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Chapter 74: The Tailor

In the west of Flowtier, there is a business district for craftsmen.

And in the block related to clothing, there is one particular shop on the corner.

Florence Tailoring.

This is the Tailoring Store that serves the Count of Flowtier, and because of that connection, Cyril had most of her Adventurer gear and clothes made here.

Henry: “…….this is the store?” Cyril guided me here, but I checked with her one last time.

Cyril: “Yes, we he~re. C’mon, let’s go inside.” Cyril enters the store with a “helloー” as if it’s nothing.

……’s amazing what you can get used to. Because it’s the Governor’s personal tailor, the store itself is overflowing with an expensive, fancy atmosphere, and I am feeling very out of place at the moment.

This is….yeah, that kind of store. If you fight for a living, you would at least be a knight with some noble status to come here. It’s that kind of store. No matter how strong you are, any Adventurer with a rough public image would not be able to step inside this store.

Cyril: “? What are you doing, Henry? You’ll get in the way of other customers standing at the entrance like that.” Henry: “IーI know….yeah….” When I choose a clothing store, I definitely hit the ones catered to the general public, and not ones this high-class.

I’m feeling more and more out of place by the second as I step into the store.

And I take a look at all the elegant clothes on display. The displays too are somehow very decorative and really emphasized the celebrity status of the location...or at least, that’s what it feels like to me.

“Hello, welcome.” And as I am distracted with the interior design of the store, someone calls out to us.

…….of course, it’s a normal store, so there will be people working here. I look to see who called to us, and I see a woman whose age is hard to determine standing at the counter smiling our way.

“Cyril, is he one of your Adventurer Party members?” Cyril: “Yes, he’s Henry. Henry, this is the Store Owner, Ms. Florence.”

I see. So the store is simply named after her.

Henry: “Oh, it’s a pleasure making your acquaintance, Ms. Florence. I am Henry.” Florence: “The pleasure is mine. I’m Florence.” I bow my head as I greet her.

Cyril: “Oh, that’s right. Henry, Ms. Florence is also from the Fezard Kingdom just like us.” Henry: “Is that so?” Oh yeah. Cyril was saying before that many people came to see Lady Asteria, the former princess of the Fezard Kingdom after the Kingdom was destroyed.

Florence: “Yeah, 10 years ago, I was also one of the refugees who fled from the Demon Kingdom’s invasion. …...and you’re quite famous yourself, Henry. I heard that you defeated the General who destroyed our country.”

Henry: “You know?” Florence: “I’m responsible for Lady Asteria’s clothes, so we chat about this and that.”

Ohhhhh, that makes sense.

Cyril: “Ms. Florence was part of the Tailoring Staff that served the Fezard Royal Family, and that’s where I met her from.”

Oh yeah, Cyril told me that she’s one of the children of the servants of the Kingdom’s castle, and she was living with her parents at the castle at the time of the invasion….or so the story goes.

Florence: “Haha, yes, my skills were improving to the point where I could have had my own store……and right at that time, that invasion started….it really was unfortunate for me on many levels.”

Ms. Florence shrugs her shoulders and looks somewhere into the far distance as the memories come back.

Seeing this well-established store, it’s really hard to imagine, but I’m sure she went through a lot of hardships.

The atmosphere dampened a bit, but Ms. Florence shook it off and turned back to me.

Florence: “Well, anyways, what business do you have with us today, Mr. Customer?” Henry: “Well, it’s just that….today, we wanted to see if you could handle a specific request that I had…” Florence: “Well, that’s what I would have expected. If it wasn’t that, you would have taken me by surprise…..although there are some people who come to ask me out occasionally.”

Ohhh….yeah. I understand their feelings. Ms. Florence is a beautiful woman with a rebellious edge in her character. She would be a very difficult opponent for me to try and ask out.

Florence: “Right now, our schedule is pretty full…….but this is a job from my dear Cyril and the Hero of our former Kingdom. Let me hear the details of your job first.”

