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Chapter 71: A Day of a Semi-Retired Adventurer.

Henry: “…….?”

The morning comes, and I wake up from the light peeking through my windows.

I sit up and inspect my body quickly to see if there are any abnormalities.

…… problems. Still healthy as ever.

I have all the urges to go back to sleep, but I fight off the lazy temptations and stand up.

I get dressed out of what I sleep in and leave my room at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

Henry: “Good morning.”

Nord: “......good morning, Mr. Henry.” I greet Mr. Nord who is preparing for the breakfast rush this morning. It’s still very early so his wife, Ms. Linda, and Lana are still asleep.

Well, I’m sure they’re just about to wake up to start cleaning up the Inn, but this morning, I was earlier.

Nord: “Going out for training? You are so diligent.”

Henry: “I’m not doing anything that rigorous. Just a light workout.”

Like the time when I fell sick during the Giants Incident, after coming to Flowtier, I haven’t been as disciplined in managing my own body and health, so I’ve been more mindful lately.

In the morning, just to keep the sharpness in my movements, I’ve been doing light warm-ups and exercises.

In my pouch, I take out bracelets and anklets. I put them on and pour Magic Power into them.

……...these are Magic Artifacts that get heavier when powered by Magic. They are mainly used for training.

Each one is about 15 kg (33 lbs). If I’m not using {Physical Enhancement}, then this is about right for me.

Henry: “Okay, I’ll be off. Looking forward to the Morning Special when I get back.”

Nord: “Yes, please be careful.”

I jump into the morning air of Flowtier.

There are very few people in the streets, and I occasionally run into the drunkard asleep on the side of the road, or a merchant heading to the early morning markets. And lastly, there are a few people who are also exercising like me.

Hm. Maybe I’ll run to the Flowtier’s Central Government Tower today.

I take a different route every day for my morning jog and turn the corner.


Henry: “Fwew…..”

I finished my 1 hour of running, borrowed the Bear Keg Inn’s inner yard to do some strength training, and took a break.

I would like to do some spear swings, but this garden is a little too small for that. I’ll have to wait till I get to use the Grandes Church Training Grounds or Jend’s yard.

I take off the sweat-filled clothes off.

Henry: “[Fire] Ignis + [Water] Eedle”

I make some hot water with Magecraft and dump it over my head.

I shake my head to get the water out of my hair, and pick up the nearby towel I left and dry myself.

It’s not much, but it’s enough to wash off the sweat.

I put on the change of clothes I placed with the towel and enter the Bear’s Keg Inn.

Lana: “Oh, Mr. Henry. Welcome back. How was your training?” Henry: “Thanks, Lana. It was good. Can I get the Morning Special, extra bread, and freshly squeezed orange juice?”

Lana: “Yes, I’ll get it right away~”

With light steps, Lana takes my order back to the kitchen.

The Bear’s Keg Inn’s Morning Special changes daily, and you can also request add-ons for additional menu items or drinks.

While I wait for my food, I lazily watch the other people at the dining hall.

Linda: “Mr. Henry, here’s your order. The Morning Special and orange juice.”

Henry: “Thank you, Ms. Linda.” Carrying a baby on her back, Ms. Linda, who’s managing the dining hall this morning, brings me my food.

The baby on her back is Lana’s little brother Rando. He seems to get upset if he doesn’t see his family’s faces so when the diner isn’t too crowded, someone would be carrying him around.

…… So today’s Morning Special is crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, and vegetable soup with plenty of veggies. It looks delicious as always.

I take a good long pull from the orange juice first.

I can feel my tired body soak up the sweet and tangy liquid.

Fwew~ feels good.

Now for the food.

I take a bite of the scrambled egg and the bread. I sip the delicious, deep-flavored soup, nibble the bacon, take another bite of bread, sip the soup…….

It’s a pretty large breakfast, but for an Adventurer who uses up a lot of energy, it’s just right. I clean off the plate and bowl pretty quickly.

I sip the after-meal coffee and think about my plans for the day.

“Good morning, Henry.” Henry: “Hey, good morning, Pierre.”

I heard a cheerful voice call out my name, and it was Pierre, the travelling merchant who was also staying at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

Last night, we sat next to each other, hit it off well, and had a drink together.

Pierre: “Henry, you got plans right now?” Henry: “Actually, I was trying to decide what I was going to do today.”

Pierre: “Then you want to play a game of chess? My business meetings are all this afternoon, but I feel like I’ll waste money if I step out and look around.”

Just like most merchants, Pierre prefers to keep his money in his pockets and goes to retrieve the chess board that the Bear’s Keg Inn has. It’s one of the games that inn customers can rent out. They also have Backgammon and Reversi.

Pierre: “Do you want to make a bet?” Henry: “No way. I only know the basics of how the pieces move. That’s all.”

Pierre: “I’m on the same level as you, so it’ll be fine.”

And Pierre laughs and smiles as he pushes for a betting game.

………..yeah, he’s being fishy.

Didn’t he just say how he doesn’t want to spend any money? If that’s the case, why risk losing money if you’re a true beginner at the game?

Henry: “Nah, I’m certain that you’re more experienced at this game than you let on.” Pierre: “Haha, what? There’s no way.” Seriously, the way you’re setting the board is too smooth.

Pierre: “C’mon. I’ll let you go first.”

Henry: “”

I move a pawn.

Great, I wonder how this is gonna go…


5 matches, 5 losses later…

Henry: “I knew it. You’ve been playing chess for a while, haven’t you?” Pierre: “Well, lots of merchants think about building up relationships that may become trade opportunities through these kinds of games… yeah, I know enough to have fun.”

Dangit. I’m better at Rishu’s Shogi because of Ageha, but unfortunately, there’s no Shogi boards here.

Pierre: “Well, that was fun, Henry. We’ll have to play again. I’ll be visiting Flowtier every few months, so I’ll see you again.”

Henry: “We’re doing Shogi next time. Shogi.” Pierre: “I didn’t think I would find people that would know that game…..but I guess if it’s Flowtier, the Sagiri Merchant Group’s trading post is here, and they would sell the game.

Well, that’s Teo’s family. I guess they are pretty famous.

Pierre: “Alright, it’s about time for their lunch rush, so I can’t be sitting here taking up their table all day.

It’s about lunch time at the Bear’s Keg Inn.

We were using their diner’s table and seat, but it’ll be rude to take up seats when it’s super popular during the lunch rush.

Henry: “......well, I’ll be eating here, so I’m staying.” Pierre: “I see. Well, I’ll eat out, so I’ll see you around.” Henry: “Later.”

Pierre already finished paying his tab, so he raises a hand to wave goodbye to me.

After the business meetings, he plans to depart to the next town. Must be tough being a merchant.

Lana: “Mr. Henry, it’s almost lunchtime, but did you want to put in your order?” Henry: “Yes, please.”

I let Lana know and stretch my arms out and up.

……..hmmmm, I’ve been sitting all this time since this morning after breakfast. I need to go out this afternoon.

Henry: “Hm?” Something on my radar caught my attention.

A few seconds later, the doors to the Bear’s Keg Inn open and a familiar face pops in.

Lana: “Oh, Miss Cyril, welcome.” Cyril: “Heyー Lana. Are you well? I was looking for Henry and…….oh, there he is.”

Looks like Cyril came looking for me. She skips over to where I’m sitting.

Cyril: “Hello, hello. Good afternoon, Henry.” Henry: “Hey, good afternoon to you too. You eating lunch here?”

Cyril typically eats lunch at the Bear’s Keg Inn 2 or 3 times a week. So you can definitely call her a regular.

But she usually comes a little later than now.

Cyril: “Yes, I came to eat lunch here. But I also wanted to come see you too, Henry.” Henry: “? What did you have in mind?” Cyril: “I don’t have anything to do, so spend some time with me.”

…….well, she’s being pretty direct.

Henry: “Like…..what did you want to do?”

Cyril: “After we finish eating lunch, let’s go out somewhere. I don’t mind doing some easy Quests together.”

Henry: “Hey, I have plans too you know? I can’t just suddenly turn on a dime even if you wanted me too.”

Truth is, I am bored and have plenty of time, and I don’t mind spending time with her, but regardless, I don’t want her to think that I’m that easy to wrangle in.

Cyril: “? I’m certain that you don’t have any other plans today. Jend is helping out with his family’s business so you aren’t training today.”

Henry: “..........well, you’re certainly confident today.”

Everything she said is true though.

Cyril: “Oh, then you really do have other plans today?” Henry: “Um, actually……….not really.” Cyril: “See?” Ugh. Her smile is so bright, it’s hurting my eyes.

Henry: “(sigh…) Fine. Whatever. I’ll let you handle where we’re going.”

Cyril: “Sure thingー”

And Cyril hums away as she seems to be in a great mood.

……….oh well.

I don’t mind hanging out with her. I guess I’ll try to enjoy whatever we decide to do this afternoon.


We found a Material Gathering Quest on the Quest Board, so more like a picnic, we leave for the Flowtier Forest.

Compared to where she started, Cyril has improved a lot since then.

If it’s just a pack of Killer Dogs, she doesn’t need to use any Spells and can defeat them with just her staff. As long as we don’t go too deep into the woods, we can walk around leisurely without too many concerns.

We gather the required amount and take our reward.

Henry: “And so it’s customary for Adventurers to drink away their earnings for that day.”

We sit at the counter seats at the Bear’s Keg Inn as I push an Ale towards Cyril.

Cyril: “Stop teaching me such weird customs.”

Henry: “No no no. I’m not joking. That’s the proper teachings and etiquette at the Grandes Church.”

And that is a fact. It’s written in their official theological texts.

Cyril: “Well, I can’t stay out with you too late.”

Henry: “I know, I know. I’ll make sure to walk you home.”

Cyril won’t drink that much, so we’ll call it a night pretty early.

Maybe I’ll hit a few more taverns after I drop her off at the Governor’s Mansion.

Henry: “..........oh….” Cyril: “What’s wrong?” Henry: “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just that…… was exactly how I envisioned how I wanted to spend my time here at Flowtier. That’s all…” That’s right. When I left Ligaleo, this was exactly the laid back, peaceful lifestyle I wanted.

……...yeah, why am I fighting Ogres this far back from the frontlines everyday? What’s wrong with you, Henry?

Well, I’m not bored, and my life has been more than fulfilling, but...there’s that small seed of doubt that’s yelling, “How did it end up this way?” Like that. And out of all things, I had to fight the Highest-Tier here too.

As I was thinking about these things, Cyril nodded with an understanding expression.

Cyril: “I see. So it was your dream to be able to hang out with a pretty girl like me during your time here. I’m glad your dreams came true! Aren’t you happy?”

Henry: “...........................”

There’s no doubt that I’ve been happy here, but don’t call yourself pretty. Just don’t. It makes me not want to admit the truth.

Henry: “Happy?” Cyril: “Yaーy”

The subtle inflection in my words was not missed. I got an elbow to the ribs.

Henry: “........sure, cheersー”

Cyril: “Sheesh, cheers.”

We clink our glasses together.

And so…

The day continued on as I drank with Cyril that night.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 6: The Life of an Adventurer

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