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Chapter 73: Jend and Ferris’ Future

Cyril: “Jend and Miss Ferris are late…” We are at the tavern inside the Grandes Church.

At one particular table we claim regularly, Cyril grumbles and complains.

Today is our scheduled meeting day. Cyril and Teo are here, but the other two have yet to arrive.

Teo: “Mr. Jend and Miss Ferris aren’t people who come late to meetings…...I wonder if something happened to them?”

Henry: “If both of them are not here at the same time, I don’t think either one is out sick, but….I’m not sure.”

Typically, maybe they promised to come together and one person woke up late and caused the other to run late too…...or something like that.

After about 15 minutes, I was thinking about checking on them at their house when…

Cyril: “Oh! They’re finally here.” Jend and Ferris appear at the Church entrance.

They notice our stares and gesture an apology.

And they’re walking over…..but that’s strange. Ferris’ walk is a little unnatural. She’s walking with a slight limp as if to compensate for a hip injury.

And they’re actually walking pretty close to each other - closer than usual. They’re holding hands, but their bodies are also touching. Normally, they would not be that affectionate around us but…..

Henry: “..........oh…..”

Ohhhhh…...I see……….huh………….

I guessed what happened and sent a smile of recognition towards them.

Cyril: “What’s wrong, Henry? Your face is creeping me out.” Henry: “Oh, shut it.”

I retort to Cyril’s comment. Whose face looks creepy, huh?

But with a direct comment like that, I rub my face with my hands and return to my usual expression.

Jend: “HーHey, good morning. Sorry, you three. Sorry we’re late.” Ferris: “Everyone, I apologize. We slept in later than usual. I can buy the first round of drinks. Please forgive us.”

And the two arrive at the table and try to act natural. Um….dang...this awkwardness is so genuine that they’re making it even more obvious.

Cyril: “Yes! I’ll have a mixed juice. But Jend, I can’t approve of you making Miss Ferris late because you woke up late.”

Ferris: “OーOh, Cyril. I was the one who woke up late. I’m really sorry.” Cyril: “? Really? Were you up late last night?” I think Cyril is just genuinely concerned for Ferris’ health right now. It’s true that she puts in a lot of work in between our expedition days, and her schedule is pretty intense. Everyone in the group knows that. But no matter how tired she was, Ferris was the kind of person that was never late before.

So for Cyril, she was more concerned that Ferris was overworking herself, and the signs finally started showing.

But Cyril… need to stop. You shouldn’t ask those questions to Ferris today.

Ferris: “UーUp late….?! UーUh, no. I would never do that, yeah!”

Cyril: “But you have so much work scheduled on our off days…”

Ferris: “OーOh…..yes, you mean…..wーwell, I guess that is true….”

And I didn’t think she would be this bad at acting naturally.

Teo: “Mr. Jend, Miss Ferris seems to have some injuries at the waist. You are her boyfriend so please take care of her if she’s in pain.” Jend: “Huh?! YーYeah! You’re right. I will. I know that.”

Teo: “You don’t have to raise your voice like that…….you seem to be rattled or anxious about something today.”

And Teo also threw a curve ball right at Jend. It doesn’t seem like she understands, but from Jend’s perspective, the words ‘take care of her’ must have sounded very different.”

Teo: “But why wouldn’t she apply her Magecraft Healing Skills?” Henry: “Using Magecraft Healing Spells actually causes more of a burden on the body, so if you are able to, you should just let your body heal naturally. That’s a good tip to keep in mind.”

Teo: “I see.” I answer Teo’s doubts, and lend a helping hand.

In reality, it's probably a little different.

I heard it briefly from Yuu, but after your first time, if you apply Magecraft Heal Spells…….it actually goes back to how it was before.

The next time would hurt just as much, so they say that you’re not suppose to fix that pain with Magecraft.

Cyril: “Huh? I have this feeling that more people are looking this way than usual.” Jend: “I wonder why!!” Ferris: “I don’t get it at all!”

Jend and Ferris try their best to keep the conversation at bay while Cyril makes a comment.

There are many faithful, diligent Adventurers at the Church’s tavern.

Among them, there are also some observant ones who know Jend and Ferris are going out, and seeing the two in such a state was a good source of amusement as they drank.

And recognizing their situation, the two blushed bright red.

What should I do…...I just want to go sit at another table with those guys now…..

Ferris: “CーCome on. Cyril, you wanted mixed juice, right? Mr. Henry and Teo, don’t hesitate to order a drink. It’s on me.” Henry: “I’m tasting something unusually sweet in the air today, so I’ll take coffee, no sugar or cream.”

Teo: “I’ll have apple juice.”

Ferris leaves to go find a waitress.

…….alright. What should we really do….

Henry: “Jend.” Jend: “WhーWhat is it, Henry?!”

Henry: “I have something important I want to discuss with you, so can you open some time for me today?” <<<<>>>>

So Jend and Ferris have moved up a step in their relationship.