…… To have it put that way is pretty embarrassing. WーWell, let’s just see what she says first.

Henry: “Yes… here is my Adventurer’s gear and armor. You’ll see that it’s damaged from a fight with a Demonic Creature.”

And I take and lay out the clothes that were in the bags.

This was the armor and gear I was wearing when we fought the Fenrir with Ms. Lotte.

I have a backup set, but it’s not on the same caliber as my main gear. It wouldn’t matter facing Ogres, but there’s a chance that I would have to fight Giants again, so I want to get this patched up as soon as possible.

But there are a lot of special materials used, so I will have to go to a Tailor with enough skills….and when I mentioned this at the previous meeting, Cyril wanted to introduce me to this store, and that’s how we came to be here.

The armor and gear we wear to fight Demonic Creatures will eventually be upgraded or created by specialized craftsmen who use a technique and skill called Enchanted Magecraft.

If it’s made of metal, it’ll be Metal Magecrafting and if it’s made of cloth, then Thread Magecrafting, and there are specialized craftsmen for each. With this, you can create and upgrade gear that will exceed the original materials in durability and attributes that wouldn’t have been possible before.

These techniques were mirrored after the Godly Equipment and to eventually try and exceed those item qualities. Now, as long as you have the money, you can obtain a gear that has specialized attributes similar to Godly Equipment.

This Tailor Shop sells regular clothes, but looking at Cyril’s gear, they are also first-rate Adventurer Gear craftsmen.

Florence: “Hmmm…….well, this definitely can’t be fixed by novices for sure.” Henry: “Yes, so does it look possible?” Florence: “Do you have backup materials for repairs?”

Henry: “Yes, but unfortunately, not enough to repair this much damage.” I take out the additional cloths and materials I was given when I first purchased the gear and hand it to Ms. Florence.

If I had enough material, I could have made emergency repairs myself.

Florence: “........let me take a moment to closely examine all of this. Wait here. You can roam around and take a look at our store while you wait.” Henry: “Yes, thank you so much.” And with that, Ms. Florence starts examining my gear even more intently.

I know I washed them, but I hope they don’t smell of sweat or reek too much. Well, I did sniff them before bringing them here. They should be okay.

Well, I’ll have to leave it to her for now, yeah...


Cyril: “Henry, Henry. Take a look at this.” Henry: “Hm? What’s up?” I was roaming about Ms. Florence’s store when Cyril waves and gestures for me as she calls me over.

I see a lot of small items lined up where she’s standing.

Cyril: “Here, take a look at this. Isn’t this handkerchief absolutely gorgeous?”

And Cyril showed me a handkerchief she was looking at. It had beautiful embroidery and the colors were rich but not too extravagant, and it definitely was a beautiful work of art.

Henry: “It’s beautiful…….but it’s too beautiful to use it as a handkerchief, no?”

Cyril: “Ohー yes, I agree with you. But I’d like to have something like this when I get older."

I got a glance at the price tag, and the numbers definitely matched the quality I was seeing.

Henry: “........but… make enough to not have to hesitate about purchasing that, right?” It is an expensive piece, but for an Adventurer who can hunt Mid-Tier, Upper-Class Demonic Creatures safely, it’s not a price out of reach.

Cyril: “Hmmmmmmー I do like to dress up, but I think it’s still a little too soon to wear things of this quality for meー I don’t mind shopping at cheaper places right now.”

Florence: “Don’t say such sad things, Cyril. I’m waiting anxiously for the day when you’ll order a dress from my store.” Ms. Florence was examining my gear a moment ago at the counter, but snuck up on us before we knew it.

I know that she knew Cyril from way back when, but she’s poking Cyril to make a big order pretty casually.

Cyril: “A dressー? Well, it’s not that I’m not interested, but it’s uncomfortable to wear and walk around the city, and I’m not involved in those fancy ballroom parties either.”

