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Chapter 82: A Day in Wreathfield

So, we took out about half the Elder Treants, and it was the day after we received our rewards from the Church for our work.

I thought we could charge into to the Fallwood Forest again today, but if we crush any more Corrupted Magic Territories, they would not be able to purify the areas in time, so we dropped the plan.

Accomplishing something that was unheard of in the area, we were told by one of the upper-clergy who came hurrying out that they can rely on the Adventurers residing in the town to do the remaining work, and within the next year, the Fallwood’s Corrupted Territories could be completely wiped out.

The Corrupted Territories in that area were great source of concern for the town, so they were pretty thankful for what we did.

But during that time, Yuu looked really uncomfortable under the showers of praise of “Our Amazing Hero,” “The Pride of the Town”, and the “Most Elegant and Beautiful Saint of Salvation.”

Ageha: “But isn’t that weirdー I’m a Hero of Legend too, but Yuu is the only one getting all the attentionー”

Henry: “It’s not like you enjoy people you don’t know complimenting you.”

She’s complaining, but Ageha’s not the type to really care about what others think about her.

Ageha: “I know butー doesn’t it bother you a little?”

Henry: “I mean, at the end of the day, it was Yuu and I that defeated the Elder Treants.”

Ageha: “But I was the one who found them!”

True, without Ageha’s help scouting them out, there’s no way we would have defeated so many.

Teo: “Yes, I believe you are far underestimating Sister Ageha’s contribution in the matter.” Henry: “Well, it’s not that I’m not considering Ageha’s……..ugh, never mind….sorry, sorry. My bad, Ageha.”

Ageha: “As long as you understand.”

With Teo backing her up, I apologize to Ageha.

Ageha: “Well, I followed you because I was bored, but I don’t have anything I want to buy. Teo, did you have something you were looking for?” Teo: “Hmmm….well…..” And as we chatted, we looked around the various stores.

Cyril: “Henry, Henry, don’t you think this cup is nice?”

Henry: “Ohー yeah, it is. It’s a nice design and looks easy to use.”

At one of the stores, there were cups lined up, and Cyril was pointing to one of them. I took a look and gave her my thoughts.

Today is the once a month Wreathfield’s Pottery Market day. This town isn’t a very touristy place, and there’s not a whole lot to see, so this was a nice timely event for us. Since our expedition plans went down the drain, Ms. Fi-Ne kindly told us about this.

But right now, it’s only Cyril, Teo, Ageha, and myself ー just us 4.

Jend went to greet one of the merchant groups with ties to the Carousel Association, and Ferris, as promised, was being taught Magecraft by Yuu.

Well, it might have been too big of a group otherwise, so 4 was just the right number.

Cyril: “Henry, what about you? Why don’t we buy a matching pair?”

Henry: “Oh, no. I still live in an inn so…..” Cyril suggested that I buy a cup with her, but I don’t want more luggage to carry around between inns.

I don’t mind buying a sturdy one for Adventuring purposes, but I already have all the tableware I need for that purpose.

Cyril: “Oh, that’s right. But how long do you keep planning on living in inns? Isn’t it more expensive?” Henry: “It’s…...just so much easier….” There’s a lot of different kinds of pottery goods, so just looking around is pretty fun. Oh, but since I’m here, maybe I’ll buy a gift for Lana’s family at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

Cyril: “Hmmm….oh, this doll is so cute.” There is a store that makes dolls out of pottery, and with sparkles in her eyes, Cyril is drawn to the display.

I don’t quite understand what’s so good about these kinds of works of art, but as long as she’s enjoying it, I don’t care.

Ageha: “Hey, Henryー”

Henry: “Hm? What’s wrong, Ageha.” Ageha: “Teo and I don’t have much interest, so we’ll head back. I already bought the gifts for everyone, so we’ll do some training or something.”


Henry: “But you’ve only been here for about 10 minutes.” Ageha: “Wellー I thought it would be more interesting, but it’s not what I thought it would be. Anyways, see ya.” Teo: “Excuse us.” And both left like the wind. ……...ughー, guess it can’t be helped.

Cyril: “Oh? Henry, what happened to Ageha and Teo?” Cyril came back from the doll store, and not seeing the two around anymore, she came and asked me.

Henry: “They got bored and went home.”

Cyril: “Whatー”

Yeah, I know how you feel.

Cyril: “Henry, are you going back too? You don’t seem to be interested in buying anything.” Henry: “.................................” Henry: “Nah, I’ll keep you company. I’m more worried if I leave you alone.” Cyril: “Why would you worry?! Miss Cyril is a perfectly mature adult!”

You are an adult but…….perfectly mature? I have a problem with that description personally.

Henry: “Right, right. Here, I can help carry the stuff you bought.” Cyril: “Ergh. It doesn’t look like you have any intention of revising your opinion of me.” Cyril frowns slightly as if in a poor mood.

Well, compared to when we first met, I think my impression of her changed here and there. But it’s a little embarrassing putting it into words, so I don’t like saying it directly to her.

Henry: “C’mon, let’s goー”

Cyril: “Oh, heyー wait for meー”

And now that it’s just the two of us, we thoroughly explored and enjoyed the Wreathfield’s Pottery market.


Cyril: “We’re backー”

Yuu: “Ohhh, Mr. Henry, Miss Cyril. Welcome back.”

We return to the orphanage, the Apple Tree House.

In the yard, Yuu, who was doing Magecraft training with Ferris, looks up and welcomes us back home.

Ferris: “......ah, ohhhh, you two are back. Welcome home……...did you find something interesting there?” Cyril: “Yes, there was so much that it was hard to decide, but I bought a cup and a plate. I also bought a cat’s figurine, and since one of the larger serving plates at the Governor’s mansion was cracked, I thought of getting a replacement.” Henry: “I bought something for the inn that I always stay at. Apparently, it’s a decoration that helps bring in good fortune for their business. ……….but Ferris, you okay?” Ferris looks a little gaunt and emaciated, and she’s also currently out of breath.

Ferris: “IーI’m okay. You don’t have to worry about…….me. I just used a lot of Magecraft, and I’m running low on Magic Power. That’s all.”

Yuu: “Here you are, Miss Ferris. Here’s your Magic Potion.” Ferris: “..........and as soon as I’m out of Magic Power, she immediately refills my reserve, and we’ve been endlessly doing Healing Magecraft training………...haha.”

As if waiting for the moment, Yuu immediately pulls a Potion and hands it to Ferris, and taking it, Ferris strains a smile on her face.

Yuu: “Of course, it’s always better to rely on your natural reserves, but unlike while you’re on an expedition, when you are Healing within city limits, you can immediately resolve any Magic Power exhaustion problems by chugging down these potions. In Ligaleo, if you are a Healer of some skill, they’ll provide Magic Potions for free. It’s important to refine your Healing Magecraft skills, but getting used to doing continuous Healing like this will also be useful too.”

Cyril: ‘Ummm…..I know you say it's useful but…….”

Cyril is taken aback a little, but during the busiest times, the life of a Healer on the frontlines is exactly like this.

And especially in Yuu’s case, there’s no other Healer who can heal on her level, so when there are many seriously injured patients, she would get Magic Potions by the dozens ready.

……….at the incident during the mass invasion where she became a Hero of Legend, I remember her forcing herself to drink 30 Magic Potions and throwing up.

But according to her, they’ll be sending out and increasing the number of Upper-Class Healers, so hopefully, those kinds of situations will decrease.

Ferris: “....ugh……….”

As soon as she tried to sip, Ferris felt something well up from her throat and had to hold it back with her hand.

…… many Potions did Yuu make her drink? I never saw her train other Healers, but she’s absolutely merciless…..

Fi-Ne: “Yes, yes. That is enough. Miss Yuu, Miss Ferris has never received training such as this, so this will be a good stopping point for today.”

Yuu: “But Ms. Fi-Ne….” And thankfully, Ms. Fi-Ne appeared and lent Ferris a helping hand.

Yuu: “.......but when you trained me, you never stopped my training.”

Fi-Ne: “That is because you never relented ー not even once. I don’t know who taught you to be so obstinate.”

Yuu looks at Ms. Fi-Ne with glaring eyes, but Ms. Fi-Ne isn’t showing any signs of regret.

……… it’s Ms. Fi-Ne who trained Yuu. I guess it’s natural for the Director of the Orphanage to take on that role, but it’s hard to imagine that this good-natured, kind looking grandmother was the one who trained up <THAT> Yuu right there.

Yuu: “(sigh).......well, Miss Ferris. Then we will stop for today. Once your stomach can accept it, please drink that Potion to recover.”

Ferris: “YーYes ma’am……”

And as her strength left her, Ferris crumpled to the floor.

Yuu: “Hmmmー, well then, what should we do about tomorrow? Ms. Fi-Ne, could you ask the local clinic if there is room for Miss Ferris and I to assist?” Fi-Ne: “Of course. There is always a shortage of personnel there, so if I speak to them, I’m sure they can hire you as temporary Healers.”

Yuu: “Then let’s go with that plan.”


Yeah, I guess there’s no one who would injure themselves just for their training. When I was learning [Heal] {Teol}, before I used it on an actual injury, I had to cast it on someone who already knew the Spell to learn how to make the Magic Power pass through the body and check if there was anything wrong with my Spell inscription.

Fi-Ne: “Since you are doing this as part of a training, the compensation will not be very well, but is that okay?” Yuu: “Yes.” Ferris: “.......of course, thank you.” Yuu was very energetic in her reply, but Ferris was still a little woozy as she nodded.

With that, Ms. Fi-Ne smiled and…

Fi-Ne: “Then let’s all head inside. I came out to tell you that tea and dessert are ready.”

Ferris: “.........Ms. Fi-Ne…...thank you for the offer, but I think I will go back to my room to rest.”

With uncertain steps, Ferris slowly heads towards the Apple Tree House.

Cyril: “Is Miss Ferris going to be okay?” Cyril looks worriedly towards Ferris’ way as we watch her walk back.

I let out a sigh and gave an accusing look at Yuu.

Henry: “You went too far, idiot.”

Yuu: “What do you mean by ‘idiot’, Henry. With the training today, there may be one more life that will be saved in the future. Thinking of it that way, it was a very productive day.”

Henry: “You really make it hard to argue with that….” Sure, in an ideal world, maybe what Yuu is saying is right.

But humans can’t just be so self-sacrificing all the time. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and just do the minimal work……...or rather, you need to balance between your goals and your limits ー at least, that's what I think. Granted, I prioritized what I wanted more than what others wanted and came to Flowtier, so maybe I have no place to say anything.

Yuu: “Besides, Miss Ferris was serious about putting her all into this training. It would have been more rude to go easy on her in that case. Do you not think so?”

Grrr….well, that’s true. The training itself was something Ferris asked for herself.

Henry: “Aghhhhー, yeah, yeah. Whatever. I get it. But just make sure she doesn’t overdo it.”

Yuu: “Hehe, who do you think you’re talking to, Henryー?”

……...well, that’s true too. As far as knowledge about the human body, there’s no one who is more of an expert than Yuu. It was wrong of me to assume that she didn’t know what she was doing.

She completely beat me in every argument I put up.

Yuu: “But I do understand why you would worry about your Party member. That part of you hasn’t changed a bit.”

Henry: “Isn’t that the normal thing to do?” Yuu: “Yes, it is normal.” I don’t know what’s so funny, but Yuu’s been smiling mischievously this whole time.

Ughー dangit. I’ve never once won when Yuu was smiling like this.

Henry: “Hey, Ms. Fi-Ne got some dessert ready for us. Let’s go before it gets cold.”

Yuu: “Sure, sure.” And with Yuu's “I know, I know” kind of attitude, I returned to the house with her with a slight bitter taste in my mouth.

Afterwards, we got to taste Ms. Fi-Ne’s homemade apple pie and apple tea. It was delicious.

It was their specialty treat when the apples ripen on the tree.

Since she makes it every year, it was incredibly good, and Cyril was asking for the recipe.

……….and well, it was one busy but peaceful day.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 7: The Saint of Salvation

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