes, thank you so much.”

The Apple Tree House currently only has 3 children residing here, but judging from the room, they have the capacity to handle many more children. And the kitchen is also equally spacious, and there is plenty of space for Ms. Fi-Ne and I to cook separately.

I open the daily-living Magecraft Artifact, the refrigerator, and check for ingredients inside. And I also look through the kitchen at the non-refrigerated stuff that lasts longer, and for spices.

……..yeah, I have everything I need.

I put water in a pot and heat it up. While it comes to a boil, I take the carrots and onion and peel and chop finely.

Fi-Ne: “You are very good with a knife.”

Henry: “Oh no, not at all. I’m good with a blade, but fighting Demonic Creatures is nothing like cooking. Actually, when I was struggling as a start-off Adventurer, I helped do chores around the inn to get discounts.”

It was when I was still a kid. Nowadays, I have no motivation at all, but my body still remembers all the skills I learned in the past.

Fi-Ne: “The inn? Is that the same inn that Yuu stayed at? I believe you were neighbors with Yuu at the same inn, correct?” Henry: “Yes, the Heartbeat of the Star Inn. …..well, it was destroyed by Demonic Creatures several times. By the time I was leaving Ligaleo, we rebuilt that building 4 times.”

It was originally run by a couple who were both former Heroic Warriors, and every time the building was destroyed, they would rebuild it with equal amount of enthusiasm. But because of that, the building structure itself was pretty simple.

Henry: “So the wife loved to grow herbs, and because there were so many Adventurers who liked the drink, she would grow this herb, and this soup is actually her recipe that she taught me.”

At that inn, we had this soup every other day.

You take the finely cut vegetables and boil it all together. And as I arranged the flavor with the spices, it brought back memories. You put in the herbs last, and you lightly pass it through heat ー that’s the key.

Henry: “Yuu actually liked this soup. Well, I’m sure she’s still eating it often over there.”

But for me, it’s been more than half a year since I had it.

At the end, I inserted the well-washed and cut herbs, and a very distinct fragrance suddenly filled the air. I took a sip, and it was just right.

Yeahー it’s such a nostalgic flavor. Now that I think about it, I didn’t see this herb in Flowtier. Maybe it’s due to a difference in climate.

Fi-Ne: “Wow, that’s a wonderful smell. The recipe looks very simple. If it is okay, could you teach me the recipe?” Henry: “Yes, I don’t mind at all.” Fi-Ne: “Thank you so much. I’ve finished my preparations. Shall we go wake up the children now?” She makes a large bowl of salad, and an omelet for everyone. There is also freshly baked bread that she must have bought this morning. And now, with a bowl of my soup, it completed the breakfast menu.

Henry: “Then I’ll go set the table.” Fi-Ne: “Thank you so much.” <<<<>>>>

So breakfast was over. The children rather liked the soup, and they decided on incorporating it into the Apple Tree House’s meals.

Ageha was complaining, “Whatー why do I have to eat this when I’m not even at Ligaleo!” but in the end, she had two servings.

Well, she did thank me for the soup at the end, so I’ll forgive her.

And I took the soup I set aside and head to Cyril’s room since she didn’t come down to eat.

Henry: “Heーy, Cyril, are you awakeー?”

I knock on the door, and I hear a faint “yeーs” reply back.

Henry: “Can I come in?” Cyril: “........go aheadー”

But now, I heard her reply louder.

Maybe I accidentally woke her up? I felt a little bad as I went in.

Cyril: “Hey Henry……..” Henry: “Brought you some food since you haven’t had anything to eat. I know you may not have an appetite, but you should be able to drink some soup.”

Cyril: “Oh…..yes, thank you so much.” Cyril got up, and she sniffed the soup that I carried on the platter.

Cyril: “Hm….that’s a different kind of herb inside….”

Henry: “Yeah, it’s a herb that’s really effective for hangovers. It was a famous recipe at the inn I stayed at when I was in Ligaleo.”

Cyril: “Ohhh…..huh? Wait, so Henry, did you make this…..?” Yup, and I nodded to her.

Cyril looked shocked at the news.

Henry: “Oh, c’mon. I was cooking while we were camping, right? I just don’t bother with it much, but I can do all the general chores.” But I just don’t like doing it!

…………...hence why I feel so guilty towards Lana too…..

Cyril: “WーWell, thank you so much.” Henry: “Yeah, well, just drink it slowly. After that, you should be feeling better in the afternoon.” I watch Cyril as she fearfully and carefully tries the soup.

…………..I guess we could go out somewhere after she feels better.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 7: The Saint of Salvation

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