…...well, it’s not like the two told me, but it’s rather obvious from the way the two are acting.

But the two are very serious about their work and role, so during an expedition, they’ll keep their act straight. I don’t have a problem there.

And as far as what happened between those two, Cyril and Teo didn’t realize it even after the meeting was over.

……….but Teo hasn’t turned adult age, but’ve known Jend for a long time now. Are you really that clueless? But she’s just commenting on how Jend and Ferris seem closer than usual.


I clear my throat.

Well, so after all that, it was after the meeting ended and we disbanded for the day. I bought some stuff before arriving at Jend’s room.

Henry: “Here, got you a gift.”

Jend: “Thanks…..dang. That’s some strong alcohol there…”

Henry: “It caught my eye. Anyways, let’s see how it tastes.”

Jend tells me to wait for a moment as he leaves the room.

He comes back with two glasses and a pail of ice and also some cheese as sides.

Henry: “Hey, thanks.”

I open up the Whiskey bottle and pour it over a glass with ice inside.

I like the <glug glug glug> sound of the amber liquid pouring gently into a glass.

Henry: “Alright. There you go. Cheers.”

Jend: “Yeah, cheers.”

We clink our glasses together and take a sip of our drinks.

A rich aroma rises up and flows up through my nose. My throat burns from the strong alcohol and almost makes me cough, but that’s also part of the experience.

I only started trying out Whiskey after arriving in Flowtier, and I’m finally starting to understand the differences in brand and tastes.

Jend: “…..what’s this thing you have to talk to me about? You said it’s kind of important.” Henry: “Yeah, about that…...ummmm, I’m sorry if this is just my misunderstanding. I know it’s a crude way to put it, but… did it with Ferris, right?”

<GUH!> (sfx choking)

Jend spews out the whiskey from his mouth as he coughs.

Jend: “<cough> HーHey…..well, I thought you knew what’s going on, but still, don’t put it like that!”

Henry: “No, um, I really feel bad……..but it’s important.”

If it was any other Ligaleo Adventurer, they would have come onto him like, “Oh Jen~d...I heard that you finally stepped up and became a man today~?” and totally pull you in with the most annoying attitude possible. They did it to me, and I remember the experience so I didn’t want to do it to Jend.

Jend: “Important……..? Well, whatever. Yeah, it’s just like you thought…….so what of it?” Jend’s mood soured exponentially as he pushed the question back at me.

……….yeah, I know it’s a private matter that I shouldn’t be poking my head into, but…….at the end of the day, I am the leader of our Party.

Henry: “Well, so….um…...well…….if you are going to get married, I need to reconsider how Party rewards are being distributed. And if you have children, Ferris won’t be able to go on our expeditions anymore. I know it’s your private business, but it will have an impact on a lot of things we do. I just needed to know what you were thinking of doing.”

Jend: “Oh….ohhhhhh…...yeah, I get it.” I’m glad he understands.

In the Alvenia Kingdom, there are many farming villages where people get married before they reach adult age. Compared to that, the marriage age in the city areas is higher, but many people get married before they turn 20.

If they are both adults and are making a decent income as Adventurers, I’m sure they have marriage in their sights.

They might take this opportunity to progress their relationship even further. So that’s why I decided to ask sooner than later.

Henry: “But if you are going to have children, give up going to the Frontlines. That's no place for having children or raising them.” Jend: “.......oh…...yeah, that makes sense too.” In fact, there are a lot of Adventurers who leave Ligaleo to get married or have children. In Yuu’s letter, I remember it mentioning that Helen went back to her home country to get married.

…….though most Adventurers strive up and up, as soon as they have a family, most would go instantly into the defensive to protect their families.

So….depending on what happens, Jend and Ferris may give up going to the frontlines. If that’s the case, we need to start considering new strategies.

Jend: “I…….do want kids… least, we talked about it a little. But me...and probably Ferris both want to see how far we can go first…” Henry: “I see. Well, if that’s the case, that’s fine. It’s your life. Live it how you want. That’s your right.”

Jend: “Yeah, but….sorry. I never thought about it, but our relationship directly affects our Party in a big way, huh…...just never occurred to me till now.” Well, he’s still young so that’s not his fault. …...honestly, he only started his Adventuring career less than a year ago.

Henry: “Then I don’t need to change the direction of our Party any time soon then? Our goal is to make sure you guys can set up base in Ligaleo in the near future? And we’ll make sure to keep increasing your skills and get better gear for that purpose?” Jend: “Yeah, I’ll confirm with Ferris, but for now, that’s fine.

Hm...well, then that’s all I have as far as official business goes.

I bought a really good bottle, so now it’s just time to hang out just as guys.

Ohhhh...I almost forgot. I need to tell him one more thing.

Henry: “.....I know you guys just got started, but don’t forget protection. Take it serious.” Jend: “OKAY! I WILL! SHEESH!”

And with that, I hung out with Jend till the night got pretty late just talking about stupid things.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 6: The Life of an Adventurer

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