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Chapter 72: The Flowtier Army

Henry: “Soー, that is why when you face an Upper-Tier, a normal person with so-so armor would die in one strike, so if you do run into one alone, your main focus should be evasion. The Frost Giants in the Altohern Mountain generally fight in a very straightforward manner, so as long as you observe it well, you should be fine.” And…

I was at the Training Grounds for the Flowtier Military, and I was giving a lecture to the veteran soldiers there.

“Yes, Mr. Henry, I have a question.” Henry: “What is your question?” “We do not typically act on our own and will typically fight fundamentally in a tight formation. I don’t believe evasion tactics in this scenario would not be realistic but… the frontlines, how do the soldiers handle that problem there?” Henry: “Yes, it’s typical for soldiers to use a Magecraft Artifact as a group that generates a shield that protects the entire group. The Quintet Shield which requires 5 people is common.”

With this, they will stop Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures, and the rearguard archers would then attack it with their arrows. There are of course, other groups who use other tactics, but this is the most fundamental formation and tactic that is used.

Henry: “I have discussed this with the Governor as well. As an experiment, he will purchase 2 or 3 units to test out with the army.”

“I see…...I understand. Thank you so much.” The Soldier who asked the question thanks me.

Another Soldier raises their hand, and the questions continue.

……, I had a designated Quest sent to me by the Sir Governor himself.

The recent sightings of not only Giants, but a Highest-Tier Fenrir caused the Governor to be more weary of dangers in the Altohern regions.

The request was for me to teach and share my experiences fighting against Upper-Tiers on the frontlines, and how I saw the soldiers at Ligaleo fight against Demonic Creatures stronger than them.

Of course, I’m certain that the Governor and those responsible for developing the military tactics for the Flowtier Military have already collected a good amount of information, but they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to hear from someone with actual, recent experience.

If they assembled the entire Flowtier Army, that would be too many people, so they selected the most promising individuals out of the army to come talk to me.

The idea is for them to process and take back what they learn here and adjust their fighting style in the army overall.

“But even so, this will be difficult to simulate in training. We only see an Ogre maybe once every 10 years come down from the mountains.”

Among the gathered soldiers, the Deputy Captain who is the eldest and still held an air of authority spoke up. The Captain is actually Jend’s Sword Instructor, but he is currently performing exercises with the rest of the army and is not present.

But, it’s true. Just like he said, simulating such battles would be very difficult.

If you were in Ligaleo, you would never be short of practice enemies - well, you would have to immediately test your theories in actual combat, but here, you would have to climb all the way up the Altohern Mountain.

But doing so will leave the City defenseless….

Henry: “Well, let’s try this. I’ll simulate the enemy’s movements.”

“.........oh, Mr. Henry? Will that really work? I understand that you’re a Heroic Warrior, but if you get injured….”

Henry: “It’s a battle simulation so injuries are expected. Besides, that goes for the Soldiers as well.” “Well, we are compensated for our roles though.”

As am I.

It might be because I don’t look as impressive or intimidating, but I feel the group hesitate fighting against me because of that. I am not lanky or skinny by any means, but there are people here who are more well built or bulkier than I am.

Henry: “Well, let’s just try it anyway. ……..I’m not as weak as you think.”

“Oh no. I wouldn’t consider anyone who can single-handedly take on multiple Giants weak…..but…..okay, thank you.”

At the frontlines, I have performed this role to simulate enemies many times.

Well, let’s just see how it goes.


“Incoming! All, shields up! Spears out front!”

With the commander’s orders, 6 Soldiers line up their tower shields, and they set the points of their long spears against me.

Henry: “........FUH!” (sfx exhale)

But I stretch my Nyoiten Spear to its maximum length, and I strike their shields from outside of their range. If this was a large enemy or one with long reaches like with tentacles, you would commonly get hit like this.



The commanding officer yells out more orders to the soldiers who were knocked flat and points a crossbow at me.

The end of the arrow is rounded, but without any armor, it would hurt quite a bit. It would be dangerous if it strikes me in the eye too.

So as the arrow cuts through the air, I strike it down with my spear.

“He hit the arrow with his spear?!”

“Is that even possible?!”

It was just a single arrow, and there was barely any Magic Power behind it, so yeah, it’s possible. My movements get halted for a moment though, and the Soldiers on the ground try to regroup in that time but…

Henry: “Pardon me!”

Before they regroup back into their defensive formation, I run through the group and pause my spear right at the commander’s throat.

“..........that was incredibly fast. I think you were faster than my arrow.”

“You will see Mid-Tier Upper-Class run this quickly especially if they are specialized for speed.”

The whole purpose is not to show off my strength, so I wasn’t running at my full speed. It was about the speed of a Hell Hound. Even so, for soldiers who are not used to fighting against Demonic Creatures above Mid-Tier, they would have a difficult time responding.

And my Physical Enhancement is more geared towards speed as well, so if I were to go all out, I would be at least in the Top 10 out of all the Adventurers.

Ms. Lotte would be undoubtedly first by a wide margin, and behind her would be Ageha coming in 2nd.

Henry: “Ohー, sorry for stepping on you.”

When I charged in at the commander, I stepped directly on one of the Soldiers that were on the ground. I apologize as I offer a hand to help him up.

“Oh, this is nothing. It happens all the time.” Well, he is wearing armor so he’s not hurt, but his armor is dented.

……….my boots have Adamantite worked into the soles so...I should have been more careful when I stepped onto him.

“Next is our group!” “Wait! It’s our group’s turn next!”

And as the fight ended, the other Soldier groups stepped forward.

……...wait, I already fought with the entire group at least twice around now. I appreciate that they are very serious about training, but I’d like a break soon. Unlike the rest of the group, I don’t get to rest at all!

But I’m also receiving quite a bit of money for this job…...what should I do…...but as I contemplated my options, someone walked towards the Training Grounds.

“! Attenーtion!”

The Deputy Captain gives out a sudden order, and all the Soldiers line up immediately into formation.

Without moving a muscle, they welcome the people who are coming over.

I am also standing straight up at attention with the Soldiers.

“Hello, everyone. How is your training going today?” With a very peaceful smile and tone, the Governor, Sir Alvare, greets the Soldiers on the field. Lady Asteria is also walking behind him.

These two really do get along so well.

“Sir, yes sir! Sir Henry has graciously entrusted us with his knowledge and experience, and we were just simulating what a fight on the frontlines would be like, sir!”

The Deputy Captain salutes as he makes the report.

Alvare: “That is all very well. I am glad that the Quest has been very beneficial. Mr. Henry, thank you so much.” Henry: “Thank you, sir. I am honored by your words.”

Alvare: “Mr. Henry, you do not have to be so formal with me. We have shared a drink during a meal, have we not?” He’s talking about when I went to ask for permission to go up the Altohern Mountains.

Um, yeah, I had a ton of fun that day, but I’m not that thick headed that I would expect to be the best buddies with a Count right after that.

And on top of that, he is also the spouse of a princess, Lady Asteria, of my former country that was destroyed. There’s no way I won’t feel anxious interacting with him.

Alvare: “Well, I have been observing your exercises from afar, but there seemed to be no end in sight…...the evening is approaching us, so maybe this is a good point to call it a day?”

Ohhh, now that he mentions that, the sun is starting to set.

“.......Yes sir. That is true. I believe we were getting a little too carried away.”

A little….?

The Deputy Captain completely ignores my accusatory glower in his direction.

“Attention all! We will clean up the Training Grounds and that will be it for today! Now get on with it!”

With his commands, the Soldiers all move quickly and efficiently.

I also messed up the field quite a bit with all the fights, so maybe I should help out? But I don’t know the cleaning routines so maybe I would just be in the way? As I’m thinking, the Governor calls out to me.

Alvare: “Mr. Henry, would you have time to speak with us?” Henry: “? Yes, of course. I don’t mind at all.” Alvare: “Then please, right this way.” And we walk to the edge of the Training Grounds.

I wonder what he wants to talk about? Is he adding more money to the Quest rewards? I wouldn’t mind that at all if that’s the case.

And clearing his voice with a slight cough, the Governor opens his mouth to speak.

Alvare: “So how was it, Mr. Henry? How were the elite soldiers of our army?” Henry: “Well…….let’s see…..I think they are well trained overall.” Alvare: “I see. Thank you for your compliments. ……..and out of curiosity, did you find any Soldiers who would be able to fight in Ligaleo?” ……….hmmmmmmmm...

Henry: “Well……...if they were to equip themselves with more expensive gear and get proper training dealing with Upper-Tier Demonic Creatures, I think they’ll be able to in the future. But I think the main obstacle will be getting proper experience. I wouldn’t be able to train with them every time.”

Today, I served as the Demonic Creature substitute, but that’s just a substitute and not the real thing…

Alvare: “I see… I feared that that might be the case.”

Henry: “Are you receiving requests to send out your Soldiers?”

Alvare: “Yes, exactly. ….well, as of now, they are taking war funding payments as fair compensation.”

At the frontlines, you have Adventurers, Knight Organizations, Gi-Yu Soldiers, and Soldiers so there are a lot of people there, but Soldiers make up the majority of the forces. But this territory is too peaceful, and it would be very difficult to train Soldiers that would be effective on the frontlines…


Alvare: “Oh, my apologies. Mr. Henry. I didn’t mean to concern you with such issues.”

Henry: “, that’s okay….” It’s hard to put into words, but….

As someone who withdrew from the frontlines, these issues hit a sore spot for me.

Well, Ms. Lotte told me this last time, but anyone without motivation would die quickly if they stuck around so….

But it’s not like everyone on the frontlines has super-high motivation, but at my level, I fought Upper-Tier, Mid-Class Demonic Creatures and above. If you face those kinds of opponents daily, then yeah, you do need some sort of reason to be there if you want to survive.

Asteria: “By the way, Mr. Henry.” Henry: “Oh...yes, Lady Asteria.” And Lady Asteria who was smiling warmly behind the Governor spoke to me.

Asteria: “ are things going with Cyril recently?” Henry: “Whaー?!”

She caught me off guard.

Henry: “WhーWhat are you asking about, my lady?!”

Asteria: “Well, I heard from Cyril that you two were getting along very well, so I was just curious.” Lady Asteria chuckles merrily. I think she was trying to lighten up the dampened atmosphere but…...I wish she chose something else to talk about!

Alvare: “Ohhhhh...I am also equally curious now.”

Henry: “Sir Governor….you too….?” Ack, these people.

It’s not like she’s not on my mind, but she’s going to Ligaleo eventually.

And what would the Governor and Governess think about that….?

….I’m too scared to ask….

But like that….

My work with the army was well received, and I continued to occasionally receive similar designated Quests to train the Flowtier Army.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 6: The Life of an Adventurer

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