Florence: “Oh, you can make an order for casual clothes too. Don’t you worry. Why not put in an order that’s different from your Adventurer’s gear? I’ll still make you look fabulous.”

Cyril: “Hmmmmー Ummmmー but right now, I need to upgrade the gear I have.” And Cyril thinks about it for a moment, but refuses the offer at the end.

I think she has a lot of clothes, but it looks like she doesn’t spend a lot of money for each piece then.

Florence: “Well, well. If you’re looking for something of higher quality, it’s going to be difficult to do that at my store, you know? ……...but Henry’s order is even more tougher than that though.”

Henry: “Oh, will the repairs be impossible here……?”

Florence: “I won’t say that I couldn’t do it, but it would take too much money and time. What’s more, importing and buying the remaining materials would be incredibly difficult.”


As far as the materials involved, I hunted the Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures myself, and I also had help from my Party and friends………..

Cyril: “? Is the quality really that amazing for Henry’s gear?” Florence: “The bark of an Elder Ent. The fur of a Cerberus. Thread made from Orihalcon…...and that’s just the main materials. The dye is also a specialized concoction. The person who made this is also much more skilled than me……’s not impossible for me to fix it, but the importing of the materials alone will be 500,000 zeniths.” ThーThat’s too high……

Henry: “WーWill it really be that much for materials alone? I’m only missing a little bit, no?” Florence: “Materials like this would be sold in bulk around here. If you want to obtain just enough, then you’ll need to put in a Quest with the Adventurer’s Guild. That’ll be your main option.”

……..I don’t think you’ll find any of those Upper-Tier Creatures anywhere near here. What’s more, the Orihalcon Vein (a.k.a. The Upper-Tier, Upper-Class Orihalcon Golems) will definitely not be around here. If they were, I would have hunted them down.

Henry: “Oh yes, I thought maybe I could upgrade my gear, and I brought a Fenrir’s fur with me but…..”

Florence: “You’ll have to ask a 1st-Rate Dwarf Craftsman. I’ve never handled a Highest-Tier Demonic Creature material before.”

Henry: “Oh, yes.”

That wasn’t an option either.

And on top of that, I need to go to the race that is renowned for their craftsmanship - the Dwarves. I see one occasionally who’ll set up a workshop in a city, but you’ll typically find Dwarves living in the Varsaldi Empire in the [The Mountains of the Most Honored God of the Mines]. …….and that’s too far at the moment.

Florence: “If you want a realistic solution, the compromise will be using the extra material we have to fix as much as we can, and then fill in the rest with the best materials at my store. It’s definitely not on the same caliber as this material, but it shouldn’t degrade the quality that much.”

Henry: “.....and what about the price?” Florence: “It’ll come to a total of 200,000 zenith.”

200,000, huh….

Henry: “.......then I will go with that.” Florence: “Okay, thank you for your business. Give me about 5 days to complete the job.” It is a crippling cost, but it can’t be helped.

Cyril: “It’s only to repair a tear, but even that costs so much…..” Henry: “Yeahー an Adventurer’s gear knows no bounds the higher up you go.” The gear I have today, I provided all the materials needed, but they still charged me a lot for the production fee.

Henry: “If we can win a Godly Equipment, that would be best. Jend and Ferris’ armor would be fine against Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures already.” Cyril: “........but with your luck and mine, I think that would be nearly impossible.” Henry: “DーDon’t remind me…”

Since I arrived at Flowtier, all of my equipment I received has been one disappointment after another, so I can’t deny the fact.

Florence: “.......well, I definitely respect the skill of the gods, but human skills aren’t that inferior either. I’ll show you.” We may have provoked Ms. Florence’s pride as a craftsman as she looks at us with a wolfish smile.

………..yeah, I think I can trust her with this job.

And she fulfilled her end of the deal.

5 days later, I got back my original gear that differed very little from before it was damaged.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 6: The Life of an Adventurer

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