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Chapter 56: The Day I Found Out

At the Flowtier Library.

It was where all the knowledge of the Flowtier area was consolidated. There was an extensive and expansive collection compared to most rural areas, and there was everything from leisurely reads to academic text books covering all subjects.

And as long as you keep the books on the premise of the library, excluding a very specific section, most of the books are available to the public. And if you are a citizen of Flowtier, you can borrow books as well.

Other cities have more stringent security protocols to just enter their libraries, so considering that, this is a pretty progressive approach.

Apparently, this was the doing of the current Governor, Sir Alvare. Even before he succeeded the seat of Governor, he was working to revolutionize the library system and security protocols.

So, I’m here at the library, but I’ve only read a handful of books during my entire life. And to be frank, I’m not really into reading books in general.

But I’m here because the Flower Festival is in 2 weeks, and I need to learn more about it.

I received honorary citizenship from the Giant Slaying Quest, so I thought it would be best to at least have some knowledge of the origins and history of the biggest festival this city hosts.

I don’t like people who think I’m just bored to death and looking for something to kill time.

Henry: “Huh……”

So I asked the local librarian for recommendations, and I was given a book that summarized the Flowtier culture and various legends related to the birth of this city.

It’s actually surprisingly interesting.

The name “Flower Festival” is what the general public calls it, but the official name is “The Flower Offering Festival.”

They don’t know if it began 1,000 or 500 years ago, but the "official" lore is 1,000 years ago.

A thousand years ago, the City of Flowtier suddenly faced an unprecedented wave of Demonic Creatures.

The pictures depicted are poorly drawn, and I can’t tell what they are, but apparently, they were “hideous looking,” some “were the size of mountains” and there were several hundred of them.

And arriving on the scene was the True Dragon who is said to reside on top of the Altohern Mountain, Feedlefair.

This True Dragon appeared rising from the top of the mountain, and with a single breath, wiped out the Demonic Creature army.

The people of Flowtier were thankful, and since Feedlefair was said to be an admirer of flowers, they would decorate their city around this time of year, and eventually, the continued practice evolved into the Flower Festival we have today.

I skipped over a lot of details, but that’s the gist of it.

Henry: “A True Dragon...huh…”

The True Dragons are said to be servants of God, and many myths, legends, and lore incorporate them everywhere.

In the Fezard Kingdom, we had the legends of the True Dragon Wieseleon who empowered one of the knights that saved the realm.

The pictures of these True Dragons do not look any different from the Demonic Creature Dragons, but even the True Dragons are not always allies of the human race. There are plenty of stories of True Dragons that rain disaster upon people.

And like that, there was about 20 pages explaining the origins of the Flower Festival.

The next chapter began the history of Flowtier…

Henry: “.....let’s read another book〜”

I finished what I came here to do. The history looks extensive, lengthy, and honestly, boring. I’ll pass for now.

I get up to see what else I can read.

I don't want to be here all day, but I stretch my back and limbs as I go to return the book back to its place on the shelf when…

Teo: “Mr. Henry? What are you doing here?”

Henry: “Teo?”

I bump into Teo, one of my party members.

Teo takes a glance at the book I was reading.

Teo: “Were you interested in learning more about this city?”

Henry: “Oh, yeah. Since I’m helping out with the Flower Festival, I got curious and wanted to learn more about it.”

Teo: “I see. I think that is great that you are doing so.”

Henry: “What about you?”

She’s carrying several books, and it all looks related to Magecraft and Sorcery.

Teo: “I wanted to learn more about the different kinds of Magecraft and Sorcery in this world to help me when I group up with other Adventurers.”

Henry: “Ah〜 I see…”

Very studious of her. I was impressed, and it made sense.

For example, I use the Kroseid Style which is very popular and well known. So if i say, “I’ve learned 6 Kroseid Style Spells, and can combine up to 5,” you can get a general idea of how adept I am.

But minor Magecraft and Sorcery Styles are harder to gauge the Spell Initiation speeds, the power of spells, and the uses it has in different scenarios, so you have to discuss these things thoroughly beforehand.

In our party, Cyril falls in this category. I still haven’t fully vetted all of her Sorcery Spells.

So, for that reason, knowing about the different kinds of Magecraft and Sorcery in this world would come in handy.

But even so….

Henry: “I understand about studying Magecraft styles, but aren't there too many styles of Sorcery?”

Teo: “Yes, that is true. Each region has its own unique style so….”

In a sense, Magecraft is very academic and formulaic. They will have differences in how they create the Spell Inscription, but the more efficient inscriptions will always become the precedent.

And gradually, the less efficient or effective inscriptions will go out of use, and in truth, right now, there are less than 10 Magecraft Inscriptions that Adventurers use today.

In contrast, Sorcery is dependent upon the senses of the caster so the number of styles is significantly higher. I think I can name at least 30 Styles that I’ve heard of.

And Sorcerers and Sorceresses are naturally few, so it’s not rare for a heir or heiress of a Style to not appear, and that Style is lost in time. And there are always new individuals popping up creating brand new styles, so it’s near impossible to identify all the existing Sorcery Styles at present.

Henry: “.....yeah, I think you should just cover the major known Styles, and the rest, you can ask the caster when you team up with them.”

Teo: “That might be best. I tried to read the [Sorcery Encyclopedia], but there were 100 types listed there, and I couldn’t memorize it all.”


Teo: “Oh, but I did come across one Style of Sorcery that was unique to your former Kingdom of Fezard.”

Henry: “Oh, really?”

Well, I shouldn’t be surprised. I knew several Sorcerers and Sorceresses during my Fezard days, but they all used the major common Styles of those days. I never heard of our unique Sorcery Style, but I probably just never heard of it.

Teo: “Yes, it's this one here.”

Teo flips to a page in the book and shows me.

Henry: “Hmm….”

The name of the Style is the Ende Style.

It’s Cyril’s Style, huh. I thought I had never heard of it, but it was a unique Style of Fezard. But that could also mean that Cyril is the very last user of that Style. It’s a powerful Sorcery Style, so I hope she’s able to pass it down to future generations.

And...what else? The Fezard Knight, Ende, is the creator of the Style. It has great destructive spells and is cast by singing songs. Andーー

For a moment, I didn't understand what I just read.

……..say what?

I re-read the following passage several times, but I didn’t misread or misunderstand it.

Henry: “.......”

Teo: “? Is something the matter?”

…..I think Teo never heard the name of Cyril’s Style if Sorcery. Or at least, I never heard them talk about it while I was around.

Henry: “It’s nothing. I was just thinking it’s great to have a section about my hometown.”

So what do I do now?

…..I can act like I didn’t see that part. This is not something I should carelessly get involved with.


Well, we met by accident, but there was no reason to sit apart from one another.

So we sat next to each other as we read.

I just picked up a light novel.

I thought about trying to read a more difficult book, but it would be far over my current reading skills. I’ll just slowly get used to reading itself first.

Henry: “Hm?”

Something caught my senses.

I look towards the entrance of the library, and Teo, recognizing the presence as well, closes her book.

Teo: “Oh, she came.”

Henry: “So you guys were meeting up here.”

Teo: “Yes, we promised to go have dessert together in the afternoon.”’s a bit awkward since I just found out about “that.”

…..but to be fair, it's not her fault. And it’s not so shocking that I won’t be able to hide my shock. I take one long, deep breath, and watch Cyril come down to greet us.

Cyril: “Hello, Teo. Sorry to make you wait. Hello, Henry.”

Teo: “Hello, Miss Cyril.”

Henry: “Hey.”

And our party’s Sorcerer, Miss Cyril, arrived on the scene.

Cyril: “I wasn’t aware that you’ll be joining us, Henry. Did something happen?”

Henry: “Just a coincidence. I came to the library and ran into her here.”

Cyril: “Oh, then would you care to join us? We’re going to a dessert shop that's been popular lately.”

Dessert, huh…

I like my liquor, but I also like sweets too.

So I'd like to go. Cyril does know her stuff and is very selective of places that have good reputations.

But...even still…

Henry: “Wouldn’t me joining you guys be a little too unnatural?”

It would be one thing if it was a date, but a guy, and a pretty large, fit guy at that, following a 16 and 14 year old into a dessert shop would look peculiar to the average person.

Teo: “There is no one who would be concerned about that.”

Cyril: “Teo’s right! You don’t have anything to worry about.”

……..well, I guess they’re right.

Henry: “Then I will happily join your company.”

Cyril: “Yes! Then let’s go!”

Cyril balls up her fist in a celebratory manner and hurries Teo and I forward.

I return the book I was reading to the shelves, and hurry after Cyril and Teo who seem to be on the verge of running off.

We leave the library and walk onto the main street it faces and head west.

Cyril: “So today〜 we’re going to a cake shop that makes a very special cake during the Fliwer Festival season. They use a plethora of edible candied flower petals, and unlike other flower decorations that are just for looks, this one apparently tastes great!”

Henry: “Nice〜”

Teo: “I wonder if they use flowers that wasn’t suitable for decorations.”

Teo gives out a sharp deduction.

Now that she says that, it makes sense.

This town is full of flower decorations, but I’m sure there are lots of flowers that lose their petals, and cannot be used any more.

Cyril: “Well, we'll. Let’s not think too hard about that and just enjoy the cake!”

Cyril’s in a really good mood and is skipping as she walks.

Even taking away my personal bias since I know her, she is cute, but I still can’t believe that she is…..well, I guess I can’t be for certain.

The words of the book cross my mind, and I shake my head to stop thinking about it.

I already decided to act like I didn't see that.

Henry: “If it’s that good, maybe I’ll order 2 or 3.”

Cyril: “Wow〜 I wish I was as rich as you, Henry. Why not buy me one too?”

Henry: “Nope.”

And Cyril is disappointed at my answer with an "awww〜".

Cyril excitedly points out our destination as we arrive at the cake shop and….

Well, let’s just eat something delicious to help me forget.

It turned out that because it’s a limited time special cake, the number they sell per day is also limited, and they were sold out before the morning was over.

Cyril and Teo had their hopes dashed pretty badly, and needless to say, I was really disappointed too.

At the very least, their regular cakes were good too, so we’ll reschedule to come back did their special cake some time later.



Semi-retired Adventurer Lives Leisurely

Written by Hisagushien

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: 久櫛緑(ヒサグシエン)

Original Source:

Book 5: Flowtier Flower Festival